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Sampleism releases 3 Reed Harmonium – Authentic Indian Instrument for Kontakt

Sampleism has released 3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda, an authentic Indian instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Sampleism 3 Reed Harmonium
3 Reed Harmonium by Kaneda

This original Three Reed Harmonium Instrument has been lovingly re-created using the professional studio of Amarjeet Bolla and Kaneda at Sampleism to provide you with an authentic sounding Kontakt 4 Patch.

This particular Harmonium is a high quality ‘jas’ model. A superior quality product, not quite as authentic and rustic in sound as the single reed model but with a higher spec and tonal character.

The 3 Reed Harmonium for Kontakt is available to purchase for £3.45 GBP.

More information: Sampleism / 3 Reed Harmonium


Ueberschall releases Bollywood Pop sound library

Ueberschall has introduced Bollywood Pop, a sound library by Kamran Tatar (A-tee) for Indian pop music production.

Ueberschall Bollywood Pop

This library is a true reflection of the music that accumulates today’s contemporary Bollywood sound tracks. The library is engineered with factual high-end technical standards, which accomplishes all quality demands for high fidelity productions of the western music.

The bollywood movies are globally identified as the worlds leading drama and romance based scenario scripts, which are traditionally accompanied by spectacular sound tracks that lift up the viewers experience to a higher level. The inimitable soprano lines of the adorable Hindi female vocal artists, singing duet love lines with romantic sounding male vocalists. The high pitched string lines, the rare instruments that are never heard anywhere near your neighbourhood, gliding up and down in eight/note scales crying out romance and obsession, percussion works that inevitably inspires and impacts the worlds pop-music.

Bollywood Pop features

  • All recorded content is performed by dexterous Indian musicians, and adroit vocal artists, representing the deepest traditions of the Bollywood’s, yet at the same time featuring styles that deliver a unique combination of urban, hip-hop, rnb, dance and reggaeton lines crammed into bollywood movie themes.
  • 3.48 GB with 20 appealing construction kits with more than 1462 loops.
  • Includes vocal lines, vocals, rap phrases and allaps, Indian strings, solo violins, sitar, sarod, sarangi, flute, Indian flute, santur, harmunium, tumbi , mandolin, veena, dilruba, tabla, dhol, dholak, thad and rare percussions altogether combined with western beats and backlines with contemporary Urban/PoP themes.
  • Powered by Elastik II engine for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone).

Bollywood Pop is available to purchase for €99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Bollywood Pop


Loopmasters releases Business Class Refugees Producer Collection by EarthMoments

EarthMoments Business Class Refugees Producer Collection

Loopmasters has released Business Class Refugees Producer Collection, a special sample library by EarthMoments.

Business Class Refugees is a global, collaborative project by music producer Kartick (Patrick Sebag) and sound designer Gotam (Yotam Agam), who mix local music from around the world with electronica.

The unique bundle unlike other samples libraries contains irresistible sound signatures and loops of 10 tracks from their successful album Kartick & Gotam – Business Class Refugees (EarthSync), offering a special experience to DJs, Composers, Musicians and Music Producers to explore and create new perspectives of the tracks.

These Royalty Free recordings in the Bundle are of the best musicians from India, Far East, East Europe, and Middle East, who have performed with the two cutting edge electronic artists for the album and numerous live shows.

Business Class Refugees Producer Collection is available to purchase for £36.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Business Class Refugees Producer Collection


Platinum Loops releases Indian Licks V1

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Platinum Loops Indian Licks

Platinum Loops has released Indian Licks V1, a collection of acoustic live loops and samples.

Achieve ultimate enlightenment with Indian Licks V1. This hypnotic sample pack takes you on a journey through the farthest reaches of India with an enchanting collection of loops and samples designed to spice up your creativity. Featuring fully mixed cuts of music that offer sitar, surbahar, bulbul-tarang, mandozither, bamboo flute, tabla, vocals, dilruba, field recordings and much more.

Align your Chakras with these deeply spiritual sounds that span the ages using traditional ragas right through to modern Indian fusion with hints of jazz and latin vibes. Load some of these gems into your DAW, mix them with a fat hip hop groove and allow your creative aura to blossom. Tempos range from 73 to 137 bpm. All samples are mixed and mastered edits with no single instruments. Multi track Mix elements are not available.

Indian Licks V1 is available to purchase for $69.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops / Indian Licks


Future Loops releases Vox India Vol 2

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Future Loops Vox India Vol 2

Future Loops has announced the release of Vox India Vol 2, a sample library with over 600 Indian vocal loops taken from the Total India collection.

Vox India – Vol 2 is the second volume of Indian Vocals from Total India sample pack and includes vocals in Classical Music styles (Carnatic and Hindustani) and also Indian Folk genres (Boul, Qawwali, Konnakol and Rabindra Sangeeth).

This diverse collection features a total of 616 vocal loops: 316 female and 300 male .

Vox India Vol. 2 is currently available to purchase for 17.98 EUR (25% off regular price).

More information: Future Loops / Vox India Vol 2


Swar Systems releases SwarGroove

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Swar Systems SwarGroove

Swar Systems has announced the release of SwarGroove, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

SwarGroove is a new VST/AU multi-tracks Indian drums plugin that lets you add Indian drums ensembles to your compositions and live performances. It comes with various traditional/folk styles from different parts of India like Garba, Qawwali, Ghazal, Bhangra, etc…

SwarGroove features

  • VST/AudioUnit plugin (RTAS expected shortly).
  • Synchronizes with host time or plays on its own timing.
  • Uses up to 40 of SwarPlug’s high quality Indian drums.
  • Includes 16 default grooves (more to come for registered users).
  • Hundreds of loops/fills for unlimited possibilities (more can be added through SwarShala).
  • 100% MIDI. Speed and pitch can be fully adapted to perfectly match your needs.
  • Multi-layers per velocity on certain drums for better dynamics.
  • Full track playback customization, including audio effects.
  • Export to MIDI for very specific changes.
  • Trigger specific loops through MIDI keys for live performances.

SwarGroove (requires SwarPlug ML) is available to purchase for $69 USD. A combo of SwarPlug ML and SwarGroove is $349 USD.

More information: Swar Systems


Future Loops Sitar Loops, sample pack from Total India collection

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Future Loops Sitar Loops

Future Loops has announced the release of Sitar Loops, a collection of loops taken from Total India.

Future Loops presents Sitar Loops, from the highly acclaimed collection Total India (recorded in Chennai, Calcutta and Mumbai, India.) with over 650 pure hypnotic Sitar samples (Loops and One-Shots), straight from the Total India collection, which was entirely recorded in Chennai, Calcutta and Mumbai, India.

Sitar Loops is a rich and authentic sitar sample pack, played by true masters, and it is perfect for anyone who needs original Indian melodic loops that fit into virtually any music style, from world music, to chill-out, from drum n’ bass to house music.

Sitar Loops is available to purchase as a download for 19.95 EUR.

More information: Future Loops / Sitar Loops