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Industrial Strength releases Dread Dirty Dubstep

Dread Dirty Dubstep

Industrial Strength Records has released Dread Dirty Dubstep, a sample library by Polish-based production outfit Dread.

Unlike other Dubstep packs, this deep dark treasure box is full of custom made synth shots and drum sounds all created from analog machines giving this sample pack its own sonic flavor,

The phat texture of the drum shots and drum loops included in this pack will give you a unique new set of sounds to rip into. The sounds can be used across any style including, Hip Hop, Techno and of course Drum n Bass.

The sample pack costs £23.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Dread Dirty Dubstep

Industrial Strength releases Audio Injection Traktor Decks – Techno

Audio Injection Traktor Decks Techno

Industrial Strength has launched Audio Injection Traktor Decks – Techno, a collection of 4 Traktor decks by Audio Injection.

Get ya laptop and headphones ready its time to flip the switch with Isr’s first Traktor Remix Decks.

This forward thinking set features NI Traktor Remix Decks packed with 80 loops and sounds so you can Mix, Remix, Effect, Mash and explore NI’s Traktor like never before.

Get ready for the future of Djing as this powerful selection of samples are ready for live application. Load samples into the Decks of this powerful DJ software to create transitions between songs, and ride loops over your favorite tracks for on-the-fly mixing.

The sample pack costs £7.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Traktor Decks – Techno

Industrial Strength releases Drone sound library

Industrial Strength Drone

Industrial Strength has launched Drone, a sound library featuring a groundbreaking audio collection for music producers and sound designers in need of dark analog sounds, unique harmonic intervals and big droning tones that evolve and resonate.

Drone Includes both audio and Logic Structure and Es2 presets. But it doesn’t end there. This full-size pack contains a selection of drum shots and techie percussion loops that go great with the drones. It is also the perfect source for TV, film and game producers looking for professional sounding license free sounds to dig into.

Utilizing the most sought after analog synths, such as Moog, Roland, Pro-One, and the Analog Solutions Vostok, the sounds in Drone were then run through various feedback loops from assorted pedal chains. Many of these samples were left untreated to retain their natural analog quality. Others were layered with custom top-shelf digital synth sounds and/or treated with state-of-the-art plug-ins and effects to give them extra width and distinct character.

The Drone library is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Drone

Industrial Strength launches Voice sample pack

Industrial Strength Voice

Industrial Strength Records has introduced Voice, a collection of vocal kits for EDM producers in collaboration with Function Loops.

Voice is a exclusive bundle that features two female voices Sasha & Karin. This hi octane pack is geared up for Dubstep, Dance, Techno Electro, Tech House, Progressive and Trance. The pack also comes with loads of Midi files that contain melodies, bass lines, and grooves so you can nail down a track in no time flat.

Voice features over 11 kits complied from Function Loop’s hit packs Sasha & Karin. So if you own either of these packs you might want to pass this wicked bundle up. If you don’t have them. Then get ready for a double blast of sonic goodness. These kits were hand picked by Twisted Reaction and Lenny Dee to insure a solid bundle of samples for your production needs.

Voice can only be purchased on So if your in the market for a monster vocal pack with two different female singers with all the bells and whistles then look no further we gotcha covered. We left loads of head room and kept the vocals so you can tune them a bit further to meet your studio needs.

Voice is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP. Individual kits are £7.95 GBP each.

More information: Industrial Strength / Voice

Industrial Strength releases Trap Massive sound pack

Industrial Strength Trap Massive

Industrial Strength Records has introduced Trap Massive, a sound library featuring samples and presets for Native Instruments Massive.

Industrial Strength is proud to present “Trap Massive”, a stunning array of loops and NI Massive Synth presets that when combined are positively explosive.

This pack captures the emerging sound of underground Trap like none before it. Made in Brooklyn, NYC, a mecca for new Trap Music and home to some of the best EDM, Hip-Hop and Trap producers to date, originators like Diplo, Baauer, A-Trak and more. Within this pack, all the flavors of Trap have been captured.

The authenticity oozes from it like a hot grilled cheese sandwich.

Trap Massive features

  • 1.81 GB content, 24 bit quality.
  • 50 patches for NI Massive: 20 Trap Lead Sounds, 7 Booming Subs, 7 Full Range Bass, 6 Fx, 4 Drums, 3 Horns, 2 Bells, 1 Organ.
  • Wav Loops include: 65 Combination Drum Loops, 34 HiHat/Crash/Ride Loops, 20 Snare/Clap/Snap Loops, 15 Drum Fills, 8 Kick Loops, 9 Build Ups, 5 Percussion Loops, 75 One Shot Drums, 30 Effects, 25 Bass Loops, 35 Lead Loops, 19 Backing Melody Loops, 16 Synth Hits/Fills.
  • Apple Loops include: 157 Drum Loops, 95 SynthLoops, 21 Vocal Loops.
  • Trap Vocals Wav include: 17 Trap Chants, 56 Screwed Down Vocals, 21 Glitchy Vocal Loops, 16 Male Vocal Shots, 19 East Coast Rap Phrases, 39 Female Vocal Snips, 17 Misc. Vocals, 24 Dirty South Rap Phrases.
  • 2 kits for NI Battery 4 & Logic EXS24.
  • NI Traktor Remix Sets: 2 Decks.

The Trap Massive pack costs £23.95 GBP. Individual formats are available starting at £8.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Trap Massive

Industrial Strength releases 6Blocc Footwork Juke Producer Tools

6blocc Footwork Juke Producer Tools

Industrial Strength Records has released Footwork Juke Producer Tools, a new sample pack by 6Blocc.

From the south side of the Chicago’s hood directly into your Daw, 6blocc digs deep into the next tweaky tripped out sound that is Footworks and Juke. These new styles have been climbing up out of the ghetto’s to hit Beatport’s # 1 new style to look out for in 2013.

With no doubt this new style is like Trap, Hip Hop and Dub on speed. This sample pack boast’s a tight collection of booming Kick Drums, tightly twisted up super Dub Bass shots and quick to the move 4 bar Tom loops for you to tare into.

The drum shots and Fx are all in NI’s Battery 4 and the samples are tempo marked at 150 Bpm. All the samples in this bass head pack are 24 bit 44.1khz Wav for easy use in any DAW.

Footwork Juke Producer Tools features

  • 20 bass loops, 10 hi hat loops, 30 kick loops, 22 perc loops, 21 snare loops, 20 tom loops, 30 synth loops, 25 vocal loops.
  • 15 clap one shots, 14 crash one shots, 10 hi hat one shots, 26 kick one shots, 37 perc one shots, 21 snare one shots, 53 tom one shots, 23 fx, 41 synth stabs.
  • 8 Kits for Native Instruments Battery 4.
  • 179 Apple Loops, 150 BPM.

The sample pack costs £16.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Footwork Juke Producer Tools

Industrial Strength releases Al Pancho & Lenny Dee presents Ragga Sessions

Al Pancho & Lenny Dee Ragga Sessions

Industrial Strength Records has released Ragga Sessions, a sample library featuring custom made vocals samples by Al Pancho and Lenny Dee.

The Boys thought it would be a great idea to share their ruff and ready vocal sessions. You can really dig deep and take Al Pancho’s vocals cuts in any direction you see fit. Each sample was recorded at 140 Bpm 32 Bit 44.1Khz Using a U-87 and a Api pre.

The pack is formatted in 24 Bit wav 44.1khz format for standard use in any Daw, but we also included some of our original 32 Bit 44.1khz files for those of you that are taking advantage of Pro Tools 10 & Cubase’s 32 Bit floating point.

Plus as we do with our ISR packs, we left loads of head room and gave each stem a little extra love so you can start doing your thing in no time flat with maximum flexibility.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £13.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Ragga Sessions

Industrial Strength releases Lowroller – NI Massive Aggression

Industrial Strength Lowroller Massive Aggression

Industrial Strength has released NI Massive Aggression, a collection of 90 Massive sounds by Lowroller and 35 presets by Industrial Strength Records..

Fasten your seat belts and hold tight, cause NI Massive Aggression is geared up for DnB, Crossbreed, Dubstep, Hardcore, and just about any mind blowing music style you wish to create. This speaker shattering pack features cutting Leads, blistering Reese Bass’s and of course dark effects.

Straight out of Milan’s angry suburbs, Lowroller is constantly pushing his music to new heights avoiding all stereotypes, His sound’s range from crowd-smashing Hardcore to the most dark and unexplored corners of Drum & Bass. His productions have been leading the way in cross breed DnB like no other.

The soundset costs £16.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / NI Massive Aggression