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u-he updates Diva v1.3 beta to Release Candidate r2058

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u-he has introduced Release Candidate r2058 of the public beta version 1.3 of Diva, the virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Diva 1.3 r2058
The latest GUI of Diva, including the new digital oscillator and Uhbie filter.

Changes in Diva 1.3 r2058

  • Fixes timing bug.
  • Fixes possible crash bug /w 16 voices and osc reset (Digital Osc only).
  • Adds final gui for new modules (discuss?)
  • Also adds better BP/BR button for Uhbie filter.

Download the latest beta at and
Visit the u-he forum at KVR Audio for more details.

More information: u-he / Diva

u-he updates Diva public beta to v1.3.0b4 (rev 2033)

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u-he Diva with digital osc & Uhbie filter

u-he has released public beta version 1.3.0b4 (revision 2033) of the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Here’s a new public beta of Diva 1.3:

Diva rev 2033 Win
Diva rev 2033 Mac

  • adds a “high quality” switch to the Digital Oscillator – for nearly anti-aliased operation, indepenedent of global quality modes
  • adds a BP mode for the middle position of Uhbie Shape parameter
  • fixes an issue with wrongly saved drop down lists in prestes/projects (e.g. tuning, lfo rates)
  • fixes a possible crash bug in VST3 layer
  • fixes a UI rendering error on Windows
  • still features a preliminary UI design

Visit the u-he forum for more information on the new public beta.

More information: u-he / Diva

u-he releases Diva 1.3.0 (beta) with Digital Oscillator & Uhbie filter

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u-he has announced Diva version 1.3 public beta, featuring a new digital oscillator and Uhbie filter.

u-he Diva with digital osc & Uhbie filter
Diva’s new (preliminary) interface shows the digital oscillator and Uhbie filter panels.

You might have heard it in the grape vine. We’re looking for detailed feedback on the Digital Osc:

Diva 1.3.0b2 Mac
Diva 1.3.0b2 Win

This version of Diva has a preliminary GUI for the Digital Osc and Uhbie filter. Please do not post screenshots without that disclaimer!

major changes from V1.2.1:

- added Arpeggiator and Clock module
- added Digital Osc (inspired by JP80x0)
- added Uhbie filter (modeled after famous SVF, with exaggerated character)
- ultra fast, multi threaded UI loading
- AAX 32/64 support (PT 10.3.5+ or 11.0.2+)
- tidied up trimmers page

known issues:

- documentation still 1.2
- ReadMes and some version numbers still 1.2

Check out the video by Sadowick Production, comparing the Diva’s new digital oscillator with Roland’s JP-8080 SuperSaw.

Make sure to report bugs and comments at the u-he forum.

More information: u-he / Diva

u-he intros Podolski AAX Mac public beta

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u-he has released a public beta AAX for Mac version of the Podolski freeware synthesizer instrument.

u-he Podolski
Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer.

Here’s the normal Podolski 1.2 installer plus our first incarnation of an AAX plug-in:

We believe this to work, and while we’re adding AAX development into our development workflow, we hope that the brave among you out there will give this a spin. Please report any crashes with a crash.log here, and – if possible – compare whether or not this version behaves and sounds the same as its VST/AU counterpart.

If all goes well we’ll need only a few days to port it to Windows, we’ll have to buy 3 more iLoks to add to our build and testing servers and we might get to release AAX betas for everything shortly therafter.

Make sure to give some feedback at the KVR forum if you get a chance to check the AAX beta.

More information: u-he / Podolski

u-he intros Modular Fantasy in 3D: Bazille

u-he has posted a 3D wallpaper of Bazille, the upcoming virtual modular synthesizer plug-in.

u-he Bazille wallpaper
Enjoy the looks of Bazille while you patiently wait for it to be ready.

In an attempt to lighten the mood of those waiting impatiently for Bazille to finally arrive, we have prepared a collection of frivolously alluring wallpapers – an enticing peek into what the final GUI will look like…

Bazille development was put on hold around the time of the Frankfurt Musikmesse, because we realized that other features deserved more attention for the time being:

  • Supporting Pro Tools AAX
  • Completing Satin
  • Releasing the long-awaited Diva upgrade

However, now that we have Rob Clifton-Harvey on the team, Urs and Clem can get through those chores much faster and will soon be able to focus on finishing Bazille very soon.

The wallpaper is available to download in 15 common screen resolutions.

More information: u-he / Bazille wallpaper

u-he announces roadmap changes for AAX, Satin, Diva & Bazille

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u-he Satin

Urs Heckmann has announced a new roadmap for u-he’s upcoming updates and releases.

Yes, yes, yes… our estimates were wrong (but closer than normal!)

We decided to push AAX support onto the top priority spot while Sascha works on some additional features for Satin. Satin was nearly finished when the public buzz brought up some good points that needed to be thought about.

This moves the roadmap as follows:

AAX support on Mac almost finished, goes beta in June, AAX Windows maybe end of June. We hope for a short beta phase and quick releases (all plugins)

Satin beta in June (while Sascha is on vacation), estimated release mid of July (after AAX is set in stone). We can’t release Satin before Sascha’s holidays, and he’s got the second half of June off.

Diva 1.3 may come late June, early July. It’s a good time for Clemens and me to concentrate on Diva while Sascha is gone.

Bazille has a worse standing because it’s an “Urs-project” and I always need to support Sascha and Clemens in their projects, it may come in late July or August even.

More information: u-he

u-he announces Satin, Bazille and future Diva modules

u-he has announced some more details on its upcoming releases, recently introduced at the Musikmesse 2013.

We had a great time at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt in April. Check out the photo album we posted on our website:

Apart from all those updates we also presented a couple of new products and the new modules for Diva…

u-he Satin
u-he’s all new Satin Tape Machine plug-in.

Satin is a tape simulation plug-in that includes tape delay and true flanging. Under-the-hood features: record / playback head calibration, tape coating selection, NR-encoding/decoding and more.

Satin created such a buzz during the show that we can’t wait to release it!

Satin is scheduled for release in May for VST2, VST3, AU (AAX tba), estimated at $129 USD.

u-he Bazille

The long-awaited virtual modular synthesizer instrument Bazille is expected June, 2013, with an estimated price of $149 USD.

Many of you will already know the alpha version of Bazille, a spin-off from our long-term project “Berlin Modular”. It’s been a few years already, so its about time we finished the job!

For those who didn’t know, Bazille is a large modular synth with FM, PD and Fractal Resonance built into each oscillator:

  • Unique FM / PD based modular synthesizer, audio-rate modulation
  • Quality effects and many other features not available in the alpha version

The Diva virtual analog synthesizer is also getting another update, expected this June.

Despite the current update to V1.2, Diva will undergo yet another free update to include the following new modules:

  • digital oscillator emulation with dual multi-saws, internal feedback, pitched noise and more
  • ‘uhbie’ emulation of a certain legendary 2-pole filter
  • powerful arpeggiator and sequencer
  • ETA is June 2013, free update from Diva 1.x

Furthermore, u-he announced that a public beta of its Presswerk compressor plug-in will be available shortly.

More information: u-he

u-he announces Spring 2013 updates

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u-he has announced the release of updated versions of all its instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Free updates for ACE, Diva, Zebra2, Uhbik, MFM2, Filterscape, Podolski, Triple Cheese and The Dark Zebra have arrived!

Changes in u-he Rev 1559

  • Supported formats now include VST3 (Mac/Win) and 64-bit VST2 (Mac).
  • New installers with improved support for Windows 7/8 and OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Numerous niggles and bugs fixed. (see changelog)

All updated plug-ins are now available to download.

More information: u-he