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Intelligent Sounds & Music announces MuSiCX

Intelligent Sounds & Music MuSiCX

Intelligent Sounds & Music has announced MuSiCX (Multiband Sidechain Compressor & Expander), a dynamic parametric equalizer with five adjacent bands separated by filters of 2nd to 20th order.

Each of these bands’ envelope generators are controlled by pre-filtered signals of any track in a project. The routing between the tracks is done via internal host-independent side chains.

MuSiCX can be used as a mixing tool, e.g. to enhance a vocalist’s articulation, or as an effect for, e.g., synth pads pumping with the frequencies of a drum track’s instruments – or maybe “more intelligent” ducking. Of course MuSiCX can also be a “usual” multi-band compressor or even an equaliser.

MuSiCX will be available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC in October, 2009, priced at 79 EUR.

More information: Intelligent Sounds & Music

Intelligent Sounds and Music releases BazzISM2

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Intelligent Sounds and Music BazzISM2

Intelligent Sounds and Music has released BazzISM2, a drum synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

BazzISM2 features

  • Creates a bass kick by a short sinus sweep.
  • Various frequency and sweep parameters.
  • Easy envelope generator.

BazzISM2 is available for as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for €25 EUR, while the VST/AU version for Mac OSX costs €30 EUR. Demo versions are available for download.

Visit Intelligent Sounds and Music for more information.