Icebreaker Audio releases Akebono Collection for Kontakt

Icebreaker Audio has announced the Akebono Collection, a sample-based emulation of the Akebono Koto Synthesizer, a unique suitcase instrument from Japan.

Icebreaker Audio Akebono: Plucked

Akebono was released exclusively in Japan some time in the 1980s. It was designed as a portable practice instrument for Koto players, and as such it features many unique features that are intended to make performing in the traditional style a lot easier than using a MIDI keyboard.

All sounds were meticulously sampled and integrated into in a custom Kontakt instrument that emulates the performance options available on the original hardware.

Akebono Collection features

  • All 15 instrument sounds and 13 percussion sounds sampled.
  • 24-bit 48kHz sample quality.
  • Original performance features emulated with custom scripts.
  • 7 impulse responses of the original speaker.
  • 5 custom and easy-to-use effects: Amp, EQ, Mod, Echo, and Dynamics.

The Akebono Collection for Kontakt is available to purchase for £12.50 GBP. Requires full version of Kontakt 4 or 5.

More information: Icebreaker Audio / Akebono Collection


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