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Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9c beta

Jeremy Evers Atlantis 0.9b

Jeremy Evers has updated the beta of Atlantis to version 0.9c.

Updated in v0.9c

  • Improved performance of all algorithms
  • More robust Anti-Denormal measures
  • Bigger power buttons
  • You can assign MIDI-learn mode by clicking on the slider
  • Fixed using the effects version with MIDI

The filter plug-ins included in the download package are updated as well.

Visit Jeremy Evers‘ website for more information and a link to download Atlantis v0.9c beta.


Jeremy Evers releases Atlantis VSTi 0.9b

Jeremy Evers Atlantis 0.9b

Jeremy Evers has released a new beta (v0.9b) of Atlantis, a freeware synth with nearly unlimited possibilities for creating new and exciting sounds! It is also a powerful effects module that can be used to process other audio.


  • 3 true stereo morphing oscilators, with independant width, phase, spread, chorus, tuning, volume, envelope and panning feed into a pair of filters (with your standard algorithms and a lot of unique new favorites)
  • Shaper (distortions and beyond)
  • Simple room modelling multitap filtered delay system with another pair of selectable filters
  • Routing of the filters and shaper can also be switched into a variety of configurations for further flexibility
  • Waveforms (sin, square, triangle, saw, noise)- and you can also import ANY waveform you like (.wav file)
  • Samples are upsampled into very high resolution wavetables
  • Every slider parameter can be controlled by ANY modulator
  • Selectable Polyphonic, Monophonic, Portamento and Arpeggio modes

There’s a comprehensive manual available online.

The download includes separate plug-ins for the filter section (stereo and mono) so you can use it as an effect plug-in.

Visit Jeremy Evers‘ website for more information and a link to download the latest version of Atlantis.