Yuroun releases Sonic Impact and Sonic Impact Developer

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Yuroun Sonic Impact

Yuroun has announced the release of Sonic Impact, a new soundset for Camel Audio Alchemy.

Sonic Impact is a small soundbank for Camel Audio’s Alchemy with only impact sounds and effects. Varying from atomic blasts and explosions to junk crashes. All the sample material for these presets is recorded and edited by sounddesigner Yuroun (Jeroen van Rooij) and delivered in 96 kHz, 24-bit mono.

Each of the 50 presets makes full use of Alchemy’s remix pads, offering a total of 400 sound variations. Use the remix pad and tweak knobs to find the sound that inspire you, or just fit well into your mix.

A Developer edition of Sonic Impact is also available for the creative and innovative designer.

This construction kit contains the same 50 presets as the normal edition, but with 155 more sample material to create completely unique impacts and hit sounds.

Sonic Impact is available to purchase for €7.50 EUR; the Developer edition is €11.95 EUR.

More information: Yuroun


Yuroun releases Escape Velocity Too

Yuroun Escape Velocity Too

Yuroun (Jeroen van Rooij) has released Escape Velocity Too, a new soundbank for Camel Audio Alchemy.

Escape Velocity Too is the collection of 70 beautiful, ethereal pads and soundscapes. Perfect for film scoring, ambient and/or electronica productions.

This second installment is a bit darker and much bigger then it’s predecessor.

Escape Velocity Too features

  • 70 Sounds (560 variations).
  • 27 Pads, 3 Sound Effects (Cinematic hits), 28 Sound scapes, 2 synths (leads), 10 vocals.
  • Includes over 748 MB of new samples.
  • Genres: Ambient, New age, Film Music, Soundtrack, IDM, Downbeat and Electronica.

Escape Velocity Too is available to purchase for 7.99 EUR.

More information: Yuroun