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Jiggery-Pokery releases Elements 2 ReFill

Jiggery-Pokery Elements 2

Jiggery-Pokery has announced the release of Elements 2, an updated version of the vector synthesis workstation ReFill for Reason.

Get of power of Vector Synthesis in your Reason 6 rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. Set the patch to evolve automatically or manually.

From chilling ambient to progressive trance, Eastern spices or spaced-out soundtracks: Elements 2—it’s the stuff we are all made from.

New in Elements 2

  • Polyphonic Wavesequencing: 46 handcrafted, user-adjustable wavesequences. Play individual waves in sequence to create unique and evolving polyphonic chord or lead phrases.
  • Korg MS2000 elements: 105 new multi-sampled elements from the classic VA including—
    • 27 dual oscillator elements with Ring Mod and/or Sync applied for exclusive new waveforms.
    • All 63 DWGS digital waves.
  • Seven additional Blofeld wavetables sweeps, inc. Fuzz, Heavy Fuzz, Fuzz Sync and Distorted.
  • 101 additional Korg Wavestation elements, inc. all the remaining Prophet VS waves.
  • 36 additional Roland SC-8850 elements, including electric guitars and basses with release noises, and— yay!—accordions.
  • 121 new Combinator workstation presets, including 85 based on the new Elements 2 template for Reason 6, featuring new devices The Echo, Alligator and Pulveriser.
  • 306 new NN-XT presets, all chemically constructed from raw elements. Particular attention has been made on advanced layered and evolving patches, and wavesequences.
  • 156 new Thor presets (inc. 85 new FX).
  • 10 Dr.OctoRex presets, each with 8 slot variants. 82 loops in total.
  • New FX folder, located in the heart of the Fire, for all existing and new NN-XT and Thor effects patches, with an additional 34 Malstrom patches and a host of Combinator FX soundscapes.
  • A suite of blank template patches for either Reason 5+ or Reason 6.
  • 49 new Line 6 amp setups for PodFarm users.

Elements 2 is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery / Elements 2


Jiggery-Pokery releases Additions: retro additive synthesizers for Reason

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Jiggery-Pokery has released Additions: retro additive synthesizers, an additive and FM synthesizer ReFill for Reason.

Jiggery-Pokery Additions ReFill

Additive synthesis: the unsung, unloved princess of synthesizer sound-making has been locked at the top of an overgrown tower for over a decade. Like a jester dressed as a Knight in slightly tarnished armour, JP rides to her rescue, kisses her back to life and lovingly crafts a massive set of sounds from two classic synthesizers, the FM/additive hybrid, the DK Synergy (1982), a long-time favourite of electronic artist Wendy Carlos, (patches from whom we are pleased to present here) and the true-additive beast that was the Kawai K5m (1987).

Additions features

  • DK Synergy: all three of the rare Wendy Carlos cartridges, plus the factory and FX sets, and cartridges #4 and #5, for a total of 165 tones, plus 35 multi-layered Combinators, all handcrafted into shape by JP, for Hollow Sun.
  • Kawai K5m: 253 patches from the Kawai K5m—one of only a handful of true additive synthesizers ever produced—and several of its memory cards, lovingly sampled and edited by JP. Several patches feature velocity or release layers, plus 100 multi-layered, additive industrial soundscapes, including many recreations of Kawai presets.
  • Most DKS and K5m patches feature up to four notes per octave to reduce note stretch artefacts, and samples up to 30 seconds long in some cases. Additions contains nearly 2.8GB of uncompressed samples..
  • 68 “Virtual Synergy” Combinators, using Thors’ FM Pair oscillators and inspired by the DK Synergy.
  • selig VocoSynth, combined with JPs virtual RMI Harmonic Synthesizer template.
  • PDF user guide.

The Additions ReFill is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery / Additions


Rackflip launches site with Indie Reason ReFills, 10% off for rekkerd readers


Rackflip has anounced the launch of its website, which offers Reason ReFills from various indie developers.

It’s not easy finding high quality Reason ReFills that are cheese-free and aren’t based on passing genres or trends. Rackflip is here to change that by serving up only the finest, most unique ReFills from the best Reason sound designers on the scene.

Rackflip just launched with 12 awesome titles from the talents of New Atlantis Audio, Jiggery-Pokery, Reason101 and Point Zero Productions. You’ll find exotic percussions, vintage analog recreations, field recording adventures and a huge variety of creative sampling, synthesis and expert Reason sound craftsmanship.

There are plenty more on the way, and if you’re a Reason sound designer yourself you may be able to sell your own ReFills on Rackflip! Get in touch with them through their website to find out more.

All titles are available via instant download. You can buy, download and be playing in no time.

For a limited time, Rekkerd readers can save 10% off their orders by using the code REKKERD during checkout.

More information: Rackflip


Jiggery-Pokery Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation ReFill

Jiggery-Pokery Elements

Jiggery-Pokery has announced the release of Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation, a ReFill for Reason 5.

In an epic and unique ReFill for Reason 5, Vector Synthesis finally comes to the Reason rack. Sweep between four wildly or subtly different sounds, and create spectacular soundscapes on the fly. Set the patch to evolve automatically or manually.

With exclusive new samples from the Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Wavestation and Roland SC-8850. Whether it’s chilling ambient, progressive trance, or massive supersaws, Elements – it’s the stuff we are all made from.

Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation features

  • Vectors: Use X-Y-Z controls to live mix between four Voices, or simply turn on the automated Voice and pan vectors.
  • 9 Waldorf Blofeld elements: Saw, Sine, Triangle, Pulses 50/40/20, Single-Osc PWM (2 types) and Triple-Osc PWM. All sampled through the Waldorf LP24 with drive.
  • 26 PPG wavetable random sweeps from the Blofeld, with 20-30 second multisampling, sampled through the onboard “PPG LP” filter and with different on-board drive amounts applied.
  • 70 Roland SC-8850 ethnic and western ensemble instruments and voice elements.
  • 128 Korg Wavestation elements, including 65 Prophet VS waves.
  • 20 additional Waldorf Blofeld presets (mostly basses).
  • 185 Combinator Workstation presets.
  • Over 600 NNXT patches.
  • Over 300 Thor patches, making extensive use of all the oscillator types – particularly the Wavetable, FM and Phase Mod – and filter types.
  • 85 basic Line 6 FX Junkie patches (single FX module setups).
  • PDF user guide.

Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation is available to purchase for the introductory price of £29.95 GBP.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery / Elements: Vector Synthesis Workstation


Jiggery-Pokery releases Blue Meanie & Retrospect ReFills

Jiggery-Pokery Blue Meanie
Jiggery-Pokery Retrospective

Jiggery-Pokery has announced the release of Blue Meanie and Retrospect, two new ReFills for Reason 5.

Blue Meanie: Virtually an ARP 2600 – Nearly 500 massive Thor patches for Reason 5, inspired by the classic synth.

Designed to bring the semi-modular nature of the ARP 2600 into Reason, Blue Meanie uses multiple Thor units to emulate all the “modules” of original: three analogue VCOs, VCF, Noise, Sample & Hold, Voltage Processor, and audio-in processing, plus the addition of a Sub Osc for some low-end, woofer-wobbling grunt.

Retrospective: 40 years of synthesizer history – An epic Refill of vintage synths and electronic keyboards.

JPs’ biggest project to date, the conversion of Hollow Suns’ huge archive of samples into Reason. With over 600 patches for NNXT and Combinator from instruments including the Oberheim M1000 and M12, Yamaha CP70 piano and FS1R digital synth, digital glory from the PPG Wave 2, Moog Taurus, Korg M01, Eminent 310U and the Roland VP-330.

Blue Meanie is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP, Retrospect is £39.95 GBP.

Jiggery-Pokery has also announced that the Hammond Novachord and Nebulae Pads are now available directly from Jiggery-Pokery for £19.95 each.

More information: Jiggery-Pokery