Rob Papen Predator, virtual synthesizer updated to v1.6

Rob Papen Predator

Rob Papen has released version 1.6 of Predator, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Predator is a “phat sounding” killer synthesizer that combines inspiring presets and first-class features to make this your ‘go-to’ synth for contemporary music production.

Changes in Predator v1.6

  • New copy protection system (serial).
  • New legato playmode.
  • Additional preset banks by klankMEDIUM and JoMal.

Predator is available to purchase as an instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $179 USD / 149 EUR (included VAT).

More information: Rob Papen / Predator


BLUE presets by John Malvey

Rob Papen BLUE

John Malvey has created 2 sound banks for BLUE by Rob Papen.

Both sound banks contain 32 presets each, covering a wide range of sounds including leads, sequences, bass and fx.

Blue JoMal bank1 Downloads: 2272 times

Blue JoMal bank2 Downloads: 2280 times

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John Malvey

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John Malvey Music

This page contains patches and sound banks by John Malvey.

John Malvey is an independent musician and composer. Many of his works have aired on television programs and presentations worldwide.

Check John’s music at SoundClick.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
69 downloadBlue JoMal bank2 BLUE
68 downloadBlue JoMal bank1 BLUE
67 downloadPhysiX JoMal PhysiX
64 downloadSonata JoMal Bank2 Sonata
63 downloadSonata JoMal Bank1 Sonata
62 downloadSilkworm JoMal Bank1 Silkworm
61 downloadEZPoly JoMal Bank1 EZ-Poly
60 downloadRichman2 JoMal Bank1 Richman-2
59 downloadKubik Jomal Bank3 Kubik
58 downloadVectrik JoMal Bank1 Vectrik
57 downloadViper JoMal Bank3 Viper
56 downloadViper JoMal Bank2 Viper
55 downloadViper JoMal Bank1 Viper
54 downloadGranite JoMal Granite
53 download8X8CC Plus-8 JoMal 8X8CC Plus
51 downloadVoyager JoMal bank1 Voyager

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SoHa releases Sonata v1.1 alpha (now free)

SoHa Sonata

SoHa has updated Sonata to version 1.1 and made it freeware.

Sonata is a VST soft-synth for strong single-shot leads and pads. The distinctive character of Sonata makes it adept at strings and lots of simple subtractive sounds, while also specializing in sparkly and glassy mallet sounds, deep basses, and warm and rich mid-range chromatic inventions.

The new v1.1 alpha does not have new features, but it is optimized to run more efficiently.

Here are some preset banks by John Malvey:

Sonata JoMal Bank1 Downloads: 1048 times

Sonata JoMal Bank2 Downloads: 937 times

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More banks are available here as well.


Silkworm presets by John Malvey

Simple-Media Silkworm

John Malvey has created a nice sound bank for Silkworm by Simple-Media.

Silkworm is a freeware supersaw style analogue synth, featuring 5 waveforms (sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse), a band limiting filter using two 12db filters in series for a very characteristic sound, a ping pong delay with filter built in, separate LFO for vibrato, assignable LFO for modulating filter, bandwidth, pulse width, volume and panning, and a sequenced gating effect that can be synced to external (host) clock.

John’s sound bank for Silkworm contains 38 presets including pads, leads, fx and sequences.

Silkworm JoMal Bank1 Downloads: 937 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by John Malvey or for Silkworm


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