Sample Magic releases MIDI Elements: Analogue Drums

Sample Magic has launched MIDI Elements: Analogue Drums, a collection of raw rhythms and underground grooves.

Sample Magic MIDI Elements: Analogue Drums

A powerful drum toolkit crafted from some of the world’s finest modern analogue drum modules – including the Vermona DRM1, MFB Tanzbar, Jomox Airbase99 and Elektron RYTM – plus our custom modular drum synth.

Analogue Drums packs in 200 drum hits, 10 sampler drum kits and 101 MIDI drum workouts for unrivalled drum programming flexibility – plus a whopping 400+ raw and jackin’ audio drum loops for instant analogue inspiration.

The library is available for purchase for £14.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / MIDI Elements: Analogue Drums


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