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Joe Real releases Joe’s Jazzy Drums I

Joe Real Joe's Jazzy Drums I

Joe Real (José Maria Côrte-Real) has released Joe’s Jazzy Drums&nbps;I, a freeware drum instrument for Windows PC.

“Joe’s Jazzy Drums I” has two dums banks, one with jazz brush and the other more R’n’B oriented good for Hip Hop and Fusion.

The instrument is a simple rompler featuring a reverb module, micro tuning and reverse possibilities.

Joe’s Jazzy Drums I is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.
Download it from RapidShare here.

Joe will also be releasing the following free instruments in 2009: Joe’s Fast Brass I (Brass ensemble, kind of Miami Sound, good funky stuff), Joe’s Jazz Piano and Joe’s Funk Bass.

Visit Joe Real for more information (Joe’s new CD “Cold Fusion” is available as a free download as well).


Joe Real releases Percussion I

Joe Real Percussion I

Joe Real has released Percussion I, a freeware percussion instrument for Windows PC.

Percussion I is a simple VST instrument featuring one bank of Latin Pecussion sounds. The percussions were sampled at 44.1kHz/16bit and the instrument includes a reverb module, micro tuning and reverse possibilities.

The Percussion I instrument is part of a collection of free plugins to be released during 2009.

Visit Joe Real for more information.