Josh Levy releases Tick Tick Step Sequencer for Reason

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Josh Levy Tick Tick Step Sequencer

Josh Levy has released the Tick Tick Step Sequencer, a pattern sequencer Rack Extension for Reason.

Tick Tick is a polyphonic button-style step sequencer designed to control your BOOM 808 Percussion Synth as well as other Reason drum machines, and monophonically send notes to other Reason synthesizers and devices.

Chain multiple Tick Tick units together, each with its own pattern, to create complex combinations, and even entire songs.

Tick Tick includes a full beat pack by Reason Refill maker -008′. Also included are contributed demo beats, combis, and over 1,500 scales and modes.

Tick Tick Step Sequencer features

  • 16 note polyphonic step sequencer, with editable names and assignable midi notes.
  • Up to 32 steps per pattern, from whole notes to 1/128th notes.
  • Shuffle control.
  • Forward, reverse, pendulum and random repeat modes.
  • Two velocity levels.
  • Chain multiple units together to create whole songs or complex patterns.
  • Automation and cv control for starting and stopping.
  • Individual cv outs for each instrument.
  • Massive beat pack by -oo8’.
  • More than 1,500 scale and mode patches for use as a note sequencer or arpeggiator.
  • Run and stop controls for previewing Tick Tick patterns.

The Tick Tick Step Sequencer is available to purchase at the Propellerhead Shop for 32 EUR.

More information: Josh Levi / Tick Tick Step Sequencer


Josh Levy releases BOOM 808 Percussion Synth for Reason

Josh Levy has released the BOOM 808 Percussion Synth, a Rack Extension instrument for Propellerhead Reason.

Josh Levy BOOM
Create the classic 808 sounds you love and completely new sounds that are limited only by your imagination.

BOOM’s 16 instruments are built using virtual analog synthesis, modeled on the circuitry from the original TR-808. Circuits like the trigger, swing VCA, bridged T-network, and multi-oscillator cymbal wave source are faithfully modeled. But BOOM isn’t a museum piece, it’s a completely updated modern instrument, with added capabilities such as new controls with expanded ranges, and inputs and outputs that go far beyond the original TR-808.

BOOM gives you the bassline too, with a fully playable bass synthesizer using the classic 808 kick. Why waste time searching through samples? With boom, you can instantly get the sounds you want just by tweaking a few knobs.

BOOM features

  • Virtual analog modeled percussion and bass synthesizer inspired by the Roland TR-808.
  • 16 instruments, and a full bass synthesizer.
  • Individual stereo outputs for each instrument.
  • CV gate, pan and level control for each instrument.
  • Pan and level knobs for each instrument.
  • Full automation of all controls.
  • Analogify control adds analog flavor.
  • Poly or mono per each instrument up to 128 voices.

The BOOM Rack Extension is available to purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Josh Levy


Josh Levy releases Kitchen Sync Sound Transformer Rack Extension for Reason

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Josh Levy has released Kitchen Sync Sound Transformer, a creative Rack Extension audio effect for guitar, bass, drums, synth and other instruments.

Josh Levy Kitchen Sync
Kitchen Sync Sound Transformer for Propellerhead Reason.

If you’re looking for something different, you should give this a try. It hard syncs an oscillator to your audio input, creating amazing new sounds that range from lo-fi to synth filter sweeps.

Make your guitars sound like synths and your synths sound like guitars. Bring your bass to life with an electronic distorted punch. Cut through the drum mix with hi-hats and snare effects from crazy alien noise to subtle brightness.

Kitchen Sync features

  • Sync input audio to oscillator with shapable waveform.
  • Sync to half or full wave of the input audio.
  • Envelope follower can control frequency, waveform, volume, or wet/dry mix.
  • Gate, attack and release controls.
  • LFO section can control all the major parameters.
  • Automatable Lowpass filter.
  • CV inputs can control most of the functions (including volume and wet/dry).
  • CV outputs: trigger, and two envelope follower CVs, ans LFO.
  • Save settings that you like with the patch browser.

The Kitchen Sync Rack Extension is available to purchase for $29 USD / €25 EUR.

More information: Kitchen Sync Sound Transformer