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Humanoid Sound Systems releases Enzymatic Synthesis 1 & Enzyme updated to v1.0.51

Enzymatic Synthesis 1

Humanoid Sound Systems has launched Enzymatic Synthesis 1, a new soundset for the Enzyme synthesizer instrument.

Enzymatic Synthesis 1 is the exciting new preset bank for Enzyme and Enzyme Player created by renowned sound designer Julian Ray.

It contains 50 unique presets to enrich your music with Textured, Complex and Organic sounds that bring an Epic, Mysterious and Sensual touch to any musical project. Based in a wide range from soft and misty (Noosphere) to crisp and bright (Scanned Clavinet) these sounds will fit well in the mix.

Every preset contains virtually limitless variations thanks to the clever use of Enzyme’s performance parameters.

The soundset is available for purchase for $15.99 USD.

Humanoid Sound Systems has also updated Enzyme and Enzyme Player to version 1.0.51.

Among other improvements, this version offers a considerable performance improvement, allowing it to be run on machines with slower processors and leaving more CPU resources for your other virtual instruments.

Changes in Enzyme v1.0.51

  • Hold (CC64), Sustenuto (CC65), All Sounds Off (CC120), All Notes Off (123) standard CC handling fixed.
  • Improved efficiency, especially in presets that have a lot of modulation and at high host sample rates.
  • Added category menu which takes the category names from the start of the preset names. Selected category is saved into projects (and should be restored when reloading) but not presets..
  • Made modulator and parameter names always visible in mod matrix.
  • Fixed alignment of page buttons.

More information: Humanoid Sound Systems


Julian Ray releases Julian Sound Calendar library for Kontakt

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Julian Ray Sound Calendar

Julian Ray has announced that the Julian Sound Calendar collection of free Kontakt instruments is now available as a bundle.

This project is free for download by the separate sounds.

The entire library (6+GB) with all the sounds by categories can be puchased for US$15.00

Julian Sound Calendar features

  • 366 instruments for NI Kontakt).
  • Includes Atmospheric, Pads, Leads, SFX, Keyboards, Strings, Vocal, Soundscapes.
  • 6+GB download in 4 zip files.

The archive is available to purchase for $15 USD. Individual downloads remain free.

More information: Julian Ray / Julian Sound Calendar


Sound Blend – free sounds by Julian Ray

Julian Ray Sound Blend

Julian Ray has launched Sound Blend, a royalty-free online sound library featuring free sounds for film and video games creators.

Julian writes:

Being a big fan of Blender 3D, I’m creating this project mostly for Blender users, but of course, these sounds can be useful for everyone, who is involved in games and film production.

There are more than 200 sounds in the Library so far and it grows. All the sounds are WAV / 16 bit / 44100 / Stereo.

Sounds may be used in commercial and non-commercial creative works. The sound library is updated periodically so make sure to check for new additions and updates.

More information: Julian Ray


Julian Sound Calendar 2012 – free Kontakt instruments by Julian Ray

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Julian Ray wrote in to share about the Julian Sound Calendar 2012, a sound library of free Kontakt instruments.

Julian Sound Calendar 2012

Julian Sound Calendar 2012 is a free sound library, which I’m creating during 2012. Most of the sounds for this project are Pads, Soundscapes, SFX, Atmos and such as. So, if you need that kind of sounds – visit periodically to check it out for new additions and updates.

All the sounds are NI Kontakt 3 instruments format. Listen to audio previews in the player and click on sound’s name to download (might take a few seconds to start)

The instruments are free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial musical works. Trade, resale or distribute of the sounds is prohibited.

More information: Julian Ray


Xenos Soundworks releases Kobold soundset series

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Xenos Soundworks has announced the release of the Kobold soundset series by Julian Ray for XILS-lab Poly KB II and Poly KB Player.

Each volume contains 160 patches. A bundled set is also available containing all 3 sets plus the Sleepy Hollow bonus bank, for a total of 500 high quality ambient style sounds!

The Kobold soundsets are available to purchase for $17 USD each, the Kobold Bundle is $40 USD.

More information: Xenos Soundworks / Kobold


Julian Ray releases Solar Science for Image-Line Harmless

Julian Ray Solar Science

Julian Ray has announced the release of Solar Science, a soundset for the Harmless virtual synthesizer by Image-Line.

This soundset was designed for everyone, who is working on Space, Ambient, Experimental, Electronica, Soundtrack musical projects and looking for new fresh sounds.

Drive your imagination from floating cosmic Soundscapes and FX sounds through twinkling Impulses and bright solar flare Keys to stellar Leads and deep space Organs – the whole Solar Spectrum is right at your fingertips

Solar Science features

  • Includes 100 presets in different categories: Pads, FX, Keyboards, Soundscapes, Leads, Strings, Guitars, Organs, Voices, Basses, Swells, Impulses.

Solar Science is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.

More information: Julian Ray / Solar Science


Julian Ray releases Kobold Series for PolyKB II

Julian Ray has announced the release of the Kobold Series, a collection of soundsets for PolyKB II / PolyKB II Player by XILS-lab.

Julian Ray Kobold Series

It took a lot of time and efforts to carefully design all these presets and now I am really happy to complete this big work. The goal of this project was not to create “general” soundsets, but KOBOLDly go where no one has gone before

KOBOLD SERIES includes many rich, textured, deep instruments, designed for Ambient, Space, New Age, Soundscapes, Soft Electronica, Chill Out, Longe, and Soundtrack works. You will find many smooth, calm and peaceful as well as many crisp, bright, futuristic and unusual sounds on this 3-Volume collection.

Kobold Series

  • KOBOLD 1: Soundscapes – 100 / Pads – 40 / FX – 20
  • KOBOLD 2: Keyboards – 40 / Leads – 40 / Organs – 40 / Basses – 20 / FX – 20
  • KOBOLD 3: Strings – 40 / Brass – 40 / Pads – 40 / Guitars – 20 / FX – 20
  • KOBOLD Bundle: KOBOLD 1 + KOBOLD 2 + KOBOLD 3 + Sleepy Hollow mini-soundset

The Kobold Series soundsets are available to purchase for $17 USD each. The bundle is $40 USD.

More information: Julian Ray