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Julian Ray releases Cobalt Ultramarine, free sounds for PolyKB II

Julian Ray Cobalt Ultramarine

Julian Ray has announced the release of Cobalt Ultramarine, a free collection of patches for the PolyKB II synthesizer by XILS-lab.

Cobalt Ultramarine is a taster pack of the forthcoming KOBOLD SERIES, a three volume collection of soundsets for PolyKB II, including many rich, textured, deep instruments, designed for Ambient, Electronica, Space, New Age, Soundscapes, Chill Out, Longe, and Soundtrack works.

Cobalt Ultramarine features

  • 50 presets for PolyKB II.
  • Strings / Brasses / Pads / Soundscapes / FX / Organs / Keyb / Leads / Basses / Synth.

Cobalt Ultramarine for PolyKB II is available as a free download.

More information: Julian Ray


Julian Ray Harmless Invasion, sound set for Harmless updated

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Julian Ray Harmless Invasion

Julian Ray has released an updated version of Harmless Invasion, a free collection of presets for the Harmless synthesizer by Image-Line.

Julian Ray is a composer, whose fantasy and imagination will lead you to the world, filled with bright vibes and soothing melodies, where his music, as a mysterious bird, smoothly soars between clouds of picturesque textures and hypnotic soundscapes.

Harmless Invasion features

  • 20 “Space Drifting” SFX
  • 20 “Alien Machine” SFX
  • 20 “Data Transmission” SFX

Harmless Invasion is available as a free download.

More information: Julian Ray / Harmless Invasion


XILS-lab releases Analog Bag 1 & 2, soundsets for PolyKB II

XILS-lab Analog Bag 1 & 2

XILS-lab has released Analog Bag 1 & 2, two soundsets for the PolyKB II virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Analog Bag 1 & 2 features

  • Analog Bag 1
    • 128 new instruments, including Keys, Basses, Leads, Pads, ARPs, Soundscapes, etc.
    • Powered by a quartet of inspired and talented Sound Designers, Julian Ray, Kire, Luftrum and Tzadi, Analog Bag 1 aims to expand the factory sound library with quality sounds.
  • Analog Bag 2
    • More than 160 instruments, including Keys, Basses, Leads, Pads, Atmos, ARPs, Percussions, Plucks as well as the usual subcategories like Brass, Strings, EPs and Organs, Clavinet, Stabs etc.
    • Sound Designers Peter Schelfhout and Lotuzia have united their forces to propose you different and complementary sound Design approaches and cover a good part of all the instruments you’ll ever need when using the PolyKB II.
  • All the instruments come with real time control and Mod Wheel and/or AT assignations.
  • Crafted by the same Sound Designers than our Factory Library.
  • The instruments ran thru the same certification process than the factory library ones.

Analog Bag 1 is available to purchase for 17 EUR / $23 USD, Analog Bag 2 is 21 EUR / $28 USD.

More information: XILS-lab / PolyKB II Soundsets