Dream Audio Tools releases Dream Kalimba for Kontakt

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Dream Audio Tools has launched Dream Kalimba, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring a sampled pickup Kalimba.

Dream Audio Tools Dream Kalimba

Dream Kalimba features a pretty musical pickup Kalimba. We sampled it wired, using fingers, nails and plectrum. It also features “overdriven” and ”synthetized” additional sets, created using two of our favourite pedals chains.

Dream Kalimba features

  • All samples are 24 bit/48 Khz.
  • 11 designed .nki patches including clean and processed recordings.
  • Four round robins for nails and plectrum.
  • Multiple designed effects activable.
  • Modwheel slicer.

The library is available for the introductory price of 14.90 EUR. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or above.

More information: Dream Audio Tools


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