reFX updates Nexus2 to v2.3, Apres-Ski & Kamui 2 expansions + Christmas Sale

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reFX Nexus2

reFX has updated its Nexus2 ROM synthesizer-plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.3.0 brings in the much-anticipated 64-bit version of Nexus2. Other improvements include enhanced performance and a great new photo-realistic look for the GUI.

Unfortunately only the new default white3 skin is available right now, but ALL existing skins will be replaced with new, compatible ones over the next few weeks, free of charge to all customers of the respective skins.

Two new expansions have been released as well.

  • Kamui 2: This expansion is pure Dubstep mayhem: 128 ultra-extreme sounds that are totally broken once – and then broken yet again – but create the need to keep expanding, into a pure enchanting melody!This balancing act can only be created with Kamui! The future of club music is coming…
  • Apres-Ski: The ‘ Après-Ski’ let’s party expansion covers the best of Apres-Ski season in the winter to the hottest summer beats at the Ballermann beach. Covering Pop to Folk, Polka to Discofox, the 128 presets give 100% atmosphere, 100% Nexus!

Nexus2 is now available to purchase at a discounted Christmas Sale price of 199 EUR (regular 249 EUR). Expansion are 45 EUR each (regular 55 EUR), and the complete bundle of Nexus2 + all expansions is 1.769 EUR (regular 1.899 EUR).

More information: reFX


Kamui Virus Soundset II, sound set by Dominik Felsmann


Dominik Felsmann has released the Kamui Virus Soundset II, a collection of patches created using an Access Virus C.

After the huge success of the first soundset for Virus synthesizers and a banging soundbank for ReFX’s Nexus 2, Dominik Felsmann of Kamui is back with another gold mine full of sounds.

With even more crunchy basslines, screaming hooks, and tons of unheard presets, this one is the perfect addition to its predecessor. Just like the first soundset, this one will work in pretty much any electronic genre – so get it now!

The Kamui Virus Soundset II for all Virus models (including the A, B, C, Classic, TI, TDM and PowerCore) is available to purchase for $37.55 USD.

More information: Kamui Virus Soundset II


Dominik Felsmann releases Kamui Virus Soundset

Kamui Virus Soundbank by Dominik Felsmann

Dominik Felsmann has released the Kamui Virus Soundset, a soundset for Virus synthesizers.

As one half of Kamui, Dominik has released dozens of tracks and remixes and he is regularly DJing at festivals & clubs in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

Dominik about the soundset:

Mostly dance oriented (electro house trance hardstyle…) – I tried to minimize the amount of standard patches (e.g. pads, arp sounds, supersaw leads..) and rather focused on sounds that inspire you while you play them. Also contains a couple of the patches we used in our productions.

Used quite a lot of the Rectifier & Shaper distortions which creates sounds that haven’t been used too much in today’s dance music – in the end i wanted it to be the virus bank that you use for inspiration, not the one that you use to fill up your productions.

The Kamui Virus Soundset features 127 patches programmed on a Virus C (compatible with all Virus models) and is available for purchase for 24.99 GBP / 29.17 EUR / 40.66 USD.

Visit for more information and a demo audio clip.