Les Productions Zvon releases Kids Kits sample pack

Les Productions Zvon Kids Kits

Les Productions Zvon has released Kids Kits, a sample library featuring a collection of recordings of children.

The samples in this set are taken from a recording I made with two young children, a little girl (3 years old) and a little boy (5 years old). They were very happy to sing, talk and make funny noises in the microphone.

I selected 136 unique one-shot samples from this session and further split some of the longer ones so there are 259 samples in total. These also include 13 interesting noise samples.

This set is available in the following formats and all are included in a single purchase: Caustic 2, wave, sfz, Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 and Battery 3.

The Kids Kits sample pack costs $2.99 USD. A free demo of 41 samples is available to download.

More information: Les Productions Zvon / Kids Kits


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