Spitfire releases Kitchenware – Glass by Paul Clarvis

Spitfire Kitchenware - Glass

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Kitchenware – Glass, a new sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

An extraordinary anthology of a set of tuned wine glass performed with a number of techniques by percussion supremo Paul Clarvis. Alongside an esoteric collection of domestic glass and ceramic kitchenware meticulously recorded with a selection of beaters and techniques to create a library of tuned percussion from another world. A selection of sounds that give you the effect of well worn mallet instruments but without their associated stereotypes. Not quite glockenspiels, not quite celestes, not quite bowed vibraphones. This library will add an enticing magic to your music.

To accompany and flatter our amazing selection of Metalware released in 2013 we’re proud to bring you this volume of 4.1 GB compressed data from over 10.7 GB in WAV format and over 12,000 samples. With up to 3 dynamic layers and 5 round robins per instrument, including a variety of easily switchable beaters and techniques, including finger nail flicks and slaps .

Arranged in three sections this library features a set of chromatically tuned glasses played by supremo Paul Clarvis a number of different ways: different hits, flicks, bows and rubs. The second section features a selection of 17 different domestic pieces of glass and enamel-ware played struck 5 different ways. The third is this same lineup up played with water in to give it a drifting dreamy quality. The whole library is recorded with a selection of top quality mics and perspectives.

The library is available for the introductory price of £49 GBP for 2 weeks (regular £66 GBP).

More information: Spitfire Audio / Kitchenware – Glass


Computer case for drummers

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Spotswood Custom Computers is selling computer cases that resemble a bass drum.

From the website:

Each custom, scratch-built case is handcrafted with high-quality maple veneer plywood, which gives you a beautiful, more durable and quieter running PC than anything else out there. In addition, you will have a very distinctive and attractive piece of furniture to house your computer!

Drum computer case
A bare case on the left, a complete computer fitted on the right

Your choice of wood stain colors (protected by a hard, fingerprint hiding, matte finish), allows you to match the case with your existing kitchen, office, living room or home entertainment center décor. All fasteners are chromed or polished stainless steel and the durable 7/10 mil mylar side panels (completely removable) allow easy access to every component within the case.

And if you’re wondering if these drum shaped cases are loud, their FAQ explains: Yes, real acoustic drums are loud. But our cases are not drums. They are not built from pre-made drums. Besides our cases have so much hardware attached to them that every surface is completely dampened, so much so that one of our cases is actually quieter than a metal case. In music terms, the cases are “bricks.”

These custom cases go for about $500 USD (you can add some extra fan/brackets etc.), so they’re not exactly cheap, but they sure look classy!

Check Spotswood Custom Computers for more information.


Kitchen Kits: Cookware Percussion! now free

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Welsh’s Synthesizer Cookbook has set the Kitchen Kits: Cookware Percussion sample set free (previously $5.95).


  • 680 clean, high-fidelity stereo samples (93 Mb Zip file, 185 Mb uncompressed)
  • Over 140 pots, pans, kettles, lids, bowls, containers and more
  • Multiple hits: bottoms, sides, rims with mallet and light stick
  • Recorded with a Marantz EC-335 split-stereo microphone, 16 bit/44.1 kHz stereo, WAV format
  • Photo of each item included for easy identification
a 11x8 inch aluminum cake pan
One of the Kitchen Kits instruments: A 11×8 inch aluminum cake pan

Note: the password for the archive is Excelsior (case sensitive).

Visit Welsh’s Synthesizer Cookbook for more information and a link to download Kitchen Kits: Cookware Percussion.