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Klanghelm releases DC8C compressor

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Klanghelm has released DC8C, a flexible compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The main goal while designing DC8C was to get a very clean compressor action without unwanted and often almost unevitable artefacts/distortion. This way you can achieve almost invisible compression for your most demanding mastering sessions, when you want to avoid coloration. If you aim for colour you can choose between two saturation models.

From opto style, peak compression, RMS compression, Feedback, Feedforward compression (and everything inbetween) to negative ratios, zero latency brickwall limiting, from snappy transient treatment to smooth transient rounding – everything is possible.

Klanghelm DC8C (easy mode)
Klanghelm DC8C compressor: clear, smooth, open, distinct

DC8C features

  • Detector network and gain reduction smoothing for extra smooth operation.
  • Choose between two different attack and two release curves.
  • Clean mode (100% clean compression with no intermodulation, no distortion, no aliasing).
  • Up to 8x oversampling.
  • Sidechain filter with high pass & low pass filter plus tilt control, which let’s you shift the frequency response of the detector.
  • Customize the program dependency of the compressor seperately for Attack and Release.
  • GR-smoothing control to dertermine, how sensitive the compressor reacts to changes in the computed gain reduction, great to emulate opto style compression.
  • Hold control for heavy pumping compression effects.
  • Pre comp control to delay the start of the attack to leave transients completely alone or radically shape the attack.
  • Calibration control not only to set the reference level for the meters but also for the whole signal path. The higher the value, the softer the compression characteristics and the lower the saturation amount.
  • Unique Feedback-Mix-Control, which lets you determine, how much of the compressor’s output is fed back into the detector. This way it is possible to morph between Feedback and Feedforward Compression topologies.
  • Zero latency limting mode.
  • True zero attack (0.0 ms).
  • Negative ratios possible.
  • Parallel compression, peak-compression, RMS-compression.
  • Easy mode which features 4 different compression styles.
  • Lots of comprehensive presets to keep you started.

DC8C for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for the introductory price of 20 EUR.

More information: Klanghelm / DC8C

Klanghelm releases DC1A compressor plug-in + DC8C announced

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Klanghelm has released the DC1A, a free compressor effect for Windows and Mac.

Klanghelm DC1A

DC1A is the little brother of the compression monster DC8C. I’ve taken one of my favourite settings from DC8C and tried to make it work in a two control context. Soundwise it’s comparable to the PUNCH mode in DC8C. It’s kind of a mixture of classic opto and FET designs.

I’ve always wanted to do a compressor with just an input and output knob, a compressor that just works: gentle, faithful, from almost invisible, smooth leveling to heavy pumping with a nice crunchy saturation and punchy enough to treat drums with.

DC1A looks like a one trick pony. But don’t get fooled by lack of further controls. You may be suprised on how many different material this little thing works. DC1A is heavily program dependent, so is the saturation.

DC1A is available to download as a freeware effect plug-in for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

The DC8C is scheduled for release in March, 2012.

More information: Klanghelm

Klanghelm VUMT VU-meter and trim effect plugin updated to v1.8.2

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Klanghelm has updated its VUMT VU meter, PPM and trim effect plugin for Windows to version 1.8.2.

The ballistics are completely tweakable. In its default state it is accurately meeting the specs of a standard VU meter (including 1% overshoot). With the unique overshoot parameter it’s possible to recreate the behaviour of your favourite “real world” VU, you are familiar with. VUMT has an additional peak/clip LED, wich is also fully customisable.

Klanghelm VUMT
Klanghelm VUMT Duo (Amber skin)

Changes in VUMT v1.8.2

  • VST3 support added.
  • Both Mac and Win versions now have a dedicated installer.
  • The PPM mode has now its own adjustable reference level.
  • Fixed: input of negative values.
  • Fixed: strange behaviour at higher sample rates.

VUMT for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU/Standalone) is available to purchase for 6.28 EUR. The update is free for all existing customers.

More information: Klanghelm

Klanghelm updates VUMT VU-meter and trim effect to v1.5.7

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Klanghelm VUMT

Klanghelm has updates its VUTM VU meter and trim plugin for Windows and Mac.

VUMT taken to the next level. Lots of improvements and new features. It’s now a fully tweakable VU meter.

Changes in VUMT v1.5.7

  • A new settings panel to adjust rise/fallback times of the meter and a new unique overshoot parameter so you can replicate your favorite analog VU meter you are familiar with.
  • New smoother, even more accurate needle animation.
  • Additional PPM mode implemented with adjustable rise/fall times.
  • Improved clip LED (lights up yellow/orange when exceeding a predefined level – you headroom) and turns red when digital clipping is taking place.
  • Switchable numerical readout for peak and VU values.
  • Switchable hold needle which shows the current max VU value.
  • and more…

VUMT for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) is available to purchase for 6.28 EUR.

More information: Klanghelm

Klanghelm releases VUMT VU-meter & trim effect plugin

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Klanghelm VUMT

Klanghelm has announced the release of VUTM, a VU meter and trim plugin for Windows and Mac.

VUMT is a recreation of a VU meter and has an additional trim function to make your gain staging life easier.

VUMT features

  • Painstakingly modeled behaviour and recreation of the general ballistics of classic VU meters.
  • 300 ms attack and release times to meet common specs of a standard VU meter
  • Gain staging made easy. Trim your channel volume +/- 20 dB.
  • Switchable VU reference level.
  • Clip-LED to inform you when the level exceeds -0.2 dBFS to avoid digital overs.
  • Easy on the eyes, comes in four flavors (skins) to be pleasant to look at for (almost) everybody.
  • Includes two plug-ins:
    • VUMT SOLO:
      • Single VU meter
      • Switchable additional needle to watch left and right channel level in one single display.
    • VUMT DUO:
      • Two VU meter displays to show either left/right of mid/side level information
      • if switched to MS operation the volume trim knobs control the volume of the mid channel and side channel.

VUMT is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone), priced at 5 EUR.

More information: Klanghelm