Klanglabs releases Granola v2.0 RC1

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Klanglabs Granola v2.0

Klanglabs has released Granola version 2.0 RC1, a freeware granulation tool that can be used as a VST instrument (generator) and effect plug-in.

Granola 2 features

  • Wave file loader: Now you can load WAV files also
  • Record button: It records the input signal (you should click this prior to make any sound, unless you loaded a WAV sample)
  • Granola big slider: With it, you can virtually “travel” across the recorded audio sample
  • Volume, Pitch, Cutoff, Grain Size, Smooth, Panning FX, Panning FX Speed, Random FX, Random FX Speed
  • Play with keyboard while moving slider (A – 3 = Original Pitch)

Instructions for Granola v2.0 are included in the download.

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Granola v2.0 RC1.


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