Klanglabs releases Granola v2.0 RC1

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Klanglabs Granola v2.0

Klanglabs has released Granola version 2.0 RC1, a freeware granulation tool that can be used as a VST instrument (generator) and effect plug-in.

Granola 2 features

  • Wave file loader: Now you can load WAV files also
  • Record button: It records the input signal (you should click this prior to make any sound, unless you loaded a WAV sample)
  • Granola big slider: With it, you can virtually “travel” across the recorded audio sample
  • Volume, Pitch, Cutoff, Grain Size, Smooth, Panning FX, Panning FX Speed, Random FX, Random FX Speed
  • Play with keyboard while moving slider (A – 3 = Original Pitch)

Instructions for Granola v2.0 are included in the download.

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Granola v2.0 RC1.


Klanglabs updates OverDubber to v1.74

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Klanglabs OverDubber

Klanglabs has updated OverDubber to version 1.74.

OverDubber is a two tap delay focused towards Dub creation and Live use, including features such as BPM based times, Pitch-Mod (simulation of tape speed fluctuations) and a tape reel knob (it allows user to play with delay speed manually).

Updated in v1.74

  • Added hints on all buttons

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download OverDubber v1.74.

While you’re over there, check the beta of the upcoming plugin “The mincer” (realtime slice-reorder with MIDI triggering support), which is also available for download.


Klanglabs releases Daft Funk v1.0

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Klanglabs Daft Funk v1.0

Klanglabs has released Daft Funk, a freeware glitch accelerator VST effect plug-in.


  • X-Y panel: X controls speed, Y controls LowPass Filter and volumen optionally
  • Mode: “Pitched” means the wave will be resampled as speed is beeing modulated. “Grainy” means the wave will not change pitch but the grains will change size as speed is beeing modulated
  • Sync mode: “BPM” or “Free”
  • Note subdivision selector
  • Y->Vol (Y value to Volume) button
  • Zero – X: Useful only in “Grainy” mode, this parameter is useful to avoid clicks, but if you want to go very fast you better untick this option, otherwise you’ll hear an artifact in where the pitch transitions aren’t smooth on very high frequencies
  • X and Y spring buttons: Enable disable spring release on them
  • Smooth knob: This smooths out the X and Y values, high values result on slow response to quick movements, useful to make slow sweeps such as on one Daft Punk famous song
  • Grain size knob: When in “Free” mode (opposed to BPM) you can specify the grain size here

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Daft Funk v1.0.


Klanglabs releases Milli Vinylli VST effect

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Klanglabs Milli Vinilly VST

Klanglabs has released Milli Vinylli, a VST effect that generates old vinyl sounds.


  • First row of buttons are to turn generators on/off
  • Phase buttons to switch variations position
  • Var: Adjust the level of variation depending of the generator
  • Vol: Volume knobs for each generator
  • Main Vol: Main volume of the sum of all generators
  • Fq: Frecuency or “tuning” of each generator

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Milli Vinylli.


Klanglabs updates Sxratch to v2.0

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Klanglabs Sxratch v2.0

Klanglabs has updated Sxratch to version 2.0.

Sxratch is a virtual scratcher featuring a filter section. You can set range points where you want to scratch and set the acceleration or torque of the scratcher.
New in v2.0

  • New skin
  • Wav loader
  • Scratching mouse response totally reworked
  • New sensivity controls for better accuracy
  • Pitch reset and rewind button
  • Added some filters

Visit Klanglabs for more information and a link to download Sxratch v2.0.


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