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Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra SE

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Kong Audio has announced the release of Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition), a collection of 27 classic Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion.

Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra SE
The Standard Edition is a streamlined version of the highly praised Chinee Orchestra Full Edition.

Simplified, but not simple

Even though COSE comes in with a smaller content, it now has a more affordable price tag. Also, Kong Audio has put in lots of efforts into creating COSE as a practically useful tool for composers as well as teachers and students. All presets in COSE are created afresh with care, and it also utilized the features of QIN engine player heavily in order to make the instruments sound alive.
Users can customize COSE presets at will and make use of QIN engine’s Extender system to make multis, keyswitches, aftertouch/modwheel triggering, and much much more.

A Chinese Sound Palette for Everyone

COSE extensively covers the most common instruments used for composing Chinese music. Get inspiration from a vast range of sound of the East. Learn to incorporate the Chinese elements into your work. Or simply keep some rare sound in stock just in case you may need it.

Chinee Orchestra SE features

  • Winds: Bangdi, BaWu, DongXiao, GuanZi, HuLuSi(X2), NanXiao, QuDi, Sheng, SuoNa(X2), Xun.
  • Plucked: GuQin, GuZheng, LiuQin, PiPa, Ruan(X2), SanXian.
  • Stringed: BanHu, ErHu(X2), GaoHu, JingHu, MaTouQin, ZhongHu.
  • Percussion: YangQin, Chinese percussion set.

Chinee Orchestra SE for Windows (VST) is available for $119 USD. A demo version can be download from the product page.

More information: Kong Audio / Chinee Orchestra SE

Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra Standard Edition

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Kong Audio

Kong Audio has announced Chinee Orchestra SE, a collection of 27 Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion.

The Standard Edition is a streamlined version of Chinee Orchestra Full Edition, with a much smaller size and a more affordable pricetag.

“The result is satisfying,” says DongSheng Shan, CEO of Kong Audio, “even though it seems like a simple library, it actually is gorgeously expressive, thanks to the use of QIN engine’s Extenders.”

Shan says Kong Audio’s design philosophy has always been to keep the size down and make the instruments as slick as possible, while keeping it expressive. This old school approach is especially manifested in the creation of Chinee Orchestra SE.

“What is interesting is that a simplified instrument actually sounds more closer to being an ideal instrument. So we believe even the professionals may prefer to use this Standard Edition than the Full Edition sometimes,” says Shan.

Chinee Orchestra SE is scheduled to be released in February, 2014.

More information: Kong Audio

Kong Audio launches sale on Chinee Series Big Winds Pack

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Kong Audio has announced a limited sale on its Chinee Series Big Winds Pack bundle.

Chinee Series Big Winds Pack

For a limited time (till Jan 17, 2014), Chinee Series Big Winds Pack, which includes 8 types of instruments (17 recorded instruments in total) can be had with a special promo discount: instead of $338, the whole pack is only $269 (20% off) now!

Not only you get Kong Audio’s flagship product ChineeWinds, you also get the most comprehensive Chinese wind collection on the market. Don’t miss out!

Chinee Series Big Winds Pack features

  • ChineeWinds: Flutes Hors D’oeuvre. Contains 8 different flutes, most importantly different DiZi’s.
  • NanXiao: The Flute of Melancholy.
  • SuoNa: The Stentorian Brass.
  • GuanZi: The Pipe of Tristesse.
  • Sheng: The Mouth Organ of Concord.
  • HuLuSi: The Riveting Bottle Gourds.
  • BaWu: The Free-Reed of China.
  • Xun: Ancient Errie Ocarina.

The sale ends January 17th, 2014.

More information: Kong Audio

Kong Audio announces Computer Game Music Contest

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Kong Audio has announced a Computer Game Music Contest in collaboration with MIDIFAN.

Kong Audio & MIDIFAN Computer Game Music Contest

Basic rules:

  1. An original music(no longer than 10 min) for one(or mixed together) of the three following scenes:
    • combat/fighting scene.
    • ballad/serene scene.
    • thriller/intense scene.
  2. Must contain at least one recognizable Chinese instrument.

Awards: The top 3 winners get a box version of Chinee Orchestra (retail $690) and a trophy.

The contest ends September 15th, 2013.

More information: Kong Audio / Computer Game Music Contest

Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra Box Version, major instrument update + 1-month Box Launch Promo

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Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra Box Version

Kong Audio has announced the immediate availability of the boxed version of its Chinee Orchestra virtual instrument collection, and the release of QIN RV 2.10 engine update, as well as the updates for all Chinee Series individual instruments for Windows.

This major update puts focus on improving the legato expressions of various instruments, hence the soundbanks have been redesigned to work with the new Legato II Extender module. Now the instruments are more nuanced and expressive.

Chinee Orchestra contains 22 classic Chinese instruments covering the instruments of the modern day Chinese orchestra, powered by QIN RV engine player developed by Kong Audio. Chinee Orchestra is the de facto tool of choice for the Chinese professionals in China, and also an inspiration for the composers if the world.

Changes in QIN RV 2.10 engine/instruments

  • New Extender: Legato II ¡V enhanced nuance expression.
  • Enhanced Legato I in the polyphonic mode.
  • Enhanced logics for Legato and Keymaps.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • New presets added for most instruments.
  • New Clapper samples added to ChineeKong v3.
  • Instrument soundbanks revamped: ErHu, ErHu II, BanHu, JingHu, SanXian, ChineeWinds, NanXiao, MaTouQin, ZhongRuan have their soundbanks revised.

Both the QIN RV engine player and the instrument updates are free for all existing customers.

The Chinee Orchestra boxed version costs MSRP $690 USD.

Kong Audio is offering a time-limited launch offer for the Chinee Orchestra Box.

Chinee Orchestra Box Intro Offer

Kong Audio announces a time-limited promo campaign to coincide with the launch of Chinee Orchestra box version till the end of July. The first-time promo offer of Chinee Orchestra by Kong Audio.

Normally 690 USD, Chinee Orchestra box version now can be purchased for just 599 USD, plus free world-wide shipping during the box launch promo period.

The metal box includes a DVD disc and printed English/Japanese installation guides. Customers can also get the download version while waiting the box to arrive.

More information: Kong Audio

Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra Boxset

Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra Boxset

Kong Audio has announced that its Chinee Orchestra collection of sample-based Chinese traditional instruments will be available as a boxset shortly.

The boxset is currently is production. The disc will include the latest update to the instruments as well as the updated QIN engine player. Quite some instruments have been re-polished under the hood and are integrated with a new legato Extender module in the upcoming release, to provide a even more nuanced expressiveness to the instruments.

All of Kong Audio’s updates have been free for existing customers since 2005, and this upcoming update will be available as free download too.

Chinee Orchestra, powered by Windows native QIN RV 2.0 engine, contains 22 instruments, covering strings, plucked, percussion and wind instruments: ChineeWinds, ChineeKong V3, ErHu and ErHu II, NanXiao, GuZheng II, PiPa, MaTouQin, SuoNa, GuanZi, Sheng, YangQin, HuLuSi, GuQin, LiuQin, SanXian. Ruan, JinHu, ZhongHu, GaoHu, BanHu, Xun, BaWu.

More information: Kong Audio

Kong Audio updates plugins to v2.09

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Kong Audio

Kong Audio has announced version 2.09 of its instrument plugins.

Changes in v2.09

  • Enhanced Pitch Bend mode for live play (bends the notes that are currently triggered).
  • keyboard range display bug fixed.
  • KAI missing reminder added.
  • Parameters fine-tuned.

The update is free for all registered users.

More information: Kong Audio

Kong Audio updates QIN engine & Chinee Orchestra + No-Brainer ErHu deals

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Kong Audio

Kong Audio has announced it has updated its Chinee Orchestra and Chinee Series instruments to version 2.08.

This update includes updated QIN RV 2.08 engine, and the Chinee Series individual instruments core update, plus the updated sample libraries. Also added is the new integrated x64 host support powered by jbridge.

Changes in QIN RV 2.08

  • Legato Ext bug fix.
  • Note-range display corrected.
  • Pitch Envelope Extender parameter bug fix.
  • Vienna Pro 5 compatibility improved.
  • New presets added.
  • Jbridge-powered 64-bit support implemented.
  • Free KAI instrument supported (e.g., ChineeGuZheng Classic).

All the KAI Core instruments are updated, as well as the sample content of ErHu II, JingHu, and Xun.

Kong Audio has also announced a series of no-brainer deals for its ErHu instruments.

  • No-Brainer Deal: ChineeErHu I for just 9.9 USD.
  • ChineeErHu I + ChineeErHu II for just 39.8 USD. (50% off).
  • Instant China Pack (Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II) for 159 USD. (20% off).
  • Essential China Pack (Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II, GuZheng II, PiPa, Sheng) for 259 USD. (20% off).

The sale ends on January 11th, 2013.

More information: Kong Audio