Native Instruments updates Maschine to v1.7.2 & Kore to v2.1.4

Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released updates for Maschine and Kore.

This maintenance update addresses some issues that were reported following the introduction of Maschine MIKRO and KOMPLETE support in 1.7.1.

The installer also includes the latest update for the Controller Editor, new Windows-Certified drivers, and the translated versions of the Manuals.

Changes in Maschine v1.7.2

  • New Controller Editor version.
  • Certified Windows drivers.
  • Full documentation included.
  • Controller sleep mode fixed.
  • Scene focus offset on startup fixed.
  • Missing user library path fixed.
  • Wrong default contrast for Mikro display resolved.
  • Recording stopped on group change fixed.
  • Erasing events out of focus fixed.
  • Clear assignments resetting plugin parameters fixed.
  • Various other fixes.

Changes in Kore v2.1.4

  • 64bit AU and VST plugin versions.
  • Option to bypass Integrated Engines in favour of VST versions (Absynth, FM8, Massive).
  • Various minor fixes.

More information: Native Instruments


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