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Native Instruments updates Maschine to v1.7.2 & Kore to v2.1.4

Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released updates for Maschine and Kore.

This maintenance update addresses some issues that were reported following the introduction of Maschine MIKRO and KOMPLETE support in 1.7.1.

The installer also includes the latest update for the Controller Editor, new Windows-Certified drivers, and the translated versions of the Manuals.

Changes in Maschine v1.7.2

  • New Controller Editor version.
  • Certified Windows drivers.
  • Full documentation included.
  • Controller sleep mode fixed.
  • Scene focus offset on startup fixed.
  • Missing user library path fixed.
  • Wrong default contrast for Mikro display resolved.
  • Recording stopped on group change fixed.
  • Erasing events out of focus fixed.
  • Clear assignments resetting plugin parameters fixed.
  • Various other fixes.

Changes in Kore v2.1.4

  • 64bit AU and VST plugin versions.
  • Option to bypass Integrated Engines in favour of VST versions (Absynth, FM8, Massive).
  • Various minor fixes.

More information: Native Instruments


Twisted Tools releases Transform by JEDSOUND

Twisted Tools Transform

Twisted Tools has released Transform, an extensive collection of field recordings, sound effects and designed sounds developed by sound designer Jean-Edouard Miclot (a.k.a. JEDSOUND).

Bundled with sample mappings for many popular formats, TRANSFORM’s painstakingly recorded and processed sounds will find their home in the arsenals of sound designers, editors and music producers alike.

Transform features

  • Over 1.64 gigs of samples by Jedsound.
  • Field recordings and designed sounds.
  • 24bit/96khz WAV audio.
  • Soundminer enriched metadata..
  • 46 sampler instruments.
  • Ableton, Battery, EXS, Maschine, Kontakt and Reaktor kits.
  • Twisted Tools MP16c Sampler.
  • Kore and Maschine Templates for MP16c.
  • iPad TouchOSC template for MP16c.
  • Bonus kit Richard Devine.
  • Additional content by Twisted Tools.

Transform is available to purchase for $69 USD.

More information: Twisted Tools / Transform


Kreativ Sounds releases ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds

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Kreativ Sounds ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds

Kreativ Sounds hsa announced the release of ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds, a soundset for the PlastiCZ synthesizer plug-in by reFX.

ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds features

  • 70 outstanding presets in FXP and FXB format for reFX PlastiCZ.
  • The same 70 presets in KSD format for Native Instruments KORE 2 Workstation.
  • Each KORE2 preset has macro knobs assigned and all 8 pad variations (70 presets x 8 variations = a staggering 560 sound variations).
  • Each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds.

ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds is available to purchase for 4.95 EUR.

More information: Kreativ Sounds / ABYSS PlastiCZ Sounds


Twisted Tools releases Rolodecks multi-effect for Reaktor

Twisted Tools has announced the release of Rolodecks, an effect ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Twisted Tools Rolodecks

Rolodecks is a realtime dynamic, semi-modular multi-effect, made up of six effects. The Rolodecks effects are the Slicer, Flange, Filter, Delay, Reverb and Ext effects.

Ext (short for external effect), is an assignable effects slot, giving you the ability to insert your own effects and automate them! With the Ext effect slot, you can truly make Rolodecks unique by adding your own flavor. To top it off, we’ve inserted a granular effect called Stretch as the default Ext effect, but feel free to swap it out for your own.

When you purchase Rolodecks Pro, you also get a special version of Rolodecks, called RoloEXT, which gives you six external effects slots and extra modulation options built using the same framework as Rolodecks. Setting up your own unique effects takes no time at all and the possibilities are endless. If you can connect the ins and outs of a simple home stereo, you can easily setup RoloEXT with your favorite Reaktor effects and more.

Rolodecks features

  • Slicer, Reverb, Delay, Filter, Flange and EXT effect.
  • Connect your favorite Reaktor, Hardware or Software effects to the EXT effect slot.
  • Rolodecks Pro comes with RoloEXT featuring 6 EXT effects slots.
  • Dub style fx sends using your host effects with RoloEXT.
  • Effects are playable via MIDI or freely running.
  • Drag effects to set signal flow.
  • 8 Scenes that store/recall signal flow, automation and parameter settings.
  • Ext Modulation lanes send MIDI Notes, IC Sends and/or CC’s.
  • Advanced internal modulation system.
  • Modulation speed and length per parameter.
  • Envelope Mode for the modulation lanes.
  • Kore, Maschine and Twisted KP Templates.
  • Time-stretching sample playback system.
  • 300+ mb Sample Library.
  • Sounds by: Derek Mahone, Gil Sharone, Glitchmachines, Jedsound, Lawgiverz, Mike Huckaby, Michael Ndah, Reuel Walker, Si Begg.
  • Extensive Documentation and Demo Video by Native Instrument Product Specialist, Matt Cellitti.
  • Free Version Updates.

Rolodecks is available to purchase for $49 USD; Rolodecks Pro is $69 USD.

More information: Twisted Tools / Rolodecks


Kreativ Sounds updates ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds to V3

Kreativ Sounds ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds

Kreativ Sounds has announced version 3 of ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds, a major update to the soundset for Native Instruments Pro-53 virtual synthesizer instrument.

ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds V3 features

  • 202 outstanding presets in NATIVE (p5p, p5a), FXP and FXB format for Native Instruments PRO-53.
  • The same 202 presets in KSD format for Native Instruments KORE 2 Workstation.
  • Each KORE2 preset has macro knobs assigned and all 8 pad variations (202 presets x 8 variations = a stagering 1616 sound variations).
  • PRO-53 KORE2 template for creating very easy your own sounds with pad variations.
  • Each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds.

ABYSS Pro-53 Sounds is available to purchase for €9.99 EUR. The upgrade from any previous version to version 3 is €3.99 EUR.

More information: Kreativ Sounds


Native Instruments discontinues Kore product range

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Native Instruments has announced the discontinuation of the Kore product range.

Native Instruments KORE 2

In order to utilize its development resources in the best interest of its wider userbase, Native Instruments has decided to discontinue the Kore product range.

As an immediate consequence, Kore 2 and all Kore-based instruments and effects will no longer be offered for sale. The Kore Player will also be no longer available for download.

The Kore 2 software will be supported through further maintenance updates for the time being. Two updates that will optimize the compatibility with current setups are currently in preparation: The first update will integrate the latest engine versions of Absynth 5, FM8, Guitar Rig 4, Massive, Kontakt 4 and Reaktor 5, and is scheduled for the third quarter of this year; a further update will provide 64bit plugin versions for Windows and Mac OS X, and is scheduled for the fourth quarter.

Technical support for Kore will also continue to be available.

Future versions of the Komplete bundle and of individual NI instruments might no longer be fully compatible with Kore, and will not include special preset versions for its sound browser.

Development resources will be refocused from Kore to Maschine and its popular instrument hosting features. Maschine will be enhanced with specific preset management and parameter mapping features for Komplete and individual NI instruments in the upcoming free 1.7 update, and will be further expanded in its role as the central NI instruments host in the future.

Owners of the full versions of Kore 1 or Kore 2 (excluding software-only versions) who are interested in Maschine can purchase a special crossgrade price of $449 / €399 until the end of the year.

More information: Native Instruments


DNR Collaborative releases Kore version of Alchemy: Illuminous

DNR Collaborative Alchemy Illuminous

DNR Collaborative has announced the release of the Kore version of Alchemy: Illuminous, generously provided by Stephen Wey (KVR’s aMUSEd).

Alchemy: Illuminous for Camel Audio’s Alchemy VSTi is a package of new instruments designed strictly with Alchemy’s synthesis engine and relies on no samples whatsoever. The sounds are suited for a range of modern electronic music styles from dance/trance to minimal and ambient music.

The Kore sounds are available as a separate download, included with the purchase of Alchemy: Illuminous.

Alchemy: Illuminous is available to purchase for the (extended) introduction price of $19 USD until 1 week after the public release of Alchemy 1.20 (regular price $29 USD).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Alchemy Illuminous