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Twisted Tools updates Analogue Microcosm’s MP16 sampler to v1.1

Twisted Tools Analogue Microcosm MP16 Sampler

Twisted Tools has released version 1.1 of the MP16 sampler, the Reaktor ensemble part of the Analogue Microcosm sound library.

Last week we released RICHARD DEVINE’S ANALOGUE MICROCOSM, which came with a new Twisted Tools sampler, MP16. This week, we’ve given MP16 a facelift, along with some great new features free to owners of ANALOGUE MICROCOSM.

Changes in M16 sampler v1.1

  • Enhanced GUI and internal help system.
  • BPM sync.
  • Start quantize.
  • Default preset layouts for MP16 and Analogue Microcosm.
  • Improved sample loading and display.
  • Updated Maschine and Kore templates.
  • Templates for iPad and Lemur coming soon.

Analogue Microcosm is now available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Twisted Tools / Analogue Microcosm

Kreativ Sounds releases SYN Minimoog V Sounds

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Kreativ Sounds SYN Minimoog V Sounds

Kreativ Sounds has announced the release of SYN Minimoog V Sounds, a collection of 64 presets for the Arturia Minimoog V2 software synthesizer.

With this collection, we took the warmest and fattest sound of the planet even further for Minimoog V2.

SYN Minimoog V Sounds features

  • 64 outstanding presets in Native, FXP and KORE format for Arturia Minimoog V2.
  • Each KORE preset has macro knobs assigned and all 8 pad variations (64 presets x 8 variations = 512 sound variations).
  • Minimoog V KORE Template for easily creating your own sounds with pad variations.
  • Each preset features modulation wheel and velocity information for more control over the sounds.

SYN Minimoog V Sounds is a “pay-what-you-wish” product starting from 5 EUR.

More information: Kreativ Sounds / SYN Minimoog V Sounds

Twisted Tools releases Analogue Microcosm, sample pack by Richard Devine

Twisted Tools Analogue Microcosm

Twisted Tools has released Analogue Microcosm, a sound library by Richard Devine.

ANALOGUE MICROCOSM is an intricate arsenal of unique analogue sounds by legendary sound designer and producer, Richard Devine. The samplepack comes coupled with sampler presets for most major sample formats. To top it off, the package comes with a new Twisted Tools sampler, MP16, for all versions of Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Analogue Microcosm features

  • 570 handcrafted analogue oneshot sounds from Richard Devine’s fantastic hardware collection.
  • Drum hits, fx, massive sub bass, glitch and atomspherics sounds.
  • 40 kits in .Wav, Kontakt, Battery, EXS24MKII, Ableton, NNXT, Reaktor and Maschine formats.
  • Intuitive sample mapping.
  • A brand new Twisted Tools utility sampler, MP16:
    • 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler.
    • Pad style layout.
    • Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice.
    • Grain delay effect per voice.
    • Note repeat effect.
    • Two LFOs per voice.
    • Modulation routing per voice.
    • Kore and Maschine Templates.

Analogue Microcosm is now available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Twisted Tools / Analogue Microcosm

Kreativ Sounds ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds, sound collection updated

Kreativ Sounds ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds V2

Kreativ Sounds has released version 2.2 of ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds, a collection of patches for Native Instruments Pro-53.

This update continues to increase the value of the soundsbank by adding 24 new original sounds and various small fixes.

ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds features

  • 152 outstanding presets in NATIVE (p5p, p5a), FXP and FXB format for Native Instruments PRO-53.
  • The same 152 presets in KSD format for Native Instruments KORE 2 Workstation.
  • Each KORE2 preset has macro knobs assigned and also all 8 pad variations programmed (152 presets x 8 variations = 1216 sound variations).
  • An inteligent PRO-53 KORE2 template is available to help you easily create your own sounds with pad variations.
  • Each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds.

ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds is a “Pay What You Wish” product starting from 5 EUR.

More information: Kreativ Sounds / ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds

Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements, “Player” edition of software bundle

Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements

Native Instruments has announced Komplete 7 Elements, a new software bundle that provides musicians and producers with an especially affordable arsenal of professional instruments and effects.

Based on the acclaimed technology of KONTAKT, KORE, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG, the bundle includes over 2,000 production-ready sounds and 12 GByte of studio-grade sample material, covering a wide range of sound aesthetics and musical styles.

Together with the introduction of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS, the popular free KONTAKT 4 PLAYER and KORE 2 PLAYER are now complemented with player versions of GUITAR RIG 4 and REAKTOR 5. KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS combines the vast synthesis, sampling and effects processing capabilities of these four player versions with a wealth of inspirational sound material that is derived from the full product versions contained in the professional KOMPLETE bundle.

On the basis of KONTAKT 4 PLAYER, the KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS collection offers a full assortment of premium-quality acoustic sounds, including VSL orchestral material, Abbey Road drums, and a large variety of other classical, ethnic and band instruments. This material is complemented by a practical selection of carefully sampled classic analog synthesizers and other vintage keyboards.

For distinctively modern sound aesthetics, KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS offers nine full-featured REAKTOR ensembles with over 1,200 preset sounds, including unique instruments like Photone, Steampipe and Metaphysical Function. This arsenal is complemented with a large assortment of atmospheric ABSYNTH pads and soundscapes as well as energetic leads and bass sounds from the MASSIVE synthesizer, all enabled through the synthesis engines integrated in KORE 2 PLAYER.

Together with the included GUITAR RIG 4 PLAYER, users of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS will also get access to eight authentic amp emulations and 27 modelled effects units from the full-featured GUITAR RIG software, providing a versatile basis both for guitar and bass recording and for general creative sound processing in the studio.

Every copy of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS also includes an NI Online Shop voucher worth $60 / 50 EUR, valid towards any product from the KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range.

Komplete 7 Elements will be available in September 2010 for a suggested retail price of $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Komplete 7 Elements

Native Instruments Komplete 7, bundle gets 17 additional instruments and effects

Native Instruments Komplete 7

Native Instruments has introduced Komplete 7, a significantly expanded version of its studio-standard software bundle.

The next generation of KOMPLETE now combines 24 instruments and effects – including five entirely new products – with over 10,000 sounds and 90 GByte of samples, resulting in a comprehensive suite with unparalleled versatility for music production and performance.

KOMPLETE 7 includes the latest versions of Native Instruments’ acclaimed full-featured instruments and effects, ranging from ABSYNTH 5, BATTERY 3.1, FM8, GUITAR RIG 4.1, KONTAKT 4.1 and MASSIVE to the upcoming REAKTOR 5.5. As the next generation of the legendary modular synthesis studio, the new REAKTOR version adds powerful modal and additive synthesis, a revised user interface, the unique “Lazerbass” synthesizer and many enhancements for both instrument builders and musicians.

KOMPLETE 7 also integrates a wealth of instruments and effects based on KONTAKT, KORE, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG. Products added to the bundle include the acclaimed ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMS vintage drum library, the radical performance effect THE FINGER by Tim Exile, the sampled electric bass SCARBEE MM-BASS and all four electric pianos from the SCARBEE VINTAGE KEYS series by sampling mastermind Thomas Scarbee, all four acoustic pianos of the CLASSIC PIANO COLLECTION, the cinematic ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS instrument and the distinctive REAKTOR SPARK synthesizer.

KOMPLETE 7 also incorporates five completely new products that further expand the creative potential of the bundle: The powerful studio reverb REFLEKTOR with its advanced zero-latency convolution engine; the highly expressive REAKTOR PRISM modal synthesizer designed by NI founder Stephan Schmitt; the performance effects suite TRAKTOR’S 12, derived from Native Instruments’ leading DJ software; the new VINTAGE ORGANS instrument with its comprehensive arsenal of painstakingly sampled electromagnetic organs; and the new RAMMFIRE amp emulation that was developed in close collaboration with one of Rammstein’s guitarists, Richard Z. Kruspe.

Every copy of KOMPLETE 7 also includes an NI Online Shop voucher worth $60 / 50 EUR, valid towards any product from the KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range that is not included in the bundle.

Komplete 7 will be available in September 2010 for a suggested retail price of $559 USD / 499 EUR. An update for owners of Komplete 2/3/4/5/6 will be available for $229 USD / 199 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Komplete 7

aMUSEd VoxWorks for Omnisphere, free patches by Stephen Wey

Stephen Wey Fingermarks

Stephen Wey (aka aMUSEd) has released VoxWorks, a free collection of patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

I didn’t really promote this properly when I first finished it as my laptop died soon after and I wasn’t able to do any demos and there were a few rough edges (tags needed a tidy, typos etc).

Now 46 patches for Omnisphere all on a vocal theme so all using singing, choirs sounds, chattering, whispering, chanting etc – although in many cases highly transformed using granularity or other methods so sometimes they sound more like a synth or another instrument. I made use of many of the more esoteric sound sources like the Washing machine “guitar” and bicycle wheel etc and several also use freeze and chaotic capabilities to create shifting, evolving, sometimes unsettling, sometimes very beautiful and unearthly sounds. I mainly made these to fill a gap in Omnisphere which I felt lacked interesting vocal patches (it does have some but not as many as I would have liked) and so they are made for my own music – some are quite dissonant and complex and most are more modern classical oriented – but there are also some very ethereal pad sounds and some that would work well in most music.

There are also 46 KoreSounds with full param mappings and attributes so people with Kore can load these patches (assuming they also have Omnisphere) and play or tweak them further using the Kore controller.

VoxWorks for Omnisphere is available as a free download, donations are appreciated. Download and audio demos are available at the KVR Audio forum.

More information: aMUSEd VoxWorks

Native Instruments releases Deep Freq

Native Instruments Deep Freq

Native Instruments has announced the release of Deep Freq, a powerful effects processing suite for use with KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER.

Complementing the acclaimed DEEP RECONSTRUCTIONS and DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS packages, DEEP FREQ focuses on intense and intricate frequency manipulation to transform audio material in innovative and inspiring ways.

Created by expert sound designer and producer Denis Gökdag, DEEP FREQ provides 150 sophisticated multi-effect combinations based on the powerful sound processing engines of ABSYNTH, GUITAR RIG and REAKTOR
integrated in KORE. Through complex combinations of filters, resonators, frequency shifting, resynthesis, granular synthesis and other advanced algorithms, DEEP FREQ can fundamentally alter and reshape the tonality of beats, melody lines, vocals and any other audio material with spectacular and unconventional results.

Despite the complexity of the underlying effect configurations, the operation of DEEP FREQ is entirely straightforward due to the KORE user interface. The unified parameter mapping within KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER gives immediate, intuitive control over the sonic characteristics of the effects, making DEEP FREQ an especially efficient and immediate sound shaping tool for musicians, producers and DJs.

Deep Freq is available to purchase as a download for $79 USD / 69 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Deep Freq