Laptoprockers announces Remix Contest: Kraftwerk Meets Human League

Laptoprockers: Empire State Human

Laptoprockers — a webzine about music and related technology, featuring daily news and interviews – with a strong focus towards remixing — has announced a unique remix contest with vocals and beats supplied by one of Kraftwerk’s original members.

In collaboration with Irish electro-pop band Empire State Human and their label Ninthwave Records, the Laptoprockers website is offering the track ‘Melancholic Afro’ for remixing. The track features Wolfgang Flür, who was a member of the original ’70s Kraftwerk line-up.

Lead singer of the band, Aidan Casserly, explains, “Wolfgang Flür created the backbeats and some catchy vocal lines for the track. Other than that it has a Prodigy feel as well as a T-Rex feel.”

Empire State Human is the first band from Ireland who worked with a former Kraftwerk member. “We still can’t believe our luck, and are curious what remixers will come up with. We’re looking for exciting and unique entries which will expand the original track into another music direction and level,” continues Casserly.

The prize pool for this contest is filled with some top notch plug-ins supplied by Izotope, makers of the highly acclaimed ‘Ozone’ mastering plug-in.

Entries are welcome till the end of February.

Visit the Laptoprockers website for more information.


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