Soniccouture Scriptorium Unlocked: Free Kontakt scripts

Soniccouture has released Last Note Aftertouch Pitch Bend, the first in a series of free KSP scripts for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Soniccouture Scriptorium Unlocked

The KSP hardcore and Kontakt tweakers out there will know our Scriptorium product well; a collection of tools, effects, and creative ideas for Kontakts script processor.

Since that time we have never stopped working with KSP, of course – all our instruments rely heavily on scripts to give them their function as well as their character. Aside from the instrument specific scripts used for our products, there is also Dan’s private collection of ideas & experiments – the ‘inner sanctum’ of the Scriptorium.

So, starting today, we will release a new script from the inner sanctum every few weeks via our new blog. Free.

We want to stimulate your inner sound designer; to encourage discussion and experimentation – every Scriptorium post will be an open forum (via Disqus) for further suggestions, tips and ideas, which Dan will respond to as much as he can.

The KSP scripts are available to download free of charge. The original Scriptorium collection now has a reduced price of €29 EUR / $39 USD.

More information: Soniccouture / Last Note Aftertouch Pitch Bend


Hollow Sun releases The Shell for Kontakt

Hollow Sun has released The Shell, a professionally scripted panel/GUI library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hollow Sun The Shell
The Shell is a unique Kontakt instrument designed for you to take YOUR samples to a new level of convenient tweakability.

The Shell is a unique thing in that it’s an empty Kontakt instrument which allows YOU to put YOUR samples into it and have a fully functional, professionally scripted and designed panel at your disposal for sonic tweakage. Ideal if you make your own samples/sounds but aren’t able to do scripting or find it difficult.

Scripting IS very complicated if you’re not that way inclined … like myself … which is why we have our own resident scriptmeister in the form of the enviably gifted Mario Krušelj here at HS Towers. Let’s face it, Kontakt scripting can be very complicated even if you ARE that way inclined!

So with The Shell, you can make your own samples, pop into Kontakt’s mapping editor to assign and map them out, leave Kontakt’s editor and then take advantage of a comprehensive user interface panel made by a professional Kontakt scripter where you can tweak your sounds without having to delve into Kontakt’s sometimes arcane edit pages.

The Shell for Kontakt is available to purchase for £8 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / The Shell


Soniccouture releases Grand Marimba for Kontakt

Soniccouture Grand Marimba

Soniccouture has released Grand Marimba, a Kontakt sample library featuring a 5 octave Yamaha 6100 series.

When we decided to sample a marimba, we knew we wanted to find a 5 octave concert model. There’s something very special about the enormous bass notes of a full sized model. The Yamaha 6100 model, which was designed in collaboration with world-renowned marimba legend Keiko Abe, seemed to be the natural choice.

A descendant of the african balafon, the modern marimba originated in Mexico, and is typified by wooden (rosewood or the cheaper padauk) bars mounted above metal resonator tubes, which can be tuned using stops.

The 6100 marimba represents the absolute state of the art, with exclusive precision tuning which ensures true pitch and a full sound, while the Honduran Rosewood bars and welded resonators give rattle-free playing.

Soniccouture Grand Marimba
The Grand Marimba’s main Instrument panel, containing ADSR controls, a filter section with envelope modulation, and stereo width with Flip.

Grand Marimba features

  • 7.45 GB sample library – 3.4GB on disc with Kontakt NCW compression.
  • 24 Bit 96khz stereo sampling.
  • Over 5000 samples.
  • 5 octaves from C1 to C6.
  • 4 articulations: Mallet, Stick, Roll, Bowed.
  • 5 round robin layers for the Mallet articulation, up to 15 velocity layers on the Mallet articulation.
  • Fully controllable KSP Tremolo processor.
  • Humanise KSP controls.
  • Sound design presets included.
  • Demo MIDI files included.
  • Custom effects panel with Soniccouture impulse repsonse reverb library.
  • Compatible with free Kontakt Player – VST AU RTAS.

The Grand Marimba library is available to purchase for 99 EUR inc. VAT.

More information: Soniccouture / Grand Marimba


Soniccouture releases Crowdchoir sample pack – Proceeds to benefit The Red Cross

Soniccouture has announced the release of Crowdchoir, a sample library created in collaboration with over 1,000 people.

The Crowdchoir project was an experiment in crowd-sourcing : We wondered if we could get hundreds of people all around the world to each sing one note from a 3 octave range – then layer these recordings in a sampler to create a unique vocal sound – a wash of different voices in different rooms in different countries.

The project was a great success – over 1000 people contributed to a final total that exceeded 4000 different notes.

The instrument is now finished, and available now in Kontakt, EXS & Ableton Live formats.

Soniccouture Crowdchoir
Soniccouture’s Crowdchoir interface of the Native Instruments Kontakt version.

Crowdchoir features

  • 4000 individual crowd-sourced recorded notes from 1000 vocalists.
  • 500 MB Library, in Kontakt 4 + 5, EXS24, Live formats.
  • Polyphonic Legato function (KSP).
  • 5 alternate round-robin layers for natural attack.

The library is available to purchase for 20 EUR / £20 GBP / $25 USD. All profits will be donated to The Red Cross. It is free to all contributors.

More information: Soniccouture / Chowdchoir


Soniccouture releases Glass Works 2 sample library

Soniccouture Glass Works

Soniccouture has updated its Glass Works sample library for Kontakt to version 2.0.

Glass / Works is a Kontakt player instrument which collects together 3 extremely unusual and rare musical instruments which use glass to generate sound : Le Cristal Baschet, The Glass Armonica, and a set of Cloud Chamber Bowls.

Changes in Glass Works 2

  • New instrument / samples: Bowed Chamber Bowls. An airy, ethereal sound with realtime harmonic control via velocity or modwheel. 5 round robin samples per note.
  • New instrument: Cristal SFX. The SFX sound set from the v1.0 instrument rehoused in its own custom interface with the great new KSP ‘FOCUS’ function : map any sound across the entire keyboard with one click.
  • New GUI: each Glass Works instrument gets its own unique control interface with custom KSP options setup, dedicated effects page and more.
  • New Preset Library: 100 sound design presets explore every corner of the Glass Works sounds.
  • Glass Works 2.0 is also fully Kontakt Player 5 compatible.

Glass Works 2 is available to purchase for 99 EUR. Glass Works 1 users can upgrade for 29 EUR.

For the next 2 weeks, Glass Works 2 is 20% off with coupon code: WOD84HRK

More information: Soniccouture / Glass Works


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