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Precisionsound releases Indian Santoor sample library

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Precisionsound Indian Santoor

Precisionsound has announced the release of Indian Santoor, a sample library for Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion.

The Santoor/Santur is a flat shaped instrument in the form of a trapezoid that means it is wider at one end and short at the other end. It is a wooden box that is broader in size low pitch notes and is tapered at the other side for the high pitched notes.

The Indian Santoor used in this SampleSet was hand crafted in Delhi, India. It has 31 notes in units of 3, resulting in a total of 93 strings.

Indian Santoor features

  • 3 octaves from C2 to C5, with four velocity layers and four round robin hits (Kontakt and EXS24 format only) for a very sensitive and natural playability.
  • 573 stereo 24bit wav samples.
  • 8 programs for HALion 1-3, 8 programs for EXS24, 9 programs for NI Kontakt v1-2, 1 multi program for Kontakt 3 and 4 with KSP script and GUI, (NI Kontakt 3 and 4 format requires the full version of NI Kontakt 3 or 4 and does not work fully with the free Kontakt player!)

Indian Santoor is available to purchase as a download for $69 USD (+$11 USD on DVD). All formats
are included.

More information: Precisionsound / Indian Santoor


Puremagnetik releases Vespine, sounds of the EDP Wasp

Puremagnetik Vespine

Puremagnetik has released Vespine, a collection of basses, leads, pads and more from the legendary EDP Wasp.

Vespine includes over 30 expertly tailored programs and close to 600 high quality 24-bit samples that fully capture the characteristic sounds of this classic synthesizer.

Vespine features

  • Close to 600 hi quality 24-bit multi-samples.
  • Programmed with modern sampler features for voice layering & polyphony variations.
  • Live version includes over 30 expertly designed rack instruments.
  • Kontakt version includes native Kontakt effects and a custom KSP GUI for easy editing.

Vespine is now available to download for Puremagnetik subscribers.

More information: Puremagnetik / Vespine


Bolder Sounds releases Mini Sax, free sample library for Kontakt

Bolder Sounds Mini Sax

Bolder Sounds has released Mini Sax, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This instrument is the creation of Juan Del Rio in Redondo Beach, California. You can watch him on YouTube by searching his name with ‘mini sax’ or email him at if you are interested in buying one, they sell for an incredible price of $40.00!

The sound of the mini sax has somewhat of a cross between the clarinet and the sax. It is in the key of Bb and is an octave in range. For this sample set, I have expanded to range to 2 octaves going from G2 to G4 using polyphonation from the excellent Redmatica Keymap application.

Bo Clausen has contributed his usual wonderful KSP Kontakt scripting which is explained in a bit more detail later in the .pdf manual. Thank You Bo!

More information: Bolder Sounds / Mini Sax


Puremagnetik LadyVox, Vocal Collection for Live, Kontakt & Logic

Puremagnetik LadyVox

Puremagnetik has announced the release of LadyVox, An expertly recorded collection of
multisampled female voice.

The star performer is a multi-sampled voice instrument with a classic airy timbre.

A collection of hi-end and vintage microphones have been brought on board during the production process for capturing essential syllables and vocal nuances.

Among the included programs are detailed multisampled vowels, doo-wop syllables and synthetic experiments using the human voice as source material.

LadyVox features

  • Round-robin programming for “humanized” variations on sample triggers.
  • Realistic adjustable vibrato.
  • Fully looped and multisampled vowel phrases.
  • Integrated Ableton Live effects racks with advanced Macro mapping.
  • Kontakt custom KSP GUI for easy editing.

LadyVox is now available to download for Puremagnetik subscribers. Subscriptions start at $5.95 USD/month.

More information: Puremagnetik / LadyVox


Bolder Sounds updates Handbells to V2, Kontakt sample library

Bolder Sounds Handbells V2

Bolder Sounds has released Handbells V2, a handbells sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Version 2 of this unique 2.4 gigabyte sample library has doubled in size since version 1 was released in November of 2009.

Three more octaves of Handbells as well as 2 new articulations (Mart and Mart-Lift) have been added. On the low end, C2 and G2 bells as well as the octave above that (C3 – B3). On the high end we have added bells C7 – C8. And to round it off, a very flexible user interface with KSP scripting has been created by Bo Clausen.

Handbells V2 for Kontakt 3 or higher is available to purchase for the introductory price of $119 USD through January 1, 2011. Current owners of the Handbell V1 library can upgrade to V2 for $40 USD, also until January 1, 2011.

More information: Bolder Sounds / Handbells V2


Soniccouture announces Morpheus, virtual percussion instrument

Soniccouture Morpheus

Soniccouture has announced Morpheus, a sample library featuring the sounds of an aluminum percussion instrument by Freenotes.

The instrument is modular; the keys can be rearranged in any order you like, as each metal bar is attached to its own tuned resonator.

The Soniccouture Morpheus instrument comes with 2 additional types of instrument apart from the natural version: Morpheus Generator and Morpheus Pad.

The Morpheus Generator is a generative music device built in KSP that creates repetitions (loops) that vary in length while a note is held down. You can have one or two loops active, and a loop will be created for every note you hold down. Playing simple sequences creates constantly moving, shifting patterns & soundscapes. ( not available in EXS version)

The Morpheus Pad uses a different set of samples, fully looped instead of the natural decay. This enables infinitely sustaining glassy pads and textures. These can be further enhanced using phase offset, detune and doubling controls in the Ensemble effect section.

Morpheus features

  • 1.6 GB Sample Library.
  • 24 bit 44.1 Khz Stereo Sampling.
  • 3 Velocity layers , 3-4 Alternate Round Robin layers.
  • Natural Decay and looped Pad Instruments.
  • KSP Generator – ambient pattern generation tool.
  • KSP Jammer – generative arpeggiator.
  • KSP Strummer – allows you to ‘strum’ or sweep notes across the keyboard.
  • KSP Ensemble Effect Processor.
  • 40 Kontakt instrument presets.

Morpheus is available for Kontakt (Kontakt 3.5 or 4.1.1, NOT compatible with free Kontakt Player) and EXS24, priced at £49 GBP / €49 EUR / $79 USD.

Until 26 November, 2010 you can get £10 GBP / €10 EUR / $15 USD discount by entering the following code at checkout: GK4SDTZQ1X

More information: Soniccouture / Morpheus


Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v4.1.3

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Native Instruments Kontakt 4

Native Instruments has released version 4.1.3 of Kontakt and Kontakt Player.

KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments. Its immense 43 GB sound library contains over 1,000 instruments, while the unique Authentic Expression Technology® and host of other fresh features makes this the most playable and powerful KONTAKT yet. KONTAKT 4 is the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments.

Changes in Kontakt v4.1.3

  • KSP Fade Out timing issue fixed.
  • MIDI-Export-to-Host issues fixed.
  • Crash when using Kontakt Memory Server in Manual Mode in Logic 9.1.2 fixed.

The 4.1.3 update for Kontakt and Kontakt Player is now available for download via Service Center.

More information: Native Instruments / Kontakt