TASCAM releases GigaStudio 4

TASCAM GigaStudio 4

TASCAM has released GigaStudio 4, a high-end sampling workstation for Windows PC.

Hundreds of enhancements have been made from GigaStudio 3, TASCAM’s previous TEC Award-Winning sampling workstation, such as an all-new QuickSound database tool, additions to the QuickEdit interface and many user interface improvements.

GigaStudio 4 features

  • Supports 64-bit operating systems like XP64 and Windows Vista 64 (32-bit version also available).
  • Unlimited polyphony.
  • 96kHz/24-bit sample support.
  • 128 MIDI channel playback.
  • embedded GigaPulse convolution reverb.
  • iMIDI rule programming includes legato mode, round-robin, alternation, portamento, dynamic expression filters and more to add realism to sampled performances.
  • Sound Libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, Wavelore.

GigaStudio 4 is available now with an MSRP of $599 USD. The GigaStudio 3 Orchestra to GigaStudio 4 Upgrade is $199 USD.

Visit TASCAM for more information.


TASCAM announces GVI 4


TASCAM has announced GVI 4 (Giga Virtual Instrument), a powerful sampler instrument.

One instance supports 16 channels of MIDI playback. Add as many instances of GVI as your computer can handle for 16 more MIDI channels each. Browse your sample library and load sounds from the GVI interface, or use the new standalone QuickSound database to quickly search all your hard drives (Windows version only). Like GVI 3, GVI 4 makes it easy to stack multiple instruments on a MIDI channel for even bigger sounds.

GVI 4 will include sound libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, and Wavelore.

With GVI 4, the Giga sampling platform will be available on the Mac for the first time.

GVI 4 has a MSRP of $399 USD (upgrades are available as well), and will be available in fall 2007.