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Drum Nugs Vol.2 LatinTing!, sample library by Genji Siraisi

Drum Nugs Vol.2 LatinTing!

Genji Siraisi has released Drum Nugs Vol.2 LatinTing!, a collection of 100+ Latin influenced drum and percussion loops.

Genji Siraisi (Producer, composer, drummer and founding member of the Grammy nominated group Groove Collective) continues his series of live drum loop packages for the Drum Nugs collection with this assortment of traditional Latin and Latin influenced grooves.

LatinTing! contains 103 drum set & percussion loops, 225MB of 44.1Khz 16bit royalty free .AIFF audio files categorized by style and BPM. Latin Ting! consists of traditional percussion and drum set rhythms as well beats influenced by AfroCuban, Caribbean, Brazillian and Latin Jazz/Funk grooves.

Drum Nugs Vol.2 LatinTing! is available to purchase for $20 USD. Owners of Drum Nugs Vol.1 can get LatinTing! for $10 USD.

Buy LatinTing! before 5/1/11 and receive a 50% discount on the next release of Drum Nugs Vol.2 – AfroDiaspora – classic Afrobeat and Afro influenced grooves available 5/1/11

More information: Drum Nugs / Vol.2 LatinTing!

Original-Music releases Latin Street Beats sample library

Original-Music Latin Street Beats

Original-Music has announced the release of Latin Street Beats, a collection of drum loops.

‘Latin Street Beats’ is the latest addition to our range of affordable drum loops. Programed from our velocity drum kits these drum samples loop seamlessly in any sampler.

This collection of latin inspired drum samples has been played on the drum kit. Drum beats were influenced by styles of beats such as mozambique, latin, songo, mambo, cascara 2:3 & 3:2 clave patterns.

Latin Street Beats features

  • 180 MB (Compressed), 24-bit/44.1kHz samples.
  • 63 Wav 24Bit, 63 Rex2 Loops, 63 Aiff Slices, 63 Apple Loops, 63 Midi files.
  • Samples are arranged by format and named according to the style of music the drum loop was influenced by.
  • 310 Hits.

Latin Street Beats is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Original-Music / Latin Street Beats

XLN Audio releases Latin Afro MIDI Pak

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XLN Audio Latin Afro MIDI Pak

XLN Audio has released Latin Afro, a new MIDI Pak featuring live recorded MIDI grooves.

Let the rhythm take you away to a warmer place, where troubles are far away and the bar has happy hour, every hour.

The Latin Afro MIDI Pak is a unique mix of the rhythms of Latin America and the Afro Beat culture. Included are 220 live recorded MIDI grooves in both 6/8 and 4/4 time signatures, in different feels, tempos and lengths.

Recorded by groove expert Måns Block (Damn, Timbuktu, Amanda Jenssen etc), these MIDI grooves and beats range from Samba and Salsa to Songo and Afro Funk.

The Latin Afro MIDI Pak is available to purchase for $25 USD / 23 EUR.

More information: XLN Audio / Latin Afro

Splurgo Audio releases Latin Mixed Percussion and Synth Collection

Splurgo Audio Latin Mix Percussion & Synth Collection: Freebies

Splurgo Audio has announced the release of two new sample packs.

New Splurgo Audio sample libraries

  • Latin Mixed Percussion – Due to popular demand the bonus sounds in the Ultimate Percussion pack released in September are now released as a standalone pack including addition sounds. The result being a Latin Mixed Percussion pack. This pack contains all kinds of small and bigger percussion suitable for Afro Cuban and Latin music. Instruments included are: agogo, bongo, cajon, caxixi, claves, conga, cowbell, guiro, shaker, surdo, tamborim, temple blocks and woodblock. This pack contains 68 loops in 100 and 120 bpm. All files are available in Acid Pro Wav and Apple Garageband AIFF.
  • Synth Collection: Freebies – Santa’s early this year. He decided to create 12 synth loops in the keys of C and D at 120bpm. Suitable for (euro)dance and trancelike genres.

The Latin Mixed Percussion is available to purchase for $8.95 USD. The Synth Collection: Freebies pack comes free with any purchase.

More information: Splurgo Audio

Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1, sample pack available from Loopmasters

Loopmasters Da Lata - Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1

Loopmasters has announced the release of Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1, a fresh and exciting collection of royalty free Brazilian and Latin American infused organic sounds from the studio of Christian Franck.

Da Lata are an act which have constantly fused many live musicians, singers, percussionists and DJs together over the years and are considered one of the leaders of the Jazz/Afro/Samba/Live Funk crossover genres who have maintained a constant presence in the Dance/Fusion crossover scene for the last decade and who are seriously respected for the quality of their productions and live performances.

For Producers looking for a royalty free collection of sounds to make Deep, Tribal, Progressive or Soulful House – or Future Funkateers creating groove infused Hip Hop, Downtempo or Future Soul and Broken Beat – this is a unique collection which you will be dipping into for years!

Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1 features

  • 400MB of sun drenched samples (16 bit) and rich grooves between 68 – 134 Bpm.
  • Over 220 live played and programmed loops, and 60 single samples.
  • 17 ready to play patches for all the main soft samplers including 14 instrument patches and 3 drum kits.
  • Available as a main Zip or separately in Apple Loops, Reason Refill or Ableton Live formats.

Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1 is available to purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Da Lata – Afro Brazil Parade Vol 1

Tonehammer announces Requiem

Tonehammer Requiem

Tonehammer has announced Requiem, a next-generation virtual choir developed for professional composers.

The library is based on a variety of new recording- and sampling techniques some which have never before been integrated in choral sample libraries. The library can literally sound like a real choir and includes both full choir (SATB), divisi groups (males/females) and solo singers – all recorded in 24 bit / 44.1khz with 3 (5.1) microphone positions.

The library contains true legato intervals from piano to forte, sustains from piano to forte, staccato with repetitions, ultra forte marcato, BPM (host-synced) based latin chants recorded at different speeds across entire interval of choir, +1000 choral effects including whispers, shouts, clusters, demonic chants, sweeps, consonants without tone, claps, snaps and over +50 different types of effects.

Requiem for Kontakt is now available to pre-order for $599 USD until the release on May 20, 2010 (25% discount on regular price of $799 USD).

More information: Tonehammer / Requiem

Platinum Loops releases Latin Breaks V1

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Platinum Loops Latin Breaks V1

Platinum Loops has released Latin Breaks V1, a collection of Latin flavored loops and samples.

Add some fire to your productions with these infectious Latin grooves and melodies. Latin Breaks V1 brings together a spicy selection of loops and samples from Latin America with irresistible melodic hooks and rhythms.

These fully mixed cuts of mastered authentic latin songs contain flamenco guitars, full horn sections, pianos, latin percussion, spectacular vocal acrobatics and so much more. With a true “Latin Spirit” in every sample, Latin Breaks V1 is sure to inspire your creativity. Whether your a Hip Hop producer or a cinematic score writer looking for some authentic latin sounds this loop pack is the real deal.

Latin Breaks V1 features

  • 144 Loops 7 One Shot Samples (400 MB).
  • Tempos range from 67 to 160 bpm.
  • Played live. All samples are mixed and mastered edits with no single instruments. Multi track mix elements are not available.

Latin Breaks V1 is available to purchase for $69.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops / Latin Breaks V1

Sony Creative Software introduces download delivery option for royalty-free content line

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Sony Creative Software has introduced a new download delivery option for all products in its royalty-free content line.

All Sony Creative Software loop libraries, Cinescore Themes, sound effects and Vision Series content collections, including previously discontinued titles, are now available for purchase via download at discounted prices. Instant access to Sony Creative Software’s popular content collections will help producers to rapidly get the production assets they need to beat deadlines while saving on production costs.

Sony Creative Software Latin Hip-Hop

Sony Creative Software has also announced the release of Latin Hip-Hop: The Hybrid Series, the first download-only loop library.

This new title is a celebration of the vibrant and eclectic Latin/Hip-Hop genre and features content drawn from Sony’s archive to create an essential resource for producers that seek these distinctive sounds. Extensive auditioning and experimentation has yielded more than 700 loops and ten sophisticated, royalty-free ACID projects that make up this high-energy loop library. Price: 21.95 EUR ex VAT.

Additional new download-only titles will be added to the online catalog on a regular basis.

Downloadable content is now available as a purchase option on the English version of the Sony Creative Software website (downloadable content sections of French, German, Spanish and Japanese websites is planned for Q1 2009).

Visit Sony Creative Software for more information.