Roland announces R-26 Portable Recorder

Roland has introduced the R-26, a handheld device that provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media.

Roland R-26 Portable Recorder

With two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs, USB audio interface functionality, and much more, the compact R-26 is perfect for demanding applications such as solo and ensemble music recording, environmental sound capture, broadcasting, and audio/video production.

Designed from the ground up for superior sound quality and ease of use, the R-26 is filled with features that will satisfy both pros and hobbyists alike. For the ultimate mobile flexibility, the R-26 can be powered either with the included AC adaptor, four internal AA batteries, or an external battery.

Two stereo mic types—omnidirectional and XY—are integrated into the R-26’s stylish chassis, providing mic options to suit any style of audio recording. In addition, there are two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power for connecting external mics or line-level devices, plus a stereo mini-jack for a plug-in powered mic. The preamps for all mic channels are derived from the hi-res preamps found in Roland’s R-44 commercial field recorder.

R-26 features

  • Two types of built-in stereo microphones (omnidirectional and directional) that can be used in various combinations.
  • Two XLR/TRS combo inputs with 48 V phantom power, plus an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic.
  • Supports up to six channels (three stereo channels) of simultaneous recording.
  • Large LCD touchscreen display for intuitive navigation.
  • Large input-level knobs for fine adjustment.
  • Built-in Hi-Speed USB interface for use as an audio interface or external storage.
  • Loop-Back function; combine this with the built-in or external mics for the optimum live video streaming setup (only with Audio Interface function).
  • Bundled with SONAR LE software (PC).

R-26 will be available in October with an MSRP of $599 USD.

More information: Roland / R-26 Portable Recorder


Korg announces Pandora mini, personal multi effect processor

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Korg Pandora mini

Korg has announced the PANDORA mini, a personal multi effect processor.

The highly-acclaimed PANDORA – now in miniature! Anytime, anywhere, play that song on your guitar or bass with your favorite set of effects.

The first-generation PANDORA appeared in 1995. This revolutionary product dramatically changed the concept of a multi-effect unit, placing great sound and unheard of versatility into a compact body. Constantly evolving, the PANDORA Series became a long-selling favorite for guitarists and bassists around the world.

Pandora mini features

  • Ultra-compact pocket-size multi-effect designed for both guitar and bass.
  • Powered by “REMS” modeling technology.
  • 200 preset programs (including song presets).
  • 200 user programs locations for storing your own sounds.
  • 158 types of amazing amps and effects.
  • Use up to seven effects at once.
  • 100 different rhythm patterns plus a built-in metronome; ideal for composing and practice..
  • AUX input for jamming along to your favorite songs on CD, MP3, etc.; Ability to change the pitch of the Aux input by ± one octave.
  • TAP button makes it easy to set the delay time or the tempo of the Rhythm.
  • Four program memory buttons allow one-touch recall of your favorite programs.
  • Auto-tuner with muting.
  • Backlit LCD screen ensures good visibility, even in dim locations.
  • Stylish body, available in either black or white.
  • Sound editing software; edit sounds and manage programs from your computer (available for download from the Korg website).
  • Two-way power: batteries or USB bus power.

More information: Korg / Pandora mini


Tascam announces TC-1S, solar-powered instrument tuner

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Tascam TC-1S

Tascam has announced the TC-1S, the world’s first solar-powered instrument tuner.

The TC-1S charges its battery from a bank of solar cells on the front panel, and a USB input is also available for quick-charging when you’re completely in the dark. It’s wrapped in a shock-proof silicon cover, available in six colors, and a strap and clip keep it charging all day long on your gig bag. At a price under $40, every planet-conscious musician is going to need a TC-1S.

The TC-1S has a built-in microphone as well as a 1/4″ input for guitar and bass tuning. Its lightning-fast pitch detection is displayed on a wide bargraph display for instant feedback. Four display modes are available, including fine pitch display, and the tuner can be calibrated to an external source.

Tascam TC-1S features

  • Chromatic tuner.
  • Solar-powered battery charging.
  • USB input for battery charging.
  • 1/4″ instrument/microphone input.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Custom LCD display with note, sharp/flat indicators, bargraph for pitch deviation.
  • Shock-resistant silicon case included.
  • Available in six colors: black, pink, orange, green, blue, white.
  • Includes strap and clip for attaching to instrument case.
  • Four display modes: Bar, Fine, Strobe Animation, Needle.
  • 12-note equal temperament scale.
  • Pitch displayed in 1 cent steps (in fine mode).
  • 3.77″ W x 0.71″ H x 1.57″ D (96mm W x 18mm H x 40mm D).
  • 1.8oz (51g) weight.

The TASCAM TC-1S will be available from select TASCAM retailers in October 2010.

More information: Tascam / TC-1S


Short links for February 17th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

siftables music sequencer — audio engine by Josh Kopin

# Siftables by David Merrill:

Siftables aims to enable people to interact with information and media in physical, natural ways that approach interactions with physical objects in our everyday lives. As an interaction platform, Siftables applies technology and methodology from wireless sensor networks to tangible user interfaces.

Siftables are independent, compact devices with sensing, graphical display, and wireless communication capabilities. They can be physically manipulated as a group to interact with digital information and media. Siftables can be used to implement any number of gestural interaction languages and HCI applications.

# little-scale: More Kits for LSDj! Scriabin, Ellington, Mozart, HAL8999 etc
Sebastian posted some more kits for the LSJD Game Boy music program.
Also: Nanoloop 2.3 Kit for LSDJ!.

Bass from the Mystic Cave Zone theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

# Cruise Elroy » Sonic on bass

The increased audio fidelity of 16-bit consoles brought several significant changes to video games, but perhaps the most important was that instruments could be readily identified. Instead of the melody being assigned to a triangle wave, for example, it could be assigned to a trumpet.

Dan Bruno lists some nice audio examples.

# NS168DS – NS168DSmotion is a multi-purpose NS168DS compatible adapter, it can be used in different modes as standalone device powered from USB or as a plugin module powered from some NS168DS host like DS/DSi.