Norman Fairbanks releases Tenori-On album

Create Digital Music has an article on audio conceptualist Norman Fairbanks. Norman recently released 7 Days Microsleep, a free album containing 7 pieces of the finest uplifting and handcrafter chamber/ambient stuff (well, eight really if … read more

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Music Thing review: Yamaha Tenori-On

Tom Whitwell of Music Thing has posted a review of the Tenori-On, after 5 days of playing with it. Tenori-On, intuitive to work with as demonstrated by Alex (right) The short verdict: It’s pretty cool, … read more

Livid Instruments announces Ohm real-time MIDI performance instrument

Livid Instruments has announced Ohm, an innovative new MIDI control surface. Custom designed for real-time audio and video performance, Ohm gives you expressive hands-on control of sound, video, and images. Ohm – Metal, LED backlit … read more

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Interactive LED coffee table

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has teamed up with Because We Can to create two interactive LED coffee tables. Windell writes: What’s an interactive LED coffee table? (Funny you should ask….) It’s a coffee table that … read more

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Instructables has an article on how to create a lightfish, also called LED-Swimmies: Highly lucid fishes. Karl Klar LED-Swimmies The artist Karl Klar did an installation in the public space, which was placed in the … read more

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External recycle bin

Cagnina Design has developed TEMPO, an external hard drive storage device which automatically stores your files as they are deleted. TEMPO – see all those LEDs? From Technabob: Designed to mimic the look of a … read more

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Tenori-On launches September 4th in the UK

The Tenori-On is a new type of instrument developed by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha Corporation. The Tenori-On, with inventor Toshio Iwai The Tenori-On is a handheld device featuring a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED … read more

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Taiwan’s traffic lights should be LED-based in three years

Digitimes reports that Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has budgeted NT$229 million (US$7.0 million) for the next three years starting in 2008 to change the traffic lights in all counties and cities in Taiwan … read more

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Light Graffiti captured on photo

lichtfaktor @ Flickr is posting images of Light Graffiti, long exposure pictures featuring pieces done with flashlights, biking-lights and flashing LED lights. lightfaktor Light Graffiti – Berlin Dom They use 3 different type of lights … read more