Loopmasters releases Industrial Strength Label Sampler 3 + 30% off packs

Loopmasters has launched Industrial Strength Label Sampler 3, a new sound pack is featuring samples and presets from 6 previously released packs from the label.

Industrial Strength Label Sampler 3

Free fall into 6 Industrial Strength sample packs from across our collection. All the samples in this collection are License Free. No strings attached – u grab it – you own it.

Industrial Strength Delivers sounds across multiple styles from live drum packs to the hardest electronic music packs on earth .These authentic sounds are created from producers and musicians with a serious passion for sound design. Our sounds are made with Digital and Analog gear to create sound packs that truly inspire creation.

This savage label sampler includes Lowroller’s Fm-8 Agression, Panacea & Limewax Skullstep Vol.2, Gancher & Ruin’s Russian Roulette Vol.2, Lenny Dee’s Trapcore Drums, Dubstep NI Massive Vol.2 and Sounds Of Tomorrow NI Massive. We also included a mean mash up freebie Bonus folder with extra mini sound packs for you to dive into.

The pack is available for download for £ 1 GBP.

Loopmasters has also launched a limited time sale on all Industrial Strength packs, offering 30% off until February 18th, 2015.

More information: Industrial Strength / Label Sampler 3


Industrial Strength launches Lenny Dee Trapcore Drums

Industrial Strength Records has launched Trapcore Drums, a sample pack by Lenny Dee.

Lenny Dee Trapcore Drums

Trap and Hardcore fuse to kick your drums through the roof, LA-style. Lenny Dee Trapcore Drums wrings the hardest-hitting drum samples in this one-of-a-kind pack.

In an act of insanity, Dee assembled a monster set of more than 500 new Drum Shots alongside the most slammin sounds from across the Industrial Strength collection. Mind you, he left no stone unturned. Unearth loads of the baddest Oneshots and Beats. You’ll find phat Kicks next to tough, hardcore Kicks; smoking Vocal snips alongside tight Trap Snares, Hats and other spot-on Percussion Shots.

Bonus round: included is an ISR Bonus Folder featuring more than 100 Hardcore Drum Sounds from ear-splitting ISR packs including Dtox Frenchcore, Hard Style Rituals, Audio Devices, the Computer Core series, sets by Low Roller, and of course, Lenny Dee’s original Drumshots.

As if this wasn’t enough, the earth-shaking 6Blocc put his stamp on the pack’s demo track, test-driving these sounds for booming bass productions. We’ve included those Loops and Shots produced by 6Blocc himself, in Wav and Apple Loops formats.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £16.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Trapcore Drums


Industrial Strength releases Audio Devices – Lenny Dee

Industrial Strength Records has released Audio Devices, a new sample pack featuring drum hits by Lenny Dee.

Industrial Strength Audio Devices

Who says you’ve only got one shot? Audio Devices gives you more than 2000 Drum Shot Samples perfected by legendary NYC producer and ISR founder Lenny Dee. Best of all, the pack is loaded with ton’s of kits for NI Kontakt 3, NI Maschine, NI Battery 3, and Logic EXS for easy programing. Each kit comes correct with multi kits so any style beat is at your finger tips.

Dee compiled a slice of his whopping selection of One-shot Drum Hits and strange shots from his extensive personal drum machine collection to bring you tons of programing and mixing options.

The Sounds were captured from all means of analog and digital gear, run through the juiciest preamps, and tweaked in programs from Cubase to Protools. All the samples are raw with loads of head room for you to throw your effects on them with no issues that masters shots cause when in actual use in your session.

The pack also features, Broken Casio sounds, Speak n Spell, Metel Synsonic, drums, Virus T1 drums, plus Roland, Korg and other sick drum machines from the late 90’s. All the sounds are ready to use in any daw.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £21.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / Audio Devices


Loopmasters launches free Industrial Strength Sampler pack

Loopmasters has announced the release of the ISR Label Sampler, featuring over 300 free samples from Industrial Strength.

Free ISR Label Sampler

Sample the gamut of Industrial Strength with this free pack: the ISR Label Sampler contains a sweet sweep of our most dynamic and essential sound sets, designed to spark your inspiration in any electronic style.

New York’s Industrial Strength Records (ISR) was founded by legendary electronic music producer Lenny Dee in 1991. Since entering the Sound Design arena, Industrial Strength has been linking experienced producers and musicians from around the world to bring you a plethora of top-notch sounds spanning all genres. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality Sample Packs featuring samples, loops, beats, and the most savage music FX ever heard in audio.

Read more on Industrial Strength in this interview with Lenny Dee.

More information: Industrial Strength / ISR Label Sampler


Industrial Strength launches Voice sample pack

Industrial Strength Voice

Industrial Strength Records has introduced Voice, a collection of vocal kits for EDM producers in collaboration with Function Loops.

Voice is a exclusive bundle that features two female voices Sasha & Karin. This hi octane pack is geared up for Dubstep, Dance, Techno Electro, Tech House, Progressive and Trance. The pack also comes with loads of Midi files that contain melodies, bass lines, and grooves so you can nail down a track in no time flat.

Voice features over 11 kits complied from Function Loop’s hit packs Sasha & Karin. So if you own either of these packs you might want to pass this wicked bundle up. If you don’t have them. Then get ready for a double blast of sonic goodness. These kits were hand picked by Twisted Reaction and Lenny Dee to insure a solid bundle of samples for your production needs.

Voice can only be purchased on Loopmasters.com. So if your in the market for a monster vocal pack with two different female singers with all the bells and whistles then look no further we gotcha covered. We left loads of head room and kept the vocals so you can tune them a bit further to meet your studio needs.

Voice is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP. Individual kits are £7.95 GBP each.

More information: Industrial Strength / Voice


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