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Eric Beam releases PCM 70 Version 2 Impulse Set

Lexicon PCM 70

Eric Beam has released another collection of impulse response samples.

This time Eric has sampled the Lexicon PCM 70 Version 2 registers.

Goal = capture the Lexicon PCM 70 Version 2 Registers.

Version 2 of the PCM 70 has a handful of registers not available in later revisions. (You can find Ver 3 impulses HERE)

Impulse Resolution = 24bit 48k Stereo

The impulse response samples are available for download as donationware.

Visit Signaltonoize for more information.


Acousticas releases Lexicon 480 IR library

Acousticas L480

Acousticas has released L480, an impulse repsonse library featuring the Lexicon 480.

Today we are releasing our impulse response version of what have managed to manifest itself
as the “Studio Standard” throughout many years. Amazing for making sound appear distant but yet present. Consisting of 711 unique impulse responses this library covers a wide range of the capabilities of the Lexicon 480.

The library has been divided into 9 categories ranging from the complete Lexicon Factory presets to carefully tweaked plates, churches and chambers etc. One we really like is the “Stereo Maker”. This edition is very special and is exclusively made for providing width to any sound source. A cluster of 4 delays have been assembled to achive this and the delay time is variable by adding multipliers to the delay times.

The L480 IR Library is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information, a demo video and audio clips.


PSP Audioware updates Lexicon PSP42 and PSP84 to v1.5.3

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PSP Audioware PSP84

PSP Audioware has released version 1.5.3 of Lexicon PSP42 and PSP84, two delay effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Lexicon PSP42 / PSP 84 v1.5.3

  • x64 VST PC preliminary builds which run natively on 64-bit Windows XP and Vista operating systems.
  • AudioUnit PowerPC <> IntelMac session portability issues resolved.
  • Unresponsive GUI controls now work fine in Digital Performer.
  • Default bank feature added, which allows user to specify the bank file to be automatically loaded on plug-in startup (the factory bank can always be restored by apple/ctrl clicking on the default bank icon)
  • PC/PPC/IntelMac bank/preset file portability issues resolved.

The update is free for registered Lexicon PSP42 and PSP 84 users (to access the x64 preliminary installers, navigate to beta versions folder).

Visit PSP Audioware for more information.


Eric Beam releases Lexicon 480L Impulse Set

Eric Beam Lexicon 480L

Eric Beam has released a set of impulse response samples of the Lexicon 480L, the studio standard reverb effects processor.

Goal = capture the studio standard Lexicon 480L .
53 impulse files capturing the Ambience, Hall, Plate, Random Hall, & Room algorithms. Containing both Factory & User defined registers.

I/O = Analog via Lynx Aurora @ 24bit

Unit info – Dual 480L’s located @ POP Sounds studio A

Download the Lexicon 480L impulse resonse samples from Signaltonoize.


Acousticas releases Lexicon 224XL impulse response library

Acousticas Lexicon 224XL

Acousticas has released the Lexicon 224XL impulse response library, a collection of 597 raw impulses.

Applying this machine on vocals is absolutely breath taking. The silky lush sound of the L224XL is generating amazing spaciousness. The library has been divided into 7 categories, covering various application styles. Future updates are planned covering even more aspects of the Lexicon 224XL.

Lexicon 224XL library features

  • Hall 01 — 87 unique IRs, made with a general hall setting. This version is appropriate for all applications.
  • Hall 02 — 87 unique IRS, made with another general hall setting. This version is appropriate for all applications.
  • Vocal — 87 unique IRs, made with vocal applications in mind. Reflection delays have been carefully programmed to widen and “stereoize” the image. The reverb tail is slightly lowered but very audible.
  • Orchestral — 87 unique IRs, made with orchestral instrument applications in mind.
  • Plate 01 — 93 unique IRs, made with a short place algorithm with percussive applications in mind.
  • Plate 02 — 87 unique IRs, made with a general plate algorithm for a wide range of applications.
  • Ambience — 69 unique IRs, made with an ultra short setting. Reverb times ranging from 0.20 to 1.30 seconds.
  • The unit has been recorded analog with the L224XL converters and not digitally.
  • All versions have a total of 3 presets: Linear, C-weighted and A-weighted impulse responses.

The Lexicon 224XL impulse response library is available now for 79 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information and audio demos.


Eric Beam releases Lexicon PCM 70 & 90 Impulse Sets

Eric Beam has released a collection of impulses responses of Lexicon’s PCM 70 and PCM 90, two industry standard digital effects and reverb processor units.

Lexicon PCM 70 & Lexicon PCM 90
Lexicon PCM 70 (left) & Lexicon PCM 90 (right)

Impulse response sets

  • Lexicon PCM 70 (28 impulse presets)
    Includes the much loved “Tiled room” & Ski Jump” Presets.
  • Lexicon PCM 90 (192 impulse presets)
    Includes Halls, Rooms, Plates, & Post FX.

Check Lexicon’s legacy products page for details on the PCM 70 and PCM 90.

The impulse sets are available for download as donationware from


de la Mancha announces Impakter

de la Mancha Impakter

de la Mancha has announced Impakter, a vintage drum module plug-in in collaboration with Sink, containing 320 samples of original drum sounds generated on analogue synths and drum machines.

It’s simple and fun to use with a few advanced features to give some variation and randomisation on every loop.

Gear used to generate and process the samples:
Analogue synths: Korg MS20, Roland Juno60, Gakken SX-150
Analogue drum machines: Yamaha MR-10, Korg KPR-77, Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box, Mattel Synsonics
Analogue processing: Electro Harmonix Micro synth, Mam VSR3 spring reverb, Lexicon reverb, Boss GE-10 equalizer, Tube compressor, analogue VCA compressor
Vintage synths: Yamaha TX81-Z FM synth

Impakter features

  • 320 original electronic drum samples generated on vintage hardware synths and drum machines.
  • 4 modules for kick, snare, hats and percussion sounds.
  • Each module can host 2 samples and trigger either depending on user defined probability.
  • 2 levels of randomising can be assigned to each modules’ volume, pan, decay and pitch for variation every loop.
  • Boomer module has resonant low pass filter and dirt control.
  • Smacker module has resonant band pass filter and dirt control.
  • Tweeter module has tempo-sync repeat function with hold.
  • Lazer module has tempo-sync delay function with damping.
  • 2 midi triggers for Smacker for differently pitched sounds.
  • 3 midi triggers for Lazer for differently pitched sounds.
  • 2 midi triggers for Tweeter for different decay envelopes.
  • 2 stereo outputs for separate post processing.
  • Global envelope decay control.
  • 52 presets covering a range of sounds and styles.

Impakter will be available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $24 USD.

More information soon at de la Mancha.
For now you can listen to some mp3 demos of Impakter here, here and here.