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LinPlug launches Spectral v1.1 public beta

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LinPlug Spectral

LinPlug has announced a public beta for the Windows version of its Spectral synthesizer instrument.

If you are familiar with subtractive synthesis, you will feel right at home with the Spectral, because you can choose an oscillator waveform, choose a filter shape and go on from there. But Spectral delivers far more options than you would expect from the well sorted user interface. Both Oscillator Waveform and Filter Shape can be edited in depth and modulated. This unique audio engine is capable of delivering many sounds never heard before.

Changes in Spectral 1.1 beta

  • 66 Effects parameter can now be modulated via Matrix.
  • Matrix now with 24 slots.
  • Improved Oscillator FM cross-modulation.
  • Delay-MD now with separate High-Pass/Low-Pass filter.
  • Delay-Stereo now with ability to switch Filter in Feedback loop.
  • Fixed LFO Mono/Single mode now also copied/pasted.
  • Fixed Resonance not part of audio stream for cross-modulation.
  • Fixed various filters were not ok @ 96 kHz.
  • Fixed Glide Constant Rate modulation now working (was always constant time).
  • Fixed Arp Glide not correct if the notes are of same note number.
  • Fixed Arp Sounds may stop arbitrarily.
  • Fixed LFO speed changes are applied much faster.

The public beta is available to download for Windows (VST). The public beta for Mac will follow later.

More information: LinPlug


LinPlug releases Sonic Geometry for CrX4

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LinPlug Sonic Geometry

LinPlug has announced the release of Sonic Geometry, a refill library for CrX4 by Yemski.

Yemski did it again: After crafting presets for Albino and our new Spectral he now made an exceptional and comprehensive refill for CrX4: More than 550 sounds invite you to a journey into his Sonic Geometry.

Yemski is covering a wide area of moving sounds, like he usually does, delivering a refill for any kind of electronic and experimental music and film scoring.

Sonic Geometry features

  • Arps 127.
  • Basses 51.
  • Chords and Scale Based Sequences 108.
  • Dark Impacts and Drones 72.
  • Keys 41.
  • Leads 61.
  • Pads 100.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $69 USD / 49 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Sonic Geometry


Patchpool releases Spectral Rays for LinPlug Spectral

Patchpool has announced the release of Spectral Rays, a soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument by LinPlug.

Patchpool Spectral Rays

This second soundset by Simon Stockhausen for LinPlug’s Spectral, featuring 100 patches focusing on very musical and expressive lead sounds, rich, dreamy, glassy, cold and lush pads, groovy and futuristic sequences, complex and ethereal soundscapes, electronic textures inspired by the world of science fiction and some dark and deep drone sounds from the core of the underworld.

All waveforms and filter shapes in this soundset are programmed from scratch, exploring new and exciting sonic territories. The Modwheel is assigned for most of the patches, many presets also use Aftertouch.

Spectral Rays features

  • 16 Pads.
  • 18 Drones & Sweeps.
  • 17 Soundscapes.
  • 7 Leads.
  • 7 Stabs & Plucks.
  • 20 Arps & Sequencers.
  • 13 Alien & SciFi.
  • 2 Bass.

The soundset is available for purchase for 25 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Spectral Rays


LinPlug updates Alpha synth plugin to v3.3

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LinPlug Alpha

LinPlug has released version 3.3 of its Alpha synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Built since 2001, version 3 since 2007, now its updated again. Version 3.3 is coming in 4 flavours.

One of the most classic virtual instruments ever: our Alpha 3.3 Classic Synthesizer.

Changes in Alpha v3.3

  • New, scale-able User Interface.
  • New full window bank/preset browser.
  • Undo / redo functionality.
  • Noise now in three colours: white, pink and brown.
  • Prev/next switch for browsing through oscillator waveforms.
  • Pitch bend range now saved per preset.
  • Matrix now with 11 slots.
  • Filter drive/saturation now as destination in the matrix.
  • Main pan position now as destination in the matrix.
  • New random and alternate modulation sources.
  • All LFO now with same features.
  • Controller mapping for modulation wheel and aftertouch/pressure.
  • Several new setup options.

Alpha for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for $79 USD / 59 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Alpha


LinPlug updates FreeAlpha to v3.3

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LinPlug has announced version 3.3 of FreeAlpha, the free version of the Alpha synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

LinPlug FreeAlpha

FreeAlpha is the small brother of Alpha, sharing the same engine but having fewer features. Its around since mid 2000 and its being free of charge all time. Thanks to many people upgrading to the full Alpha, we have funds to continue its development.

Changes in FreeAlpha v3.3

  • New User Interface.
  • New full window bank/preset browser.
  • Prev/next switch for browsing through waveforms.
  • Matrix now with 11 slots.
  • Several new setup options.
  • Undo / redo functionality.
  • Filter Saturation like full Alpha.
  • Unison like Full Alpha.

FreeAlpha is available for download as a freeware instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

LinPlug has also announced updates for a few other plug-ins.

Furthermore we fixed a couple of bugs, improving the stability of CrX4, MorphoX, Organ 3 and SaxLab. You find the full list of fixes at on the respective product page in the “news” tab and the update installer in the “download tab”.

More information: LinPlug


Particular-Sound releases Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1

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Particular Sound Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1

Particular-Sound has launched Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1, a soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument from LinPlug.

Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1 from Particular-Sound is a combination of 50 sequences (+ variations) and 50 sounds (+50 variations).

With the release of Spectral, LinPlug added a cool new feature, that allows you to load, save and copy up to 32 steps in total in the arpeggiator. With this new feature, you have the ability to change the sequences on the fly during a performance. If you won’t use the powerful sequences, switch it off and use the sequences as modulation only and make your own sequences.

Last but not least, you can modulate every sound with the modwheel, pitchbend or both to get more out of the sounds.

The soundset is avaialble to purchase for 15.99 EUR.

More information: Particular-Sound / Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1


LinPlug updates Albino, MorphoX & relectro plugins

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LinPlug MorphoX

LinPlug has announced updates to its Albino, MorphoX, and relectro plug-ins.

Today we roll out the last part of our updates, releasing new versions of relectro, MorphoX and the discontinued Rob Papen Albino. Whats finally missing is an update for Alpha, for good reason: The Alpha just goes through a more substantial update of its user interface.

Having said this, this also applies to MorphoX somewhat, adding a number of features we first introduced in Spectral. The complete list of changes follows below.

Changes in LinPlug plug-ins

  • Albino v3.2.1:
    • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash.
    • Fixed Silk Filter panning not working.
  • relectro v1.0.3:
    • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash.
  • MorphoX v1.1.0:
    • Reworked User Interface, slightly larger, now scaleable.
    • Pitch Bend setting is now saved per preset (not global anymore).
    • Voices label now acts as Activity-Indicator / Trigger.
    • Preset Browser now full size (no popup menu anymore).
    • New Aftertouch / Modulation Controller mapping.
    • A couple of new Options to adjust MorphoX behaviour in the DAW.
    • Fixed possible crashes of 64 bit PC version when loading presets.
    • Fixed bug: Position of Morph Wheel could get lost upon preset change.

The updates are now available to download for registered users. The demo versions of MorphoX and relectro are also updated.

More information: LinPlug