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LinPlug launches Creative Studio Bundle Deal

LinPlug Creative Studio Bundle

LinPlug has announced the Creative Studio Bundle, a discounted bundle of LinPlug plugins and soundsets that is available for a limited time only.

Traditionally we offer some very special prices once a year, so we do this year: During December 2011 you can purchase (or upgrade to) the “LinPlug Creative Studio Bundle” which contains most of our Synthesizers including all their additional Soundsets at a discount of more than 50% of the regular prices.

CronoX 3 (plus 2 Soundsets), MorphoX, the band new relectro effects plugin, Element P, Octopus plus the Summa soundset and Alpha plus the Ian Boddy Soundset: thats Five Synthesizers, one Unique Effect and more than 4700 Sounds. Regular price 680 Euro / 880 US$, now for just 299 Euro / 399 US$.

The Creative Studio Bundle is available to purchase until December 31, 2011.

More information: LinPlug / Creative Studio Bundle


LinPlug updates Alpha and FreeAlpha to v3.2

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LinPlug Alpha

LinPlug has released updates to its Alpha and FreeAlpha virtual synthesizer plugins for Windows and Mac.

Focussed on the essential modules of an analogue synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation. Everything is where you would expect it, nothing is more complex as it needs to be. Nothing is less powerfull as it needs to be. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufacturing.

Changes in Alpha / FreeAlpha v3.2

  • An additional new 24 db LP Filter type.
  • Improved Bank / Preset system now for up to 200 banks.
  • For Alpha only: 44 new presets of various types (a list is at
  • Fixed Release time might be too short in rare cases.
  • Fixed ECS (MIDI Learn) not being stored permanently on Windows.

Alpha for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for 79 EUR. FreeAlpha can be downloaded free of charge.

More information: LinPlug / Alpha


LinPlug releases Relectro effect plug-in

LinPlug has announced the release of relectro, an effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The relectro is some kind of effect not yet existing, its dedicated to transform drum loops into something sounding substantially different, electronic, strange … suitable for almost any kind of electronic music

LinPlug relectro

relectro features

  • Main processing section with effects similar to
    • - Compressor / expander alike section
    • - Cut-filter with infinite edge steepeness
    • - Comprehensive pitch sections for
      1. relative pitch changing of the input
      2. pitch fixing of the input
      3. (inverted) pitch following of the input signal
    • - Variable wave repeat
    • - Variable waveform replacement
    • - EQ-alike section with 2 bands
  • Main modulation section with
    • - Two conventional LFO
    • - Two modulation step sequencer
    • - Modulation matrix with pitch- and volume-follow
  • Output section with HP and LP filters and chorus.
  • Two wheels for dry/wet blending and morphing.
  • MIDI program change supported.
  • MIDI learn. Settings can be saved / restored.

The LinPlug relectro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is avaialble to purchase for $79 USD / 59 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / relectro


LinPlug updates plug-ins for Mac

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LinPlug has announced it has updated 5 of its instruments for compatibility with Mac OSX 10.7 and to fix some issues.

Changes in LinPlug plug-ins

  • Albino v3.1.4
    • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
    • Fixed crash when loading aupreset (AU only)
    • Updated AUIPCServer compatibility in 32bit mode (AU only)
  • Alpha v3.1.5
    • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
    • Fixed crash when loading aupreset (AU only)
  • CronoX v3.6.4
    • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
    • Fixed crash when loading aupreset (AU only)
    • Updated AUIPCServer compatibility in 32bit mode (AU only)
    • Various smaller fixes and improvements
  • MorphoX v1.0.3
    • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
    • Fixed crash when loading aupreset (AU only)
    • Fixed occasional crash when opening AU editor (AU only)
    • Updated AUIPCServer compatibility in 32bit mode (AU only)
  • Organ v3.1.7
    • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
    • Fixed crash when loading aupreset (AU only)
    • Updated AUIPCServer compatibility in 32bit mode (AU only)

All updates are now available to download for registered users.

More information: LinPlug


LinPlug Soundsets Sale + 64-bit Mac support for Albino, CronoX & Alpha

LinPlug Soundsets Sale

LinPlug has announced a limited time promotion, offering special prices on three of its soundsets.

We are drastically reducing the price of three of our soundsets during June 2011.

LinPlug Soundset Sale

  • Ian Boddy Alpha Signature Set for the Alpha Synthesizer
    only 14.50 instead of 39 Euro / only 19.99 US$ instead of 49 US$
  • RMV Lambik Loops for the RMV
    only 14.50 instead of 39 Euro / only 19.99 US$ instead of 59 US$
  • Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set for the Albino 3
    only 22.50 instead of 59 Euro / only 29.99 instead of 79 US$

The soundsets sale is available throughout June 2011.

LinPlug has also announced the release of some more native 64-bit Mac instruments.

MorphoX is available in 64 bit format for Mac since March and doing pretty well. So we released another three instruments as 64 bit versions: Albino, CronoX and Alpha. They can be found at the location mentioned in your registration mail (the mail you got after your purchase or registration). Win-Users: all products are Win 64 bit too!

More information: LinPlug


Yuroun celebrates anniversary with 50% off + free Alchemy soundbank & giveaway


Yuroun has announced a week long sale in celebration of its 1st anniversary.

29th of april 2010 is the date I started with commercial soundsets for software synths, so today is anniversary.

To celebrate this we have a celebration sale, and for our newsletter readers a free Alchemy soundbank: Mutations.

This week all Yuroun soundsets will be available to purchase at a 50% discount.

Yuroun soundsets

  • Alchemy Elevations, a small but very usefull soundbank for film scoring, game music design etc with great impact sounds, inspiring loops, atmospheric soundscapes what can be used as back drops in a scene. Requirements: Camel Audio’s Alchemy (NOT the player version) – now 3.75 EUR.
  • Escape Velocity Bundle, is a collection of ethereal, space and inspiring pads and soundscapes. Perfect for film scoring, ambient and/or electronica productions. Requirements: Camel Audio’s Alchemy (NOT the player version) – now 5.98 EUR.
  • Caelum, a Cronox3 soundset with 130 high quality presets with lush pads, eathereal drones and dark/light textured soundscapes. Requirements: LinPlug’s CronoX3 – now 5.98 EUR.
  • Morphine’s Additive World I, 150 wonderful and juicy presets for Image-line’s powerful Additive Synthesizer. These sounds are suitable for all kinds of genres. Requirements: Image-Line’s Morphine – now 3.48 EUR.
  • Serendipity Bundle – Serendipity I and II – The Serendipity collection is a Sylenth1 sounbank with inspiring sounds for the ambient producer who likes to use Sylenth1. Requirements: Sylenth1 V2.21 – now 5.50 EUR.
  • Serendipity I, Sylenth 1 presets. Requirements: Sylenth1 V2,xx – now 2.85 EUR.
  • Serendipity II, Sylenth 1 presets. Requirements: Sylenth1 V2.21 – now 2.85 EUR.

Yuroun is kindly offering a free soundset to one lucky reader.
All you need to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post, and mention which soundset you would like to win. The giveaway ends 29 April, 2011, 23.59pm CET. A winner will be drawn at random from all valid comments.

More information: Yuroun


Le Lotus Bleu releases Retro Rocket, soundset for Linplug Alpha 3

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Le Lotus Bleu Retro Rocket

Le Lotus Bleu has announced the release of Retro Rocket, a collection of patches by Vivolator for the Linplug Alpha 3 virtual synthesizer plugin.

Enter the Golden Age of the 80′s and DCO synthesizers with Retro Rocket.

Each preset of this collection have been surgically designed by Sound Designer Vivolator to offer you the precious vibes of the 80′s, as well as many additional instruments for modern Club genres, making the best of Alpha 3 incredible oscillators and special features.

This Soundset is suitable for the following genres : Synth and Brit Pop, Funk, Soul, Pop and Rock, Song Writing, 80′s and 90′s music genres, IDM and Modern Club Music.

Retro Rocket features

  • 160 instruments, clearly organised in thematic categories.
  • Includes Arp & Sequences (23) Basses (19), Brass (6), Keys, Stabs and Grooves (46), Pads & Brass & Strings (17), Leads (14), Fx (15), Organs (5) Percussions (17)
  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features ( Mod Wheel, Aftertouch ).
  • CPU Friendly instruments, all playable on a reference PIV Single Core 3 Ghz Computer. .
  • A Pdf manual including preset list, with an individual comment for each instrument, installation procedure, tips and tricks for Alpha 3
  • Comes in two flavors for Full Weighted Keyboards, and MiniKeyboards like Korg NanoKeys for a complete playing pleasurable experience.

Retro Rocket is available to purchase for 14.50 EUR.

More information: Le Lotus Bleu / Retro Rocket