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Inear Display updates SicknDstroy effect plugin to v1.1

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Inear Display has released version 1.1 of SicknDstroy, bringing a multimode pre-filter and a new user interface to the freeware lo-fi effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Inear Display SicknDstroy
Inear’s SicknDstroy multimode lofi gets a new interface and multimode pre-filter.

SicknDstroy features

  • Pre Filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes.
  • 4 processing modes:
    • bitcrushing and samplerate reduction are chained (classic mode).
    • bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and mixed together.
    • bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and ringmodulating.
    • samplerate reducer output is subtracted from bitcrusher output.
  • Mix switch to combine the processed signal and the unfiltered part of the input signal.

SicknDstroy for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to download free of charge.

More information: Inear Display / SicknDstroy

ToneBytes releases Lo-Fizer effect plugin

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ToneBytes has introduced Lo-Fizer, a free lo-fi effect plug-in for Windows.

Lo-Fizer is a free VST effect plug-in for Windows, designed to add some nice lo-fi effects to your recordings for a variety of artistic techniques.

ToneBytes Lo-Fizer
Put up to 4 effect devices in one rack with ToneBytes Lo-Fizer.

Lo-Fizer features

  • 10 lo-fi devices which are decorated in a rack units:
    • Vinyl – produces vinyl cracks and pops.
    • Hum – produces adjustable low frequency hum.
    • Hiss – produces warm adjustable high frequency hiss.
    • Monoizer – stereo to mono converter.
    • Speaker Sim – simple preset based speaker simulator.
    • Lo-Bit – bit-crasher simulator.
    • Crusher – resampler simulator.
    • Vowel – simple vowel filter.
    • GLS – vocal remover that uses mid-side technique.
  • Combine up to 4 devices in the rack.
  • Built-in preset manager.
  • VST automation and full MIDI learning.

The Lo-Fizer plug-in is available to download as a freeware (ad-supported) VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: ToneBytes / Lo-Fizer

Review: No Dough NDS-4 Underground House

No Dough NDS-4 Underground House

No Dough’s fourth release in the NDS sample pack series is titled Underground House.

Simply put, this is the heart and soul of the underground house scene in a massive collection of over 7000 professionally crafted WAV sounds, designed to give you that authentic House music vibe you hear from your favorite artists but in a format that is useful for any style of music that requires a punchy analogue sound.

The sample pack features:

  • 4,700+ drum and percussion hits.
  • 59 multi-sampled instruments.
  • 161 bass and synth loops.

The drum and percussion hits include various classic sounds of drum machines and sampled sources, with three variations; Original recordings, driven, vinyl and Revox (Studer tape machine) versions. No Dough used some various outboard gear to get an authentic vibe. Everything is nicely categorized in folders by the type of drum hit. No drum kits are included though.

To record the multi-sampled instruments, No Dough used gear by Oberheim, Roland, some old EMU samplers and FM synthesizers. The sampler patches are split up in various sections. There’s bass, strings & pads, leads & synths and organs and misc. A good amount of sounds.

The bass and synth loops sound very authentic as well. Actually, playing them individually they almost sound kind of low quality, lo-fi. But in a good way.

Loops are ready to be chopped, smashed, distorted and resequenced, each loop features a Recycle version and we have also included a selection of Midi files so you can get at the notes themselves to twist, mash and create.

I’d say that is a good thing, because these loops are meant for chopping. You are not going to get much of a good result by simply tossing the loops together as there are some tuning issues and files have no mention of which key they’re in. This set of loops just isn’t a construction kit type set so unless you stick with using just a single loop and create additional melodies around that, you are supposed to do some of the work yourself. The sound is there though.

Check out the demo track to get an idea of what NDS-4 Underground House is about.

So what do I think?

Product: NDS-4 Underground House by No Dough
Format: 24bit WAV, REX + sampler patches (Kontakt/EXS24/HALion/NN-XT)
Price: £39.99 GBP
Like: authentic sounds, good variety
Don’t like: no key info in loops
Verdict: 8/10

Even though No Dough prides itself in recording in high quality 96kHz/24bit, it’s still vintage synths, gritty sampler sounds, tape machines, and analog processing chains we’re talking about. NDS-4 is not about pristine quality, it is about the vibe of classic underground house music.

No Dough’s key description for the Underground House pack is “tone, warmth and musicality”. I hear that, and I would sum those up and call it authentic. Individually the samples and loops sound somewhat raw to me, lo-fi, perhaps slightly dated. And that’s how it is supposed to be, because once you start putting things together you quickly end up with something that sounds like the real deal. Go check it out.

More information: NDS-4 Underground House

SKnote updates Roundtone to v3.0

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SKnote has released version 3.0 of Roundtone, a multi-track tape machine and delay effect for Windows and Mac.

Roundtone is a tape emulation software. It adds typical tape recording interesting side-effects to every audio track. Useful on single tracks (mono/stereo) and on submixes/mixes.

The whole tape machine is integrated in the new delay loop, for evolving echoes and effects.

SKnote Roundtone v3 – Tape Machine and Delay.

Changes in Roundtone v3.0

  • New B enhancer.
  • Stereo Tape Delay with synch.
  • Wow and Flutter.
  • Flange.
  • Noise.
  • New “Bright Formula” and “Lo-Fi” algorithms.
  • New meter.

Roundtone for Windows and Mac (VST/AU, RTAS coming soon) is available to purchase for $29.99 USD. The update is free for existing users.

More information: SKnote / Roundtone

Inear Display releases free SicknDstroy effect plugin

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Inear Display SicknDstroy

Inear Display has released SicknDstroy, a free multimode lofi effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A classic lofi effect plugin with 4 output modes to make it less classic :

  • > : bitcrushing and samplerate reduction are chained (classic mode).
  • + : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and mixed together.
  • * : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and ringmodulating.
  • - : samplerate reducer output is subtracted from bitcrusher output (so if they output the same sound, the effect won’t output anything).

SicknDstroy (VST/AU) is available to download at no cost.

More information: Inear Display / SicknDstroy

Minimal System Instruments releases Studio Tools for Ableton

Minimal System Instruments Studio Tools

Minimal System Instruments has announced Studio Tools, a premium effect and instrument rack collection for Ableton Live.

This pack focusses purely on high quality and innovative racks for mixing and mastering audio and adding effects to your tracks.

Studio Tools features

  • Deconstrukt (An effect rack for adding some lo-fi grit and space)
  • MID/SIDE EQ (A 4 band EQ allowing processing of MID and SIDE frequencies)
  • Modul8 (An effect rack for adding modulation)
  • Drum Buss Modifier (A deep effect rack for totally transforming and manipulating drum tracks)
  • Pultec Prototype Compressor (A compressor with analogue character)
  • Sample Modulator (A modulation effect rack for use on all sounds)
  • Studio Channel Strip (Our premium channel strip modelled on real world hardware)
  • Super Compressor (A compressor with a difference, modelled on boutique hardware)
  • Super Drum Effector (A great drum manipulation tool)
  • Also included in the pack are:
    • 16 analogue instruments (with the built in pattern generators you can quickly build beautiful analogue sequences).
    • OP-1 Synth (An innovative FM Synth with built-in pattern/sequence generation).

The Studio Tools sound library is available to purchase for £4.99 GBP.

More information: Minimal System Instruments / Studio Tools

Rekkerd Sound Recordings Vol. 2 – free sample pack

Ever since recording some sounds a few years ago, I’ve been meaning to take the trusty Zoom H2 for another round. I finally took the time to capture another batch of ordinary, and perhaps some less ordinary sounds.

rekkerd sound recordings vol 2
sound recordings vol 2 was recorded with the Zoom H2, a budget priced pocket recorder

For Rekkerd Sound Recordings Vol. 2 I found a number of interesting objects to hit, drop, slide, slam, press, etc. After a good amount of editing the pack ended up containing 90 samples. Various noises produced by light switches, fans, drawers, and lots more included.

The samples are in 24-bit/44kHz WAV format. Plenty of background noise is included, and those with a good ear might spot one of my kids in some of the recordings. 100% high quality lo-fi!

So why did I record these sounds? Well, I personally love create rhythms/percussions with unusual sounds so I figure I’m not the only one. Also included in the pack is a number of such loops that I did exclusively using the recorded sound and and a bunch of processing. You can listen to those loops below.

Download this free Creative Commons BY sample pack below (27.4 MB).

rekkerd sound recordings vol 2 Downloads: 10748 times

Sample Magic releases Chillwave

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Sample Magic Chillwave

Sample Magic has released Chillwave, a new sample library featuring sun-washed synths, retro melodies and glo-fi beats.

Fading sunshine, Polaroid memories and neon starbursts. These form the visual backdrops to SM29 Chillwave – the definitive 1.12GB (770+ wavs) collection of lo-fi melodics, beach-hazed beats and tape-saturated music loops encompassing Chillwave in its broadest possible sense, bolstered by elements of synth-pop, chillout, indie and nu-wave.

Chillwave features

  • 771 x 24-bit Wav loops and one-shots
  • 451 loops in Apple Loops, Rex2, and Stylus-RMX Rex2 formats
  • EXS24, HALion, Kontakt and NN-XT sampler patches
  • 12 page digital booklet (including hints and tips, kit list, folder guide and more).
  • Reason Refill containing 10 custom drum kits for the Reason 5 Kong Drum Designer, 5 additional patches for Kong with samples organized by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and FX), 7 Dr. Octo Rex patches for Bass, Drum, Music, Synth and Top loops, 5 NN-XT sampler patches containing samples organised by hit type (Kicks, Hats, Snares & Claps, Percussion, and FX).

Chillwave is available to purchase for the introductory price of £34.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / Chillwave