FXpansion sneaks DCAM Synth Squad 2

FXpansion has posted a sneak preview of Strobe 2, one of the synthesizer instruments in the upcoming DCAM Synth Squad 2.

FXpansion Strobe 2

I’d like to offer everyone a chance to take an early look at, and, more importantly, listen to, Strobe v2.0. We’ve been working on this for quite some time, and there’s still a little way to go, but we think it’s ready enough that it’s time to get some feedback from a wider audience.

The other synths are being updated to the new engine as well, of course – all three will share the most of the above, with Amber in particular getting some improvements to its audio engine – improved CPU efficiency means we’re able to model some elements that got left out in the original (particularly glad we’ve been able to get Logan-style “diode VCA”s in there – they’re absolute junk in fidelity terms but sound amazing). More on that later.

Changes in DCAM Synth Squad 2

  • Glitch-free, 100% vector scalable UI, available in (at least) two flavours.
  • Integrated effects, including some brand new algorithms as well as some thing that owners of Etch, Bloom and Maul may recognise, with full TransMod capability on (almost) everything.
  • 16 Transmod slots.
  • Instant patch switching between 8 active sounds.
  • Huge CPU optimizations.
  • Rebuilt arpeggiator, stepsequencer and modulation processor.
  • Ability to unlink the Sub from the Stack/Detune/Sync parameters.
  • Phase reset on the main oscillator.
  • Frequency-linked tone controls on each oscillator section.
  • Gain compensation and leakage control on the filter.
  • Adjusted envelope and fader ranges, much better consistency in the internal smoothing algorithms, choice of detuning modes, dozens of other little refinements.

Check the announcement at the KVR Audio forum for more details.

More information: FXpansion


iZotope offers Iris Synths sound library & Iris Cookbook

Iris Synths

iZotope has announced that the Iris Synths sound library is available to download at no cost.

Deep within the four gigabytes of the Iris Sound Library, there lies a treasure trove of samples from vintage and extremely rare synths.

Lovingly recorded by our friends at GForce software, these samples include the sounds of legendary favorites like the ARP 2500, EMS VCS3, the Korg PS3100, the Yamaha CS-80, and the Logan String Melody. Our Synths sound library brings these beloved synths into the spotlight, mixing and matching their harmonics to create a broad array of “hybrid” instruments that reimagine your synth possibilities.

The result? Highly musical synth patches for Iris that are ready to roll into your next song…for free!

Iris Cookbook

iZotope has also announced the Iris Cookbook, a free digital book featuring different recipes designed to help you explore some of the musical possibilities Iris has to offer, from spectral selections to special effects.

Want to create that iconic Phat Bass sound? Achieve the perfect Classic Wobble?

This cookbook will help you add flavor to your Drum, Bass, Guitar tracks and even more using Iris.

Download the free Iris Cookbook and the follow-along Iris Cookbook presets.

More information: iZotope / Iris


G-Storm Plugins releases String Concerto II virtual instrument

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G-Storm Plugins has announced the release of the String Concerto II, a virtual string instrument for Windows.

String Concerto II VST Promo (String Melody II)

The String Concerto II is a recreation of the Logan String Melody II vintage stringer. The Logan was known for lush full orchestra, creamy triple-BBD ensemble, simple and honest organs, and cheesy accordion preset.

The emulation is made possible by synthesis and effects DSP techniques, not samples.

The String Concerto II for Windows (VST/Standalone) is available as donationware (recommended donation of $10 USD). A free trial version can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: G-Storm Plugins / String Concerto II


UVI releases String Machines vintage analog string synthesizers

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UVI has announced String Machines, a hybrid instrument forged with the analog imprint of the 11 most musical string synthesizers ever built.

UVI String Machines

Back in the 70’s, leading keyboard designers around the world attempted to reproduce orchestral string sounds through analog synthesis. The results were far from their original intent but were in no way failures. Used on countless cult records and engrained in our collective memory to this day – these ‘String Machines’ bore an analog soul on their own.

At UVI we are obsessed with this, having spent countless hours working on ways to capture this analog soul and present it as an accessible, expressive, fully editable digital tool. So was born String Machines – a hybrid instrument forged with the analog imprint of the 11 most musical string synthesizers ever built.

UVI has painstaking recorded thousands of samples with the very best analog and digital gear available, putting in all experience ever learned to bring you this comprehensive instrument at an unbelievable price.

String Machines features

  • Authentic sounds with character reproduce the analog grunge and warmth of yesteryear.
  • Instant access to tons of presets and preset layers; find sounds you love and get inspired quickly.
  • Dual layers. Select the machine and the associated sounds.
  • No loading time when switching machines and sounds.
  • Shape your sounds using authentic analog-modeled filters, envelopes, and LFOs.
  • Experiment with the step modulator and take your sound out of this world!
  • Samples recorded in 24/96 khz with Prism convertors, mastered to perfection and converted to 16/44.1 kHz.
  • Included machines: Korg Poly Ensemble PE2000, Eko Stradivarius, Siel Orchestra, Excelsior Strings Synthesizer K4, Logan String Melody, Crumar Performer, Elka Rhapsody, Solina String Ensemble, Yamaha SS30, ROLAND RS-505 & VP-330.

String Machines is available to purchase for $99 USD / 89 EUR.

More information: UVI / String Machines


Rhythmic Robot releases Logan String Synthesizer for Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot has released Logan, a meticulous emulation of the famous Logan String Melody II.

Rhythmic Robot Logan String Synthesizer

Logan samples each of the original String Melody II’s five “Preset” sounds chromatically across the keyboard, incorporating all onboard chorus and LFO effects, and adds to these features such as tube saturation, a full ADSR envelope control, further LFO control over vibrato and tremolo, amp cabinet simulation, Chorus and Phaser.

Logan features long samples at 24-bit, hand-looped to preserve the original’s characteristic cyclical sound components. The original keyboard split-point is preserved, and the Red and Blue sliders address the tones left and right of the split point respectively. Bass and Perc[ussion] sliders allow for further blending options left of the split.

Logan is Rhythmic Robot’s largest and most detailed Kontakt instrument yet, dedicated to preserving the richness of this classic instrument. The five Presets of the original have been broken out into individual Kontakt instruments, allowing the user the freedom to stack, layer and blend the sounds in ways not possible on the original.

Logan features

  • 6 octaves of tone (full keyboard plus two further octaves) sampled chromatically at 24-bit.
  • Long samples to allow the sound to develop naturally.
  • Hand-looped to preserve cyclical variations in the original chorus effect.
  • All five Presets sampled individually.
  • Each Preset available as a separate Kontakt instrument, allowing for stacks and layers within Kontakt.
  • Additional ADSR, Tremolo and Vibrato controls, with Tremolo / Vibrato depth, rate and delay.
  • Tube Saturation, additional Chorus, Phaser and Amp Cab emulations built-in.
  • Purely authentic tones can be recreated, or new tonal possibilities explored beyond those of the original.

Logan – Complete for Kontakt is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP. Individual Logan Preset modules (“O”, Acc., Solo, Orch., and Organ) are available at £4.95 GBP each.

More information: Rhythmic Robot / Logan


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