WaaSoundLab releases Electro Swing Vol 4

WaaSoundLab has launched Electro Swing Vol 4, a collection of 5 Logic Pro templates including royalty free samples and loops. Each template contains a demo mix, Mastering, then the separated audio tracks (Apple Loops) and … read more

Signo SFX-Instruments releases Metal Surface-1 Bundle – Male & Female

Signo SFX-Instruments has announced the release of the Footsteps Metal Surface-1 Bundle, a sound fx library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24. This collection of footsteps was produced on a metal surface that can … read more

Push Button Bang releases Deep House Logic Template Vol.1

Push Button Bang has launched Deep House Logic Template Vol.1, the first in a series of expertly crafted, midi based construction templates to provide foundation arrangements for your Logic tracks. This first volume provides a … read more

Producertech launches Making Fat Basslines in Logic Pro course by FracTroniX

Producertech has introduced Making Dubstep Basslines, the second part of the production course for Logic Pro by FracTroniX. If you own Logic Pro and want to know how to produce dubstep or similar heavy, hard-hitting … read more

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Samplephonics releases 808 drum machine sample library

Samplephonics has released 808, a drum machine sample library. 4599 samples, 3 input sources (Clean, Studar Tape Machine, and Overdriven Tape), custom sequencer for Kontakt 5, sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, Reason NN-XT, EXS24 and … read more

MuSICIZ releases Unstoppable Zebra for u-he Zebra 2

MuSICIZ has launched Unstoppable Zebra, a soundset for the Zebra virtual synthesizer by u-he. MuSICIZ taps into the power of Zebra2 to bring you a custom Patch bank from one of the worlds most powerful … read more

Precisionsound releases Gospel Drawbars for Kontakt & EXS24

Precisionsound has announced the release of Gospel Drawbars, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt and Logic EXS24. Our goal with Gospel Drawbars has not been to make a generic virtual recreation of an organ … read more

Giveaway: Dubstep Production Course in Logic Pro by FracTroniX

Producertech is offering rekkerd.org readers a chance to win one of its latest online video courses: Dubstep Production in Logic Pro by FracTroniX. In this new online course, FracTroniX takes you through each stage of … read more

WaaSoundLab releases Electro House Vol 2

WaaSoundLab has announced Electro House Vol 2, a new collection of Logic Pro templates for electro house music production. A truly unique set of royalty free electro house samples and breaks in the style of … read more

Producertech launches Dubstep Beat Production in Logic production course by FracTroniX

Producertech has announced Dubstep Beat Production in Logic, a brand new online course for Logic Pro, which teaches the secrets of producing Dubstep or similar heavy styles of music. The course has been created by … read more

Sonic Academy launches Ultimate Drums sample packs

Sonic Academy has announced Ultimate Drums, a new line of professional drum samples and loops including kits for Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Our Ultimate Drums Sample Packs are a massive collection of single drum … read more

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9 Soundware releases 1.316 Seconds channel strip settings for Sculpture

Titled after the Guinness World Record for the shortest song ever recorded (“You Suffer” by Napalm Death), 1.316 Seconds by 9 Soundware is a collection of Sculpture-based Channel Strip setting files for Apple Logic Pro … read more

Loopmasters intros Logic Mix Essential Channel Strips by Colin C

Loopmasters has introduced Logic Mix Essentials Channel Strips, a library for Logic Pro 9 by Colin C from The Cell Studio, featuring 70+ channel strips for audio tracks ranging from Aux Sends, Busses and Output … read more

Puremagnetik releases Skatik heavily circuit bent Casio SK-5 for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Skatik, a collection of instruments, sound effects, percussion kits and looped digital freak-outs sourced from a heavily circuit bent Casio SK-5. The most interesting on-board sounds have been multi-sampled … read more

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Puremagnetik releases Phonik—Classic Paraphonic 505 for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic

Puremagnetik has announced Phonik, a sound library that brings the celebrated Roland Paraphonic-505 right to your desktop. It was reverse engineered from the original Paraphonic voicing architecture and includes the famous Cello, Tuba, Contrabass, Strings … read more

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WaaSoundLab releases Electro Dub Vol 1 sample pack + 20% off selected titles

WaaSoundLab has announced the release of its Electro Dub Vol 1 sample library, a collection of 5 dark post-apocalyptic themes including Logic templates and MIDI files. Get the party started with this laser blasts and … read more

Binary Music intros support for Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro EXS24

Binary Music has announced that its sample packs are now available in Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro EXS24 formats. Binary Music announces the release of ARP Odyssey, TX81Z and Solina String Ensemble sample libraries … read more

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Win Millertone’s upcoming SynDr Vol 1 sample library in Industry Survey

Millertone Soundware has announced an Industry Survey, offering you the chance to win the upcoming SynDr Vol 1 analog drum synth sample library for Kontakt, Ableton Live and Logic Pro. This questionnaire is designed to … read more

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Get Puremagnetik Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle for just $9.99

Puremagnetik is offering its Glitch, Toy & LoFi Bundle of sample packs at a great discount for a limited time. This week only, get all of Puremagnetik’s glitchy, chippy, 8-bit computer and toy sounds for … read more

Dot Bustelo’s Logic Pro for Recording Engineers & Producers available at Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard Books has announced it has published Logic Pro for Recording Engineers and Producers by Dot Bustelo. This Quick Pro guide is designed to help engineers and producers who are already proficient in another … read more