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Clicksound launches Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1 for Logic Pro

Tempa Complextro Toolkit for Logic Pro

Clicksound has released Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1, a Logic Pro template for complextro music production.

This really is a truly awesome slab of Complextro production in a MIDI Construction Template for Logic Pro ready for you to tear up and give it your own hell-raising stamp. Kicking off with an anthemic array of pads and synths, don’t be fooled by the sublime. What goes up…must come down, and after the epic drop in this template, hold on to your internal organs, the bass is here. With a super rawness and grit that will make you feel like you are gnawing on a rough rock with a bloodied, broken tooth, this is heads down time, no looking up and you are initiated into the sound of Tempa and have your chance to tame this beast into your own individual chunk of Complextro.

Utilising the full-throttle power of Logic Pro’s in-built Instruments and Effects, the baselines are made up of a combination of EXS24 samples, ES1 and ES2 custom patches and they are seriously heavy-weight speaker-shakers! EQ has been placed on all of the drums and they are also compressed to give you a crisp, razor sharp, cutting edge sound. Two sidechain kicks are also set up each with unique settings: one for the main section (drums, baselines, synths) and one for the drop (synths, fx etc.) Instructions are given on how to add the sidechain to any new tracks that are created.

The Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1 pack is available from Loopmasters, priced at £14.95 GBP.

More information: Clicksound / Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1


Sound Radix intros 32 Lives AU adapter for Logic Pro X

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Sound Radix 32 Lives

Sound Radix has announced 32 Lives, a 32-bit to 64-bit Audio Units plug-ins adapter for Logic Pro X.

In July 2013, Apple introduced Logic Pro X, the next-generation version of its professional audio software, bringing many new features and improvement, and updated user interface.

Moving forward with new technologies, the new Logic Pro X is a modern, 64-bit only application, which means that older 32-bit plug-ins will no longer work in Logic Pro X. Previous projects that were created in Logic 9 or earlier that include 32-bit only plug-ins, would not be able to fully open in Logic Pro X.

Enter 32 Lives.

32 Lives is a new application, capable of generating a 64-bit Audio Units versions of your loved and hard-earned 32-bit legacy plug-ins, helping you to cross-over to the new Logic Pro X smoothly and transparently. Older Logic Pro sessions will completely load into Logic Pro X, including all parameters and automation. No special re-wring or routing is required. All your 32-bit only plug-ins will again re-appear in the plug-ins menu as they always were.

32 Lives features

  • Creates 64-bit adapter plugin for your 32-bit only Audio Units plug-ins.
  • Transparently loads your legacy TC PowerCore, Abbey Road, URS and other plug-ins into Logic Pro X and other 64-bit only Audio Units compatible DAW’s.
  • Fully compatible with older sessions, loads all presets, parameters and automation.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • Includes a 32-bit plug-ins manager for easy plug-ins conversion.

32 Lives is currently in open beta and available for purchase for a discounted price of $69 USD (regular $99 USD) for the duration of the pre-release beta stage. All beta users will be upgraded to the full release version at no extra charge.

More information: Sound Radix / 32 Lives


macProVideo launches Logic Pro X – MIDI Recording and Editing

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macProVideo Logic Pro X MIDI Recording and Editing

macProVideo has announced Logic Pro X 104: MIDI Recording and Editing, a new Core Training video tutorial for Logic Pro X.

MIDI is the heart of Logic and Jonathan Perl is the MIDI master. In this course, you learn tons about how to compose and produce with MIDI in Logic Pro X.

It starts by teaching you how to really work with tracks, channels, regions, and take folders. With that knowledge Jonathan then shows you how to incorporate those techniques to master multiple ways to record and capture your MIDI ideas. Next up is a deep dive of Logic’s main MIDI editor: the Piano Roll. Get the secrets of MIDI Draw and see how to customize and animate MIDI effects and performance. From there, Jonathan dives into the Event List, where massive amounts of MIDI data can be massaged with just the click of a mouse!

This course then moves on to a section on rhythmic programming and editing. This is where you explore a ton of Logic’s quantization features and tools and learn how to create cool, rhythmic-based effects.

Watching this course gives you a strong MIDI foundation and gives you the power to deploy Logic’s MIDI tools to precisely tailor accents, timing, scales and MIDI effects. So dive in and get a deep understanding of the power and creativity of MIDI composition in Logic Pro X!

The video tutorial is now available to macProVideo subscribers. A HD Download costs $19.50 USD.

More information: macProVideo / Logic Pro X MIDI Recording & Editing


Apple updates Logic Pro X to v10.0.2

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Apple Logic Pro X

Apple has released version 10.0.2 of Logic Pro X, the digital audio workstation for Mac.

Sophisticated new tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed.

Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

Changes in Logic Pro X v10.0.2

  • Undo commands work as expected after Flex Pitch editing.
  • The Vintage Electric Piano plug-in now performs correctly at all sample rates.
  • The Capture Last Take key command no longer erases a MIDI recording.
  • Double-clicking on a Drummer region now opens or closes the editor.
  • Addresses a graphic issue where the Piano Roll Editor could display an empty window.
  • Check the release notes for details.

This release is recommended for all Logic Pro X customers.

More information: Apple / Logic Pro X


Push Button Bang releases Deep House Logic Template Vol. 2

Push Button Bang Deep House Logic Template Vol 2

Push Button Bang has introduced Deep House Logic Template Vol. 2, a comprehensive multitrack arrangement and guide for creating deep tech, tribal influenced house.

The template gives you immediate access to a rich and extensive multi track house production, demonstrating essential arrangement principles for the layering of deep percussive grooves with minimal tech fx.

This second house Logic Template gives both wav and midi versions of the core multi track layers for you to quickly create something entirely new using the original groove progression.

Deep House Logic Template Vol. 2 features

  • 1 Full Logic Pro 9.1.7 Song Template, 210 MB content.
  • Includes associated files for EXS24/ES1/ES2/ESP plugins.
  • Wav MultiTrack Version:
    • 1.29Gb unzipped.
    • 24bit/44.1khz.
    • 22 Channel Multitrack arrangement.
    • Rendered as individual stems.

The template costs £9.95 GBP, the multitrack Wav pack is £7.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / Deep House Logic Template 2


WaaSoundLab launches Summer Sale – 30% off

WaaSoundLab has announced a Summer Sale, offering a 30% discount on its sound libraries for a limited time.

WaaSoundLab Summer Sale

Now through Thursday, August 15th take a 30% discount on your order at WaaSoundLab!*
Just match the code summer15 with your purchase and start saving now!

This offer ends in a few days… Hurry up!

More information: WaaSoundLab


SoundToys updates plugins to v4.2 + ALL IN promotion

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SoundToys has announced the release of version 4.2 of its plug-ins, introducing 64-bit support for Logic X, Audio Units and Windows VST.

We are very happy to announce the release of SoundToys version 4.2 with 64-bit support for Audio Units and Windows VST formats. This release covers our full line of real-time native hosted plug-ins.

With this release, SoundToys plug-ins are now compatible with Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer 8 on Mac and other 64-bit Audio Unit hosts. On the PC, we now support 64-bit VST hosts such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Ableton Live 9. Speed for Logic X is still in development.

The upgrade is free for all registered SoundToys V4 users and all Boutique Series owners (Devil-Loc, Radiator, Little MicroShift, etc).

SoundToys has also launched a limited time “ALL IN” promotion, adding the 5 Boutique Series plug-ins to every SoundToys Native Effects bundle purchase.

SoundToys ALL IN
Buy the SoundToys Native Effects bundle today, and get the 5 Boutique Series plug-ins for FREE! Save over $250.

Just to be clear, you’ll get the industry-standard SoundToys Native Effects bundle: EchoBoy, Decapitator, FilterFreak 1 & 2, PhaseMistress, PanMan, Crystallizer, Speed, & Tremolator. And, because it’s summer, and we’re so excited to finally have 64-bit support, we’re going all in, and giving you the five amazing Boutique Series plug-ins for free: Radiator, Little Radiator, Devil-Loc, Devil-Loc Deluxe, and Little MicroShift.

This offer ends August 18th, 2013.

More information: SoundToys