Loop Cartel releases Trap Drops sound pack

Loop Cartel Trap Drops

Loop Cartel has announced Trap Drops, a collection of royalty free loops, samples, and sampler patches.

Trap Drops features Vocal Hooks, Drum Samples, Bass Drops, and much more. This is the first Trap sample pack to feature club vocals from rapper Mr. Robotic. Mr. Robotic is well known for his hit “Watch The Club Go” on Beatport. Now producers can have access to his vocal bits to cut, splice, and pitch in their own Trap songs.

There are 156 loops in total spread across 7 construction kits. Each instrument (including each drum track) is isolated. There are sub bass lines, vocal cut ups, build ups, risers, sfx, beats, hit hats, snare, keys, brass, and so much more. That was just the loops folder. Producers also get drum kits and sub bass patches in Native Instruments format for Kontakt and Battery. There are also 231 drum and synth one-shots. There are 808 claps, 808 snares, 808 kicks, basses, hits, 808 hi hats, sfx, and more. That’s not all. This set also includes a BONUS UNRELEASED “Dubstep Dominator” mini kit.

190 loops in total. 231 one-shot samples. Tempos range from 70-80 BPM. Inspired by Boregore, Lex Luger, Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, TI, and DJ Screw. Each file is named with key and tempo information as well as meta-tagged with the sample info.

The sound library costs $19.95 USD.

More information: Loop Cartel Trap Drops


Peace Love Productions releases Deep House sample pack

Loop Cartel Deep House

Peace Love Productions has announced the release of its Deep House sample library by Loop Cartel, which is available at a limited time exclusive offer.

Deep House is a new loop set designed to give you everything you’ll need to produce Deep House music. Sounds include electric pianos, strings, guitar, synths, brass, bassl-lines, drums, hi hats, snares, claps, Latin hand drums, percussion, organs, Disco hits, sfx, and more. The drums section is such a value alone with just about every drum sound available.

There is a whopping total of 150 one-shot samples and 355 loops. You’ll find your self coming back to this loop pack every time you’re looking for the perfect sound. Many of the loops work perfectly well together when you mix and match using programs like Sony Acid, Sonar, Logic, Garageband, and Live no matter what the key or BPM is. Tempos range from 118 to 125. Loops in various keys. Tempo and key information in file names as well as meta-data.

You also get the entire Latin Instruments set from Soundtrack Loops absolutely FREE with purchase. That’s over 320 MORE loops FREE! Produced by Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle). Apple aif and ACIDized wav 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo.

The sample pack is available to purchase for the special price of $29 USD for one week.

More information: Peace Love Productions / Deep House


Loop Cartel launches with EDM Remix Tools and Evol Bass sample packs

Loop Cartel EDM Remix Tools & Evol Bass

Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions, a producer of royalty free loops since 2001 has announced his new loop label Loop Cartel.

Loop Cartel is available exclusively on Beatport Sounds. The label has two releases completed to date: EDM Remix Tools and Evol Bass.

EDM Remix Tools consists of 318 loops, 111 Drum one-shots, and 55 synth shots. Formats are 24 bit 44.1kHz stereo ACIDized Wav and Apple-looped Aif. Tempo and key info is in the meta tags as well as in the file names.

Evol Bass is a set of loops and samples for producing heavy Bass Dubstep and Drum n Bass music. Sounds include manipulated human voices, growling evol basses, lasers basses, wobble basses, arpeggiators, frisky SFX, robobasses, synth-shots, and drum-shots. There are 105 loops in total and 170 one-shot samples (dum-shots and synth-shots). Loops are tempo synced, normalized, and formatted. Root note and tempo info are both in the file names as well as embedded as meta-data. 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo files.

EDM Remix Tools is available to purchase for $24.95 USD, Evol Bass is $19 USD.

More information: EDM Remix Tools / Evol Bass