LoopArtists releases Ultimate Trap by Tulaberry

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LoopArtists Ultimate Trap

LoopArtists has announced the release of Ultimate Trap, a new sample pack featuring trap loops by Tulaberry.

Trap music has gained momentum in recent years and many producers and DJs are looking for new trap sounds. “Ultimate Trap Loops” is a new loop library option for adding a variety of Trap drums, bass and synth to their current or new productions. The loops were recorded by producer Tulaberry and showcase his signature trap style.

Ultimate Trap Loops breaks down into 30 drum loops containing 22 kick loops, 9 snare loops, 23 hi-hat loops and 12 top loops. This trap loop pack also includes 10 bass loops and 19 synth loops. The Ultimate Trap Loops pack has a total of 125 loops.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $15.95 USD.

More information: LoopArtists / Ultimate Trap Loops


LoopArtists releases 3 new uplifting trance mix packs

Uplifting Trance Mix

LoopArtists has announced its recent release of Uplifting Trance Volumes 1-3, three new trance loops packs.

LoopArtists recent releases of Uplifting Trance Volumes 1-3 are new trance loops packs that bring the energy and emotion of trance with a positive and uplifting vibe. These packs include and expanded selection of percussion and synth loops in order to provide a remix or production with more variety.

These new preset packs come from trance veteran Derek Palmer and each mix pack sells for $6.99 at LoopArtists.

The packs are available for purchase for $6.99 USD each.

More information: LoopArtists / Uplifting Trance Vol 1-3


LoopArtists releases Robo Bass & Robo FX for Massive

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SubOxyde Robo Bass / Robo FX

LoopArtists has announced the release of Robo Bass and Robo FX, two soundsets featuring dubstep presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

The sounds of Dubstep has been heard lately in everything from hip hop to pop and EDM. Massive has been an incredible VST synth for creating the same sounds heard in so many top tracks.

New Massive preset packs Robo Bass and Robo FX are now available from LoopArtists and help to further expand the sound selection of producers and DJs. The Robo Bass pack consists of 52 dubstep presets ranging from synthetic growls to pulsing and syncopated wobbles and chops. The Robo FX pack consists of 54 massive sound effects presets that are synthetic, percussive and mechanical in sound.

These new preset packs come from dubstep veteran SubOxyde and have influences ranging from Datsik to Liquid Stranger.

The packs are available for purchase for $11.99 USD each.

More information: LoopArtists


LoopArtists releases new hip-hop mix packs & vocal loops

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LoopArtists Hip Hop packs

LoopArtists has announced the release of 8 new hip-hop mix packs and a hip-hop vocals loop pack.

Hip Hop emcees are always looking for new beats to lay their vocals on but beats can often be expensive and sometimes not as exclusive as the buyer may think. LoopArtists has released 8 new hip hop mix packs from 2 new producers “Divine Sound Productions” and “Matreyix”.

These mix packs are essentially ready-made beats that have been broken down into loops and allow more flexibility in crafting the final sound. The packs are also a much more affordable alternative to buying ready-made beats.

A new hip-hop vocal loops pack has also been released this month for the producer who wants to add fresh new hip-hop vocal verses to their mix. New LoopArtists producer “Danny Dollars” has recorded lyrics that tell a positive message as opposed to the usual vulgar language and profanity found in many hip-hop vocal loop packs. LoopArtists also ensures that these are longer takes of vocal verses as opposed to short phrases or one-shot vocals.

The new hip-hop mix packs and vocal loop packs are now available from LoopArtists.

More information: LoopArtists / Hip Hop packs


LoopArtists releases Exotic Guitar by Marty Friedmann

Marty Friedman Exotic Guitar

LoopArtists has announced the release of Exotic Guitar, a loop library by guitarist by Marty Friedman.

Producers and DJ’s are often looking for new sounds that add a live feeling to their music. “Exotic Guitar” is a new loop library option for adding that live guitar sound to a variety of genres. The loops were recorded by guitarist Marty Friedman and showcase his signature style of playing ranging from high gain leads and rhythm to clean tone guitar melodies influenced by Japanese and Middle Eastern scales. The audio demo reveals Friedman’s guitar over a variation of metal and dubstep drums hinting at unique remix possibilities.

Friedman is best known for his unique style of playing heard on his solo albums and the time spent as lead guitarist for metal band Megadeth. A total of 65 patterns varying in length were recorded and looped at 140 BPM. Musicians and DJs looking to add a live feel of guitar to their music should look into this loop pack.

The Exotic Guitar loop pack costs $24.99 USD.

More information: LoopArtists / Exotic Guitar


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