Freaky Loops releases Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 6 for Massive

Freaky Loops has launched Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 6, a collection of 60 presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments. ‘Complextro & Dubstep Vol 6’ brings you so many totally fresh imaginative and … read more

Loopmasters intros Echoplex Audio Mastering + 10% discount

Loopmasters has introduced Echoplex Audio Mastering, a professional mastering service delivering great results at great prices. Echoplex are ready to put the final touches to your music with their online pro audio mastering service. Simply … read more

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Raw Cutz releases Durty Wins sample pack

Loopmasters has launched Durty Wins, a Raw Cutz series sample pack by Durty Cratez. Durty Wins is a jazzy expedition into the unknown, featuring a cool collection of fidget jazz samples, disco stabs, blasting beats, … read more

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Quantum Loops releases Twerk Drums sample pack

Quantum Loops has launched Twerk Drums, a sample pack featuring a collection of complex beats, rhythms, and fills for twerk music production. Twerk music comes from a mixture of EDM, Hip Hop and Nu Orleans … read more

Producertech releases Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments

Producertech has launched Essential Guide to Logic Pro Instruments, a video tutorial course on Logic Pro’s virtual instruments. Logic Pro is one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations on the market. Used at every … read more

Singomakers releases Twerk It Out sample pack

Singomakers has announced the release of Twerk It Out, a new collection of twerk and trap samples. Punchy 808 Sub kicks, Hip-Hop Drum Loops, Tweaked Bass Lines, Bleaping Themes, Twisted FX, One Shots, all elements … read more

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Samplestate releases Minimal, Tech & Deep Vol. 1

Samplestate has launched Minimal, Tech & Deep Vol. 1, a sample pack curated by the underground label Little Helpers. The first volume of this series is produced by Lee Walker and Phillip Stirzaker, covering Minimal, … read more

Rankin Audio releases Ableton Projects – UK Bass & Garage

Rankin Audio has launched Ableton Projects – UK Bass & Garage, a new Ableton Projects series title in which producers can learn in depth production techniques right from the DAW itself. You can delve deep … read more

Loopmasters releases Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain – Drum & Bass Fusion Vol2

Loopmasters has launched Drum & Bass Fusion Vol2, a new sample pack featuring loops and samples by Dope Ammo & Marvellous Cain. Dope Ammo returns to Loopmasters for the second in a series of collaborative … read more

Plugin Boutique offer Bitwig Studio with 4 free Loopmasters packs

Plugin Boutique has announced that the Bitwig Studio music production software for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available at its online shop. Bitwig Studio is now available at Plugin Boutique. When purchased, customers will … read more

Loopmasters releases Complex Electro Synths Massive Presets

Loopmasters has launched Complex Electro Synths Massive Presets, a new Patchworx soundset for the NI Massive synthesizer. Reboot your Native Instruments Massive with a Fresh palette of hard hitting Electro sounds featuring Screeching Leads Angry … read more

EarthMoments releases The Laya Project – Ambience Vol 2

EarthMoments has released The Laya Project – Ambience Vol 2, a collection of rare recordings from the award winning production Laya Project, a journey through the villages, forests, rivers and communities of Thailand and Sri … read more

Push Button Bang releases Hip Hop Horns sample pack

Push Button Bang has launched Hip Hop Horns, a collection of big brass and sexy saxophone to light up your modern hip hop, R&B and urban chart music production. Whether you want staccato stabs, simple … read more

5Pin Media releases Deep Warehouse Beats pack

5Pin Media has launched Deep Warehouse Beats, a new MIDI Focus series sound pack. 5Pin Media and Adam Shaw team up once again to bring you a sublime collection of DEEP WAREHOUSE BEATS inspired by … read more

Monster Sounds relesaes Killer Acapellas 4 sample pack

Monster Sounds has launched Killer Acapellas 4, a sample library featuring 8 royalty free vocal acapellas. Fed up of having to re use the same vocals everyone else has caned over the years, or risk … read more

Famous Audio releases Lunatic Dubstep sample pack

Famous Audio has launched Lunatic Dubstep, a sample pack featuring 519 loops & samples for dubstep music production. ‘Lunatic Dubstep’ brings you a rare collection of instantly usable loops and samples that will blend perfectly … read more

Loopmasters releases Hip Hop by Durty Cratez

Loopmasters has released Hip Hop, a Raw Cutz series sample pack by Durty Cratez. Hip Hop from Durty Cratez is a Primo inspired fat chunk of funk, featuring stacccato stabs, chord cuts, simple horn stabs, … read more

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Loopmasters launches Black Friday Sale – Up to 50% off

Loopmasters has launched its Black Friday Sale, offering up to 50% off sample packs and soundsets. Included in the sale are packs from Loopmasters, eLab, Equipped, RawCutz, Rankin Audio, EDM Gold, EarthMoments, Hitmakers, Monster Sound, … read more

Noisefactory releases Big Room Tools Vol. 3

Noisefactory has launched Big Room Tools Vol. 3, a sample pack for peak-time oriented music productions. Filled with tons of fresh samples, this pack gives you all the necessary tools to create the next main … read more

Industrial Strength releases Gancher & Ruin – Russian Roulette Vol. 2

Industrial Strength Records has launched Russian Roulette Vol. 2, a sample pack by Gancher & Ruin. Inspired by the fiercest sounds of DnB, Hardcore, Drumstep and Industrial, this ferocious pack delivers round after round of … read more