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Hollow Sun Hogmanay Special: SineSynth for Kontakt

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Hollow Sun SineSynth

Hollow Sun has announced the release of SineSynth, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

It uses samples from a valve sinewave generator to create a variety of sounds from organs, sub-basses, leadlines and pads and more and the DETUNER control makes the sound thicker from mild detune to out-and-out discordant ring modulator sounds. There’s also an ADSR envelope to shape the sound.

The CRUNCH buttons introduce all sorts of distortions and tonal modifications which can be used individually or in combination to add overtones and harmonics while the PLAYBACK controls allow you to play polyphonically or monophically and in the mono modes, glide can be added. And there’s a vibrato oscillator with variable RATE. The VIA switches give plenty of options.

There’s also an echo effect and a convolution reverb with spring, plate and acoustic hall impulses to round things off.

I’ll be honest and admit that this is not the most versatile synth ever made but for pure and simple lead lines, solid basses, organ sounds and mellow pads, its simplicity (and silly price) takes some beating and it’s a pokey little synth in its own unique way!

Hollow Sun SineSynth
Hollow Sun SineSynth for Native Instruments Kontakt.

SineSynth features

  • 44k.1Hz / 24-bit.
  • Valve sine wave generator.
  • Semi-additive synthesiser.
  • Sub basses.
  • Leadlines.
  • Delay and convolution reverb.

SineSynth for Kontakt is available to purchase for 1 Guinea (£1.05 GBP / 1.30 EUR /$1.60 USD) through January 2013.

More information: Hollow Sun / SineSynth


Hollow Sun releases You Know 6 for Kontakt

Hollow Sun You Know 6

Hollow Sun has announced the release of You Know 6, a sound library for Kontakt featuring the sounds of the Juno-6 by Roland.

This year’s seasonal offering is an homage to the fabulous 80s DCO polysynth – ‘you know’ the one I refer to and it’s fairly obvious from the GUI!!!

But it comes with a few twists!

Firstly, it has a DETUNE control so that the waveforms can be detuned for a thicker sound that can rival the more serious two oscillator polysynths. It also has a multiwave LFO (compared with the original’s triangle wave only), a 12/24dB/OCtave switch on the filter and perhaps, most importantly, has two ADSR envelopes, a vast improvement over the original’s one envelope.

Not just that but we’ve sampled two banks of waveforms – one with the original’s gorgeously crusty, analogue bucket brigade chorus in all its rich, stereo and swirly wondrousness but also the raw waveforms so that you have the best of both worlds. The chorused bank allows some truly massive sounds to be created, especially with the detune control.

It also comes with 40 presets to get you started which range from supremely lush strings and pads to chunky basses, organs and spikey arpeggios.

Hollow Sun You Know 6
The You Know 6 sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

You Know 6 features

  • 44k.1Hz / 24-bit.
  • An homage to the famous 80s polysynth.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Waveform detune.
  • Two envelopes.
  • Multiwave LFO.

The You Know 6 is available to purchase for £2 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / You Know 6


Soundcells releases Salad Bar Version 7 ReFill

Soundcells Salad Bar

Soundcells has released version 7 of its Salad Bar showcase library of patches from Soundcells ReFills.

Salad Bar’s patches will cover all kinds of music styles showing you the very best Soundcells has to offer. It’s a great ReFill to get to know Soundcells’ work, introducing you to their signature dimension in designing sound.

Version 7 is filled with 20 awesome Nordic Red patches as also 15 exclusive Salad Bar only ones (111 SB-exclusives in total now).

With its nearly 340 combinators this Reason 6 ReFill is stronger than ever before. Apart from that it´s a real bargain and “must-have” for the user and an excellent ambassador for Soundcells.

Salad Bar Version 7 features

  • 332 combinator patches in 8 folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, SaladBar_exclusive (currently 111 ‘Salad Bar Only’ ones).
  • 391 well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT and ReDrum and also 60 rex loops.
  • The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds.
  • 8 tracks in RNS format – inspiring with high ‘tutorialesque’ value.

The Salad Bar ReFill is available to purchase for 9.90 EUR.

More information: Soundcells / Salad Bar


Loopmasters releases Zenhiser Label Sampler + 20% off in Summer Sale

Loopmasters Zenhiser Label Sampler

Loopmasters has released the Zenhiser Label Sampler, a selection of sounds from Zenhiser libraries at a low price.

Welcome to the 2012 Zenhiser Label Sampler. This is a sample pack dedicated to teasing you into hearing just how good Zenhiser samples really are. Founded in 2005 Zenhiser is now seven years strong and with over 300 sample packs & preset packs under our belt we’re surprised you haven’t heard of us before!

And don’t forget use the included coupon codes for a 20% discount off the price of each product.

Zenhiser Label Sampler features

  • 200 selected sounds:
    • 40 samples from 2012 Clubber Kicks
    • 40 samples from Drum Rolls & Fills – Club
    • 40 samples from Massive Dubstep Basslines
    • 40 samples from Trance Synths
    • 40 samples from Turbo Risers 2
  • 347 MB content, 24-bit quality.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

Loopmasters also launched a Summer Sale, offering 20% off selected Zenhiser sound packs until August 10th, 2012.

More information: Loopmasters / Zenhiser Label Sampler


LSR Audio launches Single Knob Series plugins

LSR Audio has released SK_Drive and SK_Bright, two new Single Knob Series effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Single Knob Series plugins

  • Easy to use
  • Low price !
  • LSR audio tube emulation algorithm
  • If you need more than one knob… try TUBEnhance
LSR Audio Single Knob Series
SK_Drive and SK_Bright Single Knob Series effect plug-ins for PC and Mac.

Single Knob Series features

  • SK_Drive tube drive — Low drive levels adds subtle tube warmth to you sound. Higher levels gives a dynamic tube overdrive suitable for drums, voice, bass or guitars. Developed with the same tube emulation algorithms as the famous TUBEnhance.
  • SK_Bright tube enhancer — SK_Bright adds brightness, presence and harmonics to a track or to the master bus. It selects the upper frequencies of your sound and adds tube overdrive to it. Of course the same result can be obtained from TUBEnhance.

Both plug-ins are available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at $9 USD each.

More information: LSR Audio / Single Knob Series


Hollow Sun launches Vital Organs – Diamond Jubilee Special

Hollow Sun has announced the release of Vital Organs, a special Kontakt sample library in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

We’ve assembled a varied and diverse range of organ sounds from our dusty archives … B3s to cathedral, pipe and church organs and a whole host of various synthesised organs. There’s control over level, distortion, cabinet simulation, rotary cabinet and reverb with which to tailor your sound. There’s also a second page to tailor velocity response, velocity curve, tuning, key range and pitch bend range…

Hollow Sun Vital Organs
Vital Organs features a collection of very useful organ sounds, appropriate for any number of musical genres, wrapped up in a suitably commemorative GUI.

Vital Organs features

  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit.
  • ‘Lite’ and optimised and easy on memory and CPU.
  • 35 organ presets.
  • Rock, jazz, gospel, church, pipe and cathedral organs.
  • Editable custom scripted GUI.
  • Distortion, cab simulator, rotary cab and reverb.

The sound library is available to purchase through June 2012 only, priced at just £2 GBP.

More information: Hollow Sun / Vital Organs


Sinevibes launches a low-cost AudioUnit bundle

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Sinevibes AudioUnit Bundle

Sinevibes has announced a special limited-time AudioUnit bundle, which offers its most popular products for an unusually low price.

The bundle includes Deep, Dynamo and Turbulence plugins and is a great opportunity for musicians with any budget to bring something new and innovative into their setup. All these plugins feature simple color-coded interfaces which make them a blast to use in any production style.

Some of the special AudioUnit pack applications include:

  • Apply complex gate and filter patterns onto any instrument parts.
  • Re-process and mangle beat loops with perfectly matched timing.
  • Transform static, lifeless sounds into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material.
  • Turn simple waveforms like sine, saw and square into complex motion synth and bass lines with incredible density.
  • Create growling, wobbling and FM-like sounds with very little effort.
  • Emulate slicing and stutter effects.

The Sinevibes special AudioUnit pack with Deep, Dynamo and Turbulence is available to purchase for $29 USD until 1st July 2012 (regular $57 USD).

More information: Sinevibes / AudioUnit pack