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Jeroen Breebaart releases Red Phatt Pro

Jeroen Breebaart Red Phatt Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released Red Phatt Pro, a dynamics (compressor/limiter) plug-in for Windows PC.

Red Phatt Pro provides flexible and powerful dynamics processing and supports advanced compression techniques such as upward compression, downward compression, New-York style (parallel) compression, side-chaining, dual-ratio compression, expansion and more.

Red Phatt Pro features

  • Zero latency processing optimized for both live and studio use.
  • Support for all sampling frequencies supported by the plugin host.
  • Mono or stereo sidechain input for broadcast or advanced music production purposes.
  • Higher-order level detector with controllable filter and hysteresis for maximum control of the detected signal envelopes.
  • Different release curves for more sonic variety.
  • Integrated zero-latency peak limiter.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Red Phatt Pro is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC and it costs just 10 EUR. A demo version is available from the product page.

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information.

de la Mancha announces bathtub special offer

de la Mancha bathtub

de la Mancha has announced a special offer for bathtub, a flexible and configurable stereo compressor VST plug-in for Windows PC.

It’s that time of year again where the special offers come rolling in, and the elves at de la Mancha’s grotto wanted to join in. So until Thursday 11th December*, if you buy *bathtub* dual compressor/limiter ($29) then you get a copy of *unstable* and *pitchfork* pitch wobblers for free (usual price $15 each)

All you need to do is purchase bathtub and both unstable and pitchfork will be included in the download with bathtub.

Visit de la Mancha for more information and links to download demo versions of bathtub, unstable and pitchfork.

* offer ends at 09:00 GMT on Friday 12th December

Opulent Audio releases Tenacity

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Opulent Audio Tenacity

Opulent Audio has released Tenacity, a 2 Osc Monster synth VSTi plug-in for Windows PC.

Tenacity features

  • Two sample-based oscillators with 35 available waveforms. Each oscillator has it’s own tempo-synced rhythmic gate, waveshaping, bitrate (4, 8, 16, or 24 bit) and tuning (octave, semitone, and fine). The oscillators hard-sync to each other to form a feedback loop. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
  • Two parallel multi-state SV filters, providing simultaneous lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters on a mixer with individual volume and pan for each filter state. Output options: dry signal out or delay effect.
  • Ring modulation of the two oscillators with 25 modulation types and mix amount. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
  • Stereo delay with normal or cross mode available. Tempo synced with dozens of sync options. Feedback and mix amounts.
  • Two phrase arpeggiators: oscillators can accept MIDI input 3 ways – either as standard note input or from one of the two tempo-synced phrase arpeggiators. Each oscillator can accept input from a different arpeggiator for the ‘dueling arp’ effect.
  • Three tempo synced LFOs with 20 waveforms. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
  • Two (up to) 8 stage envelopes with many options for triggering, looping, and envelope length. Dozens of tempo sync options available. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
  • Eight slot modulation matrix with 11 sources (incl osc gates) and 39 targets, all user defined.
  • Monophonic synth with retrigger option and portamento.
  • Most parameters controllable via MIDI.
  • 32 presets.
  • PDF manual included. Additional support available via email.

Tenacity is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $8 USD. A 14-day fully functioning demo is available from the product page.

Opulent Audio has also announced the end of the year special. Until December 31, 2008 you can purchase bLO-FIsh and DirtyGirl for only $5 USD.

Visit Opulent Audio for more information.

Yonac Software releases miniSynth

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Yonac miniSynth

Yonac Software has released miniSynth (aka miniApollo), a keyboard synthesizer for the iPhone.

miniSynth is designed to recreate the sounds of the ’70s classic analog synths. It features a wide array of controls that allows users to experiment with and sculpt sounds, evoking the countless futuristic sounds associated with the wood-and-transistor era in electronic music.

miniSynth features

  • Two variable-range, “old school” oscillators.
  • Four individual waveforms per oscillator (triangular, sawtooth, sine and square).
  • Six stops per oscillator, giving approximately a 5-7000 Hz range, including individual LFO switches.
  • Dedicated VFO mixers.
  • User-controllable VCF (variable capacitance filter), with retro-modeling algorithm and feedback.
  • User-controllable attack/decay filters.
  • Programmable glide.
  • Vintage modeling “tape delay” reverb unit, including adjustable delay time and decay.
  • Keyboard-on mode.
  • 48-key, 4-octave keyboard.
  • 10 factory sound presets.

miniSynth is available from the Apple iPhone App Store for $1.99 USD.

Visit Yonac Software for more information.

Jeroen Breebaart releases Auditor Pro v1.0.4 and updates Barricade Pro to v1.0.2

Jeroen Breebaart Auditor Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released version 1.0.4 of professional metering effect Auditor Pro, and version 1.0.2 of Barricade Pro, a multi-factor VST limiter plug-in.

Auditor Pro is a zero-latency professional metering plugin that features the following properties to be measured:

  • Amplitude of left and right signals (with clip indication).
  • Amplitude of mid and side signals (with clip indication).
  • Peak amplitude of left and right signals.
  • Peak amplitude of mid and side signals.
  • RMS of left and right signals.
  • RMS of mid and side signals.
  • Realtime spectrum.
  • Realtime correlation (or stereo phase).
  • Inter-sample peak (ISP) analysis.
  • RMS using ‘true’ RMS or AES17 specification.

The output scales can be adjusted according to conventional scales (with 0 dB corresponding to full scale), as well as K12, K14 and K20 scales. The plugin supports processing of mono and stereo 64 bits audio data with sample rates of up to 192 kHz.

Auditor Pro for Windows PC is now available for purchase and costs only 5 EUR.

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information and links to download demo versions of Auditor Pro and Barricade Pro.

Jeroen Breebaart releases Barricade Pro

Jeroen Breebaart Barricade Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released Barricade Pro, a multi-factor limiter VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Barricade Pro features

  • Each section for waveform, envelope, loudness and correlation limiting is fully customazible in terms of time constants, amount of processing, and alike.
  • Professional signal level meters according to the Katz metering system. Metering includes digital peak, peak hold, RMS and correlation levels. Meters can be switched between K12, K14 and K20 scales.
  • Supports processing of 64 bits audio data.
  • Output bit-depth can be reduced using dithering and perceptual noise shaping.
  • Sample rates are supported of up to 196 kHz.

Barricade Pro is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for only €10 EUR.

A demo version with the following limitations is available for download: Inter Sample Peak (ISP) function is disabled, the parameter display is disabled and output scales K14 and K20 are disabled.

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information.

Chip Collection $5 Dollar Super Sale On All Sample Packs

Chip Collection sale

The Chip Collection has announced all items in their shop are now $5 USD.

This is a week long promotional sale that will end next tuesday. This is sort of like getting a value meal at taco bell!! Time to load up your stomach sampler. Prices will go back to $20 soon. Remember this is every product in the store only $5 bucks!

Available $5 USD items

Check the Chip Collection website for more information.

Sonart Audio releases Diamond House

Sonart Audio Diamond House

Sonart Audio has released Diamond House, a collection of 7 popular sample packs featuring over 8,450 24bit samples.

Diamond House features

Diamond House is available as a Multiformat Download Pack (REX2, Reason, RMX, NI Kontkat 2.3+KSP, EXS24, Apple Loops, AIFF, ACID, WAV, Halion, SF2) for $59.95 USD.

Visit Sonart Audio for more information and audio demos.