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Homegrown Sounds Homegrown Complete now includes 14 sample libraries

Homegrown Sounds Homegrown Complete

Homegrown Sounds has added the Acoustic Drum Grooves library to Homegrown Complete, the entire collection of Homegrown Sample CDs in downloadable format.

Buying this product saves half the price of buying all titles individually!

It is the equivalent of buying both ‘Homegrown Loop Collection’ and ‘Homegrown Atmospheric Collection.’ It includes the following 14 sample CD/DVD titles which amounts to over 9.5gb of samples.

Homegrown Complete includes

  • Acoustic Drum Grooves — 2,740 RX2 loops and 3,334 WAVs. All sounds are real drum recordings made on a couple of kits and have many ‘breakbeated’ variations, plus a some heavy compression loops (like Organic Breakbeats) as well as a few single hits and a few fills. Note: this collection will soon be released separately for £35.
  • Organic Breakbeats — 950 Original Breakbeats and drum loops, with a distinctively dirt ridden heavy sound.
  • Elemental Guitar Loops — Representing many different genres, from ambient effect, strumming chords, rhythmic licks to full on distortion.
  • Radiance — Pads and textures ranging from angelic beautiful ‘scapes in the region of Eno, Budd through to darker harsher sounds, Trans Global Underground and Coil etc
  • Alien Landscapes — A potent mix of otherwordly soundscapes and atmospheric textures, an impressive collection of one-shot samples that are perfect for filmscore work, ambient electronica, and chill-out grooves.
  • Alchemy — Instruments and landscapes, based on artificial and acoustic recordings, from uncomplicated instruments to extremely complex textures.
  • Homegrown 800 — Stunning resonant textures and dreamy atmospheric pads, inspirational source material for the creation of evocative soundscapes, classy Chill-Out grooves, and funky intelligent dance music.
  • Full Frequency — Combines subtle, futuristic textures with warmly atmospheric pads, perfect for creating film scores. Contains a wealth of sounds capable of adding a haunting, mellow ambience to just about any kind of music.
  • Guitar Textures — A beautifully crafted series of guitar movements, synthesised from a real electric guitar, including ebow.
  • Timbres
  • Sand in the Sarnies — A sometimes gritty assortment of unpredictable pads and volatile textures, combining a series of dark ambient landscapes, with eruptions of industrial noise and constantly shifting rhythmic elements.
  • Bubony — Percussion sample CD produced by talented producer Jaro Koco in Slovakia.
  • Organic Chaos — Contains Constructive and Destructive elements to grungify and elevate your musical projects.
  • Frequency Arps — 600 ACID compatible loops, designed for dropping into existing tracks to give an electronic edge.

The Homegrown Complete collection is available for purchase for £50 GBP.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information and audio demos of the various titles included in this collection.


Expert Sleepers updates Crossfade Loop Synth to v3.1

Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth

Expert Sleepers has released version 3.1 of Crossfade Loop Synth (and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect) for Mac and Windows.

Crossfade Loop Synth is a bundle of two plug-ins: Crossfade Loop Synth itself and Crossfade Loop Synth Effect.

Crossfade Loop Synth is a sample playback instrument, borrowing features more often found on traditional synthesisers e.g. PWM & oscillator sync, allowing creative use of sample based material for sound synthesis.

Crossfade Loop Synth Effect allows real time recording of audio into the synth’s sample buffer, with various applications to live sampling, creation of unique delay effects, and all sorts of glitch-style processing, especially when combined with parameter automation.

Changes in Crossfade Loop Synth (and effect) v3.1

  • Added next/previous sample buttons, for quickly auditioning multiple samples in a folder on disk.
  • Added OSC control.
  • Added MIDI/OSC scripting.

Crossfade Loop Synth licences and upgrades are reduced in price until the end of February 2009.

Crossfade Loop Synth v2 is just $1 USD (instead of $10), while version 3 is $29 USD (instead of $49). The upgrade from v2 to v3 is now $28 USD (instead of $39).

Use the coupon codes on the Expert Sleepers website to receive the discount when purchasing.

Visit Expert Sleepers for more information.


H.G. Fortune releases Atonoise

H.G. Fortune Atonoise

H.G. Fortune has released Atonoise, an atonal spooky noise VSTi synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Atonoise is a VSTi synthesizer and in Pro version VST effect for fairly spooky, SciFi and others alike sounds. It’s got no filter by design and you won’t hardly ever hear the basic waveforms. It’s working atonal i.e. with no real defined pitch therefore it is not what you might expect – instead this one is esp. for various kinds of noisy fx sounds.

Atonoise features

  • Two oscillators each with a level adjust and both followed by one amp ADSR EG. The different waveforms simply provide different flavours to the modifiers.
  • Four modifiers: Inferno and Spook 1 to Spook 3.
    • Inferno adds via Inferno Mix some upper harmonics generated from the input very similar to the timbre feature of the Swamp VSTi.
    • Spook 1 and Spook 2 modifiers can be used as single, in parallel 1|2 or in series 1-2. The spook amount is determined by the two spook knobs while the XY-Pad ads more or less density i.e. a fairly metallic sound in lower left corner or less density at upper right corner. This can be modulated by selectable and even invertible LFOs. Moving the ‘Ghost’ image like a joystick ball manually is another option to modulate density.
    • Spook 3 adds even some kind of reverbish flavour when slider is moved to the right.
  • VST effect (Pro version only) can run an external audio signal through the modifiers instead of or in addition to the internal soundsources. There is an External Input Level adjust knob to control the amount of input signal while the Dry/Wet knob serves to balance between the Dry incoming and the Wet processed signal.

Atonoise Pro for Windows PC is available for 9 EUR. A free version without the effect plug-in is available from the product page.

More information: H.G. Fortune


Jeroen Breebaart updates Auditor Pro to v1.0.5

Jeroen Breebaart Auditor Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released version 1.0.5 of Auditor Pro, a zero-latency professional metering plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in Auditor Pro v1.0.5

  • Added numerical spectrum data readout by moving mouse over the spectrum display while keeping the left-mouse button pressed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused erroneous data processing on some hosts using 64-bits audio data.

Auditor Pro is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC and costs just 5 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information.


Jeroen Breebaart releases Red Phatt Pro

Jeroen Breebaart Red Phatt Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has released Red Phatt Pro, a dynamics (compressor/limiter) plug-in for Windows PC.

Red Phatt Pro provides flexible and powerful dynamics processing and supports advanced compression techniques such as upward compression, downward compression, New-York style (parallel) compression, side-chaining, dual-ratio compression, expansion and more.

Red Phatt Pro features

  • Zero latency processing optimized for both live and studio use.
  • Support for all sampling frequencies supported by the plugin host.
  • Mono or stereo sidechain input for broadcast or advanced music production purposes.
  • Higher-order level detector with controllable filter and hysteresis for maximum control of the detected signal envelopes.
  • Different release curves for more sonic variety.
  • Integrated zero-latency peak limiter.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Red Phatt Pro is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC and it costs just 10 EUR. A demo version is available from the product page.

Visit Jeroen Breebaart for more information.


de la Mancha announces bathtub special offer

de la Mancha bathtub

de la Mancha has announced a special offer for bathtub, a flexible and configurable stereo compressor VST plug-in for Windows PC.

It’s that time of year again where the special offers come rolling in, and the elves at de la Mancha’s grotto wanted to join in. So until Thursday 11th December*, if you buy *bathtub* dual compressor/limiter ($29) then you get a copy of *unstable* and *pitchfork* pitch wobblers for free (usual price $15 each)

All you need to do is purchase bathtub and both unstable and pitchfork will be included in the download with bathtub.

Visit de la Mancha for more information and links to download demo versions of bathtub, unstable and pitchfork.

* offer ends at 09:00 GMT on Friday 12th December


Opulent Audio releases Tenacity

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Opulent Audio Tenacity

Opulent Audio has released Tenacity, a 2 Osc Monster synth VSTi plug-in for Windows PC.

Tenacity features

  • Two sample-based oscillators with 35 available waveforms. Each oscillator has it’s own tempo-synced rhythmic gate, waveshaping, bitrate (4, 8, 16, or 24 bit) and tuning (octave, semitone, and fine). The oscillators hard-sync to each other to form a feedback loop. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
  • Two parallel multi-state SV filters, providing simultaneous lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch filters on a mixer with individual volume and pan for each filter state. Output options: dry signal out or delay effect.
  • Ring modulation of the two oscillators with 25 modulation types and mix amount. Output options: dry signal out, filter 1 or 2 (or both), or delay effect.
  • Stereo delay with normal or cross mode available. Tempo synced with dozens of sync options. Feedback and mix amounts.
  • Two phrase arpeggiators: oscillators can accept MIDI input 3 ways – either as standard note input or from one of the two tempo-synced phrase arpeggiators. Each oscillator can accept input from a different arpeggiator for the ‘dueling arp’ effect.
  • Three tempo synced LFOs with 20 waveforms. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
  • Two (up to) 8 stage envelopes with many options for triggering, looping, and envelope length. Dozens of tempo sync options available. Each has optional sample and hold with separate sync rate.
  • Eight slot modulation matrix with 11 sources (incl osc gates) and 39 targets, all user defined.
  • Monophonic synth with retrigger option and portamento.
  • Most parameters controllable via MIDI.
  • 32 presets.
  • PDF manual included. Additional support available via email.

Tenacity is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for $8 USD. A 14-day fully functioning demo is available from the product page.

Opulent Audio has also announced the end of the year special. Until December 31, 2008 you can purchase bLO-FIsh and DirtyGirl for only $5 USD.

Visit Opulent Audio for more information.