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Luftrum Ambient ReFills Bundle for Reason 50% off

Luftrum Ambient ReFills

Luftrum has announced a 50% discount on a bundle of its Ambient ReFills for Propellerhead Reason.

I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can now order a Luftrum Reason Bundle consisting of all four ambient ReFills with a 50% discount – that’s $49 in total for the Luftrum Reason Bundle (retail $96).

These are essential for ambient producers who work within Reason or to those who do not own Reason but need new royalty free sample material to feed their DAW. All samples contained within the ReFills are included as optional downloads in both Wav and Rx2, over 1.2GB samples in total.

Luftrum Ambient ReFills features

  • 200+ Ambient Patches for Thor (Pads, Soundscapes, Drones, Textures etc.)
  • 95 Dr.Rex loops (Old Movie Conversation, Soundscapes & Drones etc.)
  • 40 Royalty Free Ambient Samples by ISHQ.
  • 32 Combinator Ambient Pads.

Some sounds from the Luftrum 3 collection of ambient loops and Thor pads.

To take advantage of this offer, simply add all ReFills to the shopping cart and get the 50% discount at checkout automatically.

More information: Luftrum

Luftrum 9 for Diva & Reason Ambient Bundle Giveaway

I am pleased to announced that Søren Hybel aka Luftrum is offering readers a chance to win some of his most excellent soundsets.

I recently reviewed the Luftrum 9 soundset for Diva, which impressed me greatly.


For those who are unfamiliar with Luftrum:

I am Luftrum. Sound designer, field recordist and electronic experimentalist. I have created presets for synthesizers by Steinberg, Roland, Moog, Camel Audio, Propellerheads, Xils Lab and U-He to mention a few.

I work freelance for audio companies besides releasing my own soundbanks.
I worked with Camel Audio on the Luftrum:Ambient soundbank for Alchemy containing 150 ambient presets. I also worked for Steinberg on their Zero Gravity expansion for Padshop Pro. Ambient pads and sounds are my trademark.

You now have a chance to win a copy of the Diva soundbank, or a Reason Ambient Bundle.

Luftrum 9 for Diva / Reason Ambient Bundle

Luftrum Giveaway

  • 1 x Luftrum 9 for DIVA
    64 presets ranging from smooth ambient pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre.
  • 1 x Reason Ambient Bundle, which includes:
    • Luftrum 1 – 66 Ambient patches for Thor with 10 Signature patches by Deepspace.
    • Luftrum 2 – 69 Ambient pads, soundscapes & drones for Thor.
    • Luftrum 3 – 95 Dr.Rex loops (318 MB) + 45 Ambient pads for Thor. Old movie conversation, soundscapes and drones, field recordings etc.
    • Luftrum 5 – ISHQ Signature Soundbank + 64 Ambient pads for Combinator and Thor, including standalone wav and rx2 files of the ISHQ soundbank.

For a chance to win, simply leave a reply on this post and tell us whether you would want the Diva soundset or Reason bundle. For each, a lucky winner will be chosen at random from all replies.

Dec 26th – Luftrum has just doubled up the prizes. There are 2 Diva soundsets and 2 Reason bundles to be won so we’ll pick 4 lucky winners in a few days!

The giveaway ends December 31st, 2012, 11.59pm CET. The winners will be announced shortly after. Good luck!

More information: Luftrum

Review: Luftrum 9 soundset for u-he DIVA

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Luftrum 9 for u-he Diva

Ever since hearing some of his patches for Camel Audio’s Alchemy, Søren Hybel aka Luftrum has been on my radar.

With Luftrum 9, users of u-he’s virtual analog DIVA synthesizer now have a chance to get 64 sounds from the Danish sound designer, field recordist and electronic experimentalist.

Luftrum 9 contains 64 presets ranging from smooth ambients pads to gentle arpeggios, berlin school sequences and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Royksopp and Jean Michel Jarre.

Luftrum 9 patches:

  • 21 Ambient Pads
  • 19 Arpeggios
  • 15 Synths
  • 4 Soundscapes
  • 3 Sound Effects
  • 2 Strings

The patches make use of Diva’s onboard effects, sometimes quite heavily. Still, the CPU usage is really good on most sounds. Luftrum designed the presets in “fast quality mode”, so that’s great when using Diva on older machines. The patches includes information on what parameters are controlled by mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch, etc. The set is geared towards ambient music, and the patches generally sounds warm and dynamic.

It is interesting that the soundset includes arpeggio patches, as Diva has no arpeggiator. Of course nothing stops you from using these patches to create your own sequences, but Luftrum designed them for use with an arpeggiator. Kirnu was used in the process, so you could pick that up from Arto Vaarala.

Reaper users can also get this playlist for Kirnu, or download an archive of fxp/fxb for use in Kirnu with other DAWs.

Check the audio demos below to hear some of the sounds of Luftrum 9.

So what do I think?

Product: Luftrum 9
Format: .h2p patches for u-he Diva
Price: $19 USD
Like: Beautiful sounds, well programmed, CPU efficient
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 10/10

Did you listen to the audio demos, and you are still here? This soundset is stunning. From start to finish, each and every single one of these 64 patches is a beauty.

I am truly inspired by the sounds and sound design of Luftrum. A first pass on the patches had me sucked in for over an hour, it’s just that good. Classic sound and modern day quality combined, what more do you want?

I love everything in this set (yes, also the R2D2 emulation), with the pads section being my favorite. These are simply gorgeous, beautifully crisp, warm, evolving, completely drawing you in.

This is my favorite Diva soundset to date, highly recommended!

More information: Luftrum / Diva soundset

Luftrum 9 soundset for u-he DIVA released

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Luftrum 9 for u-he Diva

Luftrum has announced the release of LUFTRUM 9, a new soundbank for the DIVA virtual analog synthesizer by u-he.

It’s a pleasure to announce the release of Luftrum 9 a new soundbank for DIVA containing 64 presets ranging from cinematic pads to soundscapes over gentle arpeggios and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Royksopp, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and William Orbit.

2/3 of the soundbank are pads and arpeggios so it’s pad arp haven! All presets were designed in ‘Fast’ quality mode for best CPU performance.

Luftrum 9 features

  • 21 Ambient Pads.
  • 19 Arpeggios.
  • 15 Synths.
  • 4 Soundscapes.
  • 3 Sound Effects.
  • 2 Strings.

The soundset is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: Luftrum / Diva soundset

Luftrum 9 soundset for u-he DIVA announced

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Luftrum has announced the upcoming Luftum 9 soundset, a collection of sounds for the Diva software synthesizer by u-he.

I am about to finalize a new soundbank Luftrum 9 containing 64 presets for DIVA set to release in start November. The new soundbank contains cinematic pads, gentle arpeggios, soundscapes and synth emulations inspired by Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Royksopp, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and William Orbit.

Since DIVA doesn’t contain an arpeggiator yet, all arpeggios were made with the Kirnu Arpeggiator – which is free to download. Listen to the audio demo below…

More information: Luftrum

Luftrum Call to Arms: Charity 2012—Bid on music production software & help Save The Children

Luftrum has announced the Call to Arms: Charity 2012, a chance to bid on music production software and help out children in need.

Save The Children

Last year we had a charity event on KVR. It was titled Call to Arms: Charity and we raised 8712$ for Save the Children. This was done by almost 40 goodhearted developers donating software and proceeds for the charity. Software was auctioned directly in this thread and all the good guys were represented from small individuals to large companies such as Camel Audio, U-He, Spectrasonics, Audio Damage, Voxengo and Rob Papen just to mention a few. The charity was “unofficial” as it was started by me and the official KVR had nothing to do with the charity – other than kindly providing the forum thread for the fund raising.

I have decided to repeat the success from last year and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could break the 10k barrier? The charity can only succeed if developers who were so bighearted to contribute last year decides to support the charity again this year and if new developers join in!

Last year we had a poll regarding what charity to receive the funds. This year there will be no poll as I have chosen Save the Children to receive the funds once again.

All charity auctions end on 12:59 pm KVR Time, October 31st, 2012.

More information: Luftrum / Call to Arms: Charity 2012 (KVR Audio)

Luftrum Drops Price on Roland GAIA, Glass Viper & Animoog Soundsets

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Luftrum has announced a price adjustment for a number of its soundsets.

I have decided to adjust the price on my soundbanks. Most have been lowered 30-50% to reflect a more regular price for the size of soundbanks I usually produce.

Luftrum 6 for Roland GAIA was 29$ it’s now 19$. The soundbank for Glass Viper has been equally lowered from 29$ to 19$. The Animoog soundset is now 9$, it was 19$. Some of the early ambient ReFills for Reason has been slightly increased.

More information: Luftrum

Sunsine Audio launches iOS preset and sample subscription service

Sunsine Audio Subscription

Sunsine Audio has announced the worlds first iOS preset and sample subscription service.

This system is designed to save the customer money, and make it easier to purchase Sunsine Audio products. Additionally customers will receive exclusive content, either in the form of extra content for existing packs or entirely new products. When a new pack is released an email will be sent out to subscribers, containing an attachment or immediate download link.

“This is a hassle free way to enjoy our products, add substantial value to your Apps, save some money and get exclusive products. We’re very proud to be the first to offer such a service and we hope it becomes wildly popular.” said Fletcher Kaufman, owner of Sunsine Audio

In addition, Sunsine Audio has announced it will begin distributing iOS presets and samples developed by other labels. The first product that will be available is Luftrum 8, the acclaimed Animoog preset pack from world class sound designer Luftrum. Other products will appear soon.

“We’re aiming to make Sunsine Audio a one-stop-shop for everything iOS related, and we’re making sure everything we distribute is up to our high standard. This means customers won’t have to go searching for quality presets and samples any more.”

A three month iOS subscription is available for $28.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio