Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v1.1.27 + 50% off Pro upgrade

Camel Audio has updated its Alchemy Mobile free iOS synthesizer app. 50% off the Pro upgrade of Camel Audio’s Alchemy Mobile synthesizer for iOS. Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27 lets you move the remix pad using the … read more

Luftrum launches Animoog Challenge

Luftrum has announced an Animoog Challenge, a contest in which users of Luftrum’s Animoog soundset can win $300 USD in cash. Win 300$ with the Luftrum Animoog Challenge. The goal is to create a track … read more

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Luftrum releases Luftrum 8 for Animoog

Luftrum has released Luftrum 8, a new soundset for the Animoog app by Moog. Expand your Animoog! 64 new presets for Animoog covering a broad range of genres from Ambient to Dubstep. Smooth ambient pads, … read more

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Luftrum releases Luftrum 7 soundbank for Glass Viper

Luftrum has released Luftrum 7, a soundset for the Glass Viper software synthesizer by QuikQuak. 64 handcrafted presets for Glass Viper. Deep ambient pads, synth classics, keys, drones and organic sound effects. Glass Viper is … read more

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Patchpool announces Charity Group Buy for SoundPacks and LoopPacks

Patchpool has announced a Charity Group Buy for its sounds and loops until September 30, 2011. patchpool is contributing 50% (post paypal) of the funds raised through this Group Buy to this charity campaign on … read more

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Luftrum launches Charity Fundraiser

Luftrum has announced a Charity Fundraiser, an initiative to raise funds for a charity. During September all sales from the Luftrum soundbanks including royalties, will be given to charity. The charity will be an organisation … read more

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XILS-lab releases Analog Bag 1 & 2, soundsets for PolyKB II

XILS-lab has released Analog Bag 1 & 2, two soundsets for the PolyKB II virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Analog Bag 1 & 2 features Analog Bag 1 128 new instruments, including Keys, … read more

Luftrum 6, ambient soundbank for Roland GAIA SH-01 synth

Luftrum has announced the release of LUFTRUM 6, a collection of sounds for the GAIA SH-01 synthesizer by Roland. The soundbank contains 64 ambient patches ranging from warm space pads over Berlin School arpeggios and … read more

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Camel Audio releases Luftrum: Ambient and Cameleon: Remixed Soundbanks

Camel Audio has announced the release of Luftrum: Ambient and Cameleon: Remixed, two new Alchemy Soundbanks. Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds, from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space. With dense washes … read more

Review: Camel Audio Cinematic

Camel Audio has recently released Alchemy Player, a virtual instrument for playing and tweaking ready-to-play sounds from Camel Audio’s soundbank collection. Alchemy Player features the same advanced sample manipulation engine as its bigger brother, but … read more

Luftrum releases Luftrum 5

Luftrum has announced the release of Luftrum 5, a 195 MB Ambient ReFill including standalone wav and rx2 files of the Ishq soundbank, compatible with all major hosts, Cubase, Live, FL Studio etc. We dare … read more

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Kriminal releases Felix

Kriminal has released Felix, a freeware synthesizer inspired by the 1981 synth, the Octave Kitten. The real powerful area of the Kitten was the modulation – the LFO / Sample+Hold routing to modulate the ADSR … read more

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Luftrum releases Luftrum 2 ReFill

Luftrum has released Luftrum 2, an ambient ReFill for Reason 4.0 focusing on ambient patches for Thor. Luftrum 2 is taking Thor to a level yet unheard, containing deep pads, sleeping drones, evolving soundscapes and … read more

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