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Luftrum Call to Arms: Charity 2012—Bid on music production software & help Save The Children

Luftrum has announced the Call to Arms: Charity 2012, a chance to bid on music production software and help out children in need.

Save The Children

Last year we had a charity event on KVR. It was titled Call to Arms: Charity and we raised 8712$ for Save the Children. This was done by almost 40 goodhearted developers donating software and proceeds for the charity. Software was auctioned directly in this thread and all the good guys were represented from small individuals to large companies such as Camel Audio, U-He, Spectrasonics, Audio Damage, Voxengo and Rob Papen just to mention a few. The charity was “unofficial” as it was started by me and the official KVR had nothing to do with the charity – other than kindly providing the forum thread for the fund raising.

I have decided to repeat the success from last year and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could break the 10k barrier? The charity can only succeed if developers who were so bighearted to contribute last year decides to support the charity again this year and if new developers join in!

Last year we had a poll regarding what charity to receive the funds. This year there will be no poll as I have chosen Save the Children to receive the funds once again.

All charity auctions end on 12:59 pm KVR Time, October 31st, 2012.

More information: Luftrum / Call to Arms: Charity 2012 (KVR Audio)


Luftrum Drops Price on Roland GAIA, Glass Viper & Animoog Soundsets

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Luftrum has announced a price adjustment for a number of its soundsets.

I have decided to adjust the price on my soundbanks. Most have been lowered 30-50% to reflect a more regular price for the size of soundbanks I usually produce.

Luftrum 6 for Roland GAIA was 29$ it’s now 19$. The soundbank for Glass Viper has been equally lowered from 29$ to 19$. The Animoog soundset is now 9$, it was 19$. Some of the early ambient ReFills for Reason has been slightly increased.

More information: Luftrum


Sunsine Audio launches iOS preset and sample subscription service

Sunsine Audio Subscription

Sunsine Audio has announced the worlds first iOS preset and sample subscription service.

This system is designed to save the customer money, and make it easier to purchase Sunsine Audio products. Additionally customers will receive exclusive content, either in the form of extra content for existing packs or entirely new products. When a new pack is released an email will be sent out to subscribers, containing an attachment or immediate download link.

“This is a hassle free way to enjoy our products, add substantial value to your Apps, save some money and get exclusive products. We’re very proud to be the first to offer such a service and we hope it becomes wildly popular.” said Fletcher Kaufman, owner of Sunsine Audio

In addition, Sunsine Audio has announced it will begin distributing iOS presets and samples developed by other labels. The first product that will be available is Luftrum 8, the acclaimed Animoog preset pack from world class sound designer Luftrum. Other products will appear soon.

“We’re aiming to make Sunsine Audio a one-stop-shop for everything iOS related, and we’re making sure everything we distribute is up to our high standard. This means customers won’t have to go searching for quality presets and samples any more.”

A three month iOS subscription is available for $28.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio


Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v1.1.27 + 50% off Pro upgrade

Camel Audio has updated its Alchemy Mobile free iOS synthesizer app.

Camel Audio Alchemy Mobile
50% off the Pro upgrade of Camel Audio’s Alchemy Mobile synthesizer for iOS.

Alchemy Mobile v1.1.27 lets you move the remix pad using the new Tilt function to translate your physical hand movements into morphing sound changes, while Inertia lets these moves continue under their own steam while you carry on playing. Other new features include quantize to tighten up the timing of your recordings, as well as unlimited record, bounce and export times, further improvements to the keyboard and menu displays, more control over MIDI input and outputs, and iPad 3 retina display graphics.

The Pro Upgrade now lets you record remix pad movements to capture complex sound changes, bookmark your presets to make favourites easier to find, adds more complex quantize functions including triplets and a new ‘Clear MIDI performance and loops’ option. Upgrading to Pro is easy once you’ve installed the free version – just tap on the preset name in the upper left, switch to the Libraries page and select the Pro Upgrade to purchase.

Three new mobile versions of existing Alchemy libraries are now available on mobile, each featuring 50 presets across a wide variety of sound categories. Biolabs: Dark Space is a nightmare blend of science fiction and horror that is both fascinating yet strangely chilling, Dream Voices is a haunting medley of angelic solos, choral washes and intricately woven vocal gymnastics, while Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds, from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space.

Alchemy Mobile is a free app for the iPhone and iPad. The Pro Upgrade is currently on sale for $6.99 USD/5.49 EUR/£4.99 GBP (50% off regular). Biolabs: Dark Space, Dream Voices, and Luftrum: Ambient are $4.99 USD/3.99 EUR/£2.99 GBP each. A free copy is available to those who own the Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade and the equivalent Alchemy or Alchemy Player sound library.

More information: Camel Audio / Alchemy Mobile


Luftrum launches Animoog Challenge

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Luftrum has announced an Animoog Challenge, a contest in which users of Luftrum’s Animoog soundset can win $300 USD in cash.

Win 300$ with the Luftrum Animoog Challenge.

The goal is to create a track based on the sounds from Luftrum 8 – Soundset for Animoog. No other sounds, synth or external effects are allowed.

The track can be any style or genre. You are allowed to submit one track to the challenge and the track must be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Entries for the challenge must be submitted no later than Monday June 18th, 2012.

More information: Luftrum


Luftrum releases Luftrum 8 for Animoog

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Luftrum has released Luftrum 8, a new soundset for the Animoog app by Moog.

Expand your Animoog! 64 new presets for Animoog covering a broad range of genres from Ambient to Dubstep. Smooth ambient pads, wobbly basses, subtle drones, rhythmic sequences and organic sound effects such as a true budgie tweet, the hypnotic song of whales and the natural purr of a cat.

Luftrum 8 is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad version of Animoog. Included is an easy install instruction, describing how to get the sounds onto your device. All presets are nicely sorted with LUF initials to separate them from the factory presets.

Luftrum 8 is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: Luftrum


Luftrum releases Luftrum 7 soundbank for Glass Viper

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Luftrum 7 Glass Viper

Luftrum has released Luftrum 7, a soundset for the Glass Viper software synthesizer by QuikQuak.

64 handcrafted presets for Glass Viper. Deep ambient pads, synth classics, keys, drones and organic sound effects.

Glass Viper is a unique wave shaping synth. Instead of taking a sample or oscillator and applying just filters and FX techniques, Glass Viper bends the actual shape of its waveforms through a series of moving control points.

Luftrum 7 features

  • 29 Ambient Pads
  • 15 Synth & Synth Classics
  • 9 Sound Effects
  • 5 Soundscapes
  • 4 Keys
  • 2 Bass

Luftrum 7 for Glass Viper is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Luftrum