Cinematique Instruments releases Lute for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Lute, a lute instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematique Instruments Lute

The Lute was carefully sampled in minor thirds on all the 13 strings in 3 dynamic layers and 4 round robin variations. We spent a lot of time to capture the seamless transitions between these layers and variations, so that the instrument feels as natural and smooth as possible.

But this lute is not just sampled notes spread on a keyboard! It is more than this. Like on real string instruments it is now possible to play the same note in different hand positions, each with a different timbre. By changing this position you can make a melody sound different and achieve a more natural feel when played – this all happens live via modwheel, pedal or key switch.

As if this wasn’t enough, we also concentrate on the behavior of the course strings. Beside a separate volume knob, we furthermore defined the parameters flam and detune, which lets you vary the time and the tune in relation to the original string. This can be adjusted by separate knobs and then again can be controlled randomly or via velocity. Finally we recorded sounds of finger scratching the strings, which will be automatically added by a realistic noise trigger script – of course you can control the volume.

Once again, with the Lute we expanded our string family with an unique and warm instrument.

The library is available for purchase for 38 EUR. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.22 or higher.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Lute


VST Buzz launches limited-time offer on Plectra Series Bundle

VST Buzz has announced a limited time deal on the Plectra Series Bundle by Impact Soundworks, offering the sample library bundle at a 45% discount.

Impact Soundworks Plectra Series Bundle

Grab a HUGE 45% off the “Plectra Series Bundle” by Impact Soundworks – a bundle of unique, beautiful and deeply-sampled stringed instruments from Europe including the 8-string acoustic bouzouki, Kazakh dombra, Celtic harp, lyre, and lap harp.

The Plectra Series bundle brings you an ancient fretted lute from Kazakhstan with a bright, percussive tone, a Celtic harp, lyre and lap harp that evoke images of the Irish countryside, Appalachian splendor, tall tales and a heart mug of mead beside a crackling fire and an intimate, close-miced bouzouki that’s ideal for traditional, folk, medieval and Renaissance music as well as modern scores in any number of styles.

The Plectra Series Bundle is available from VST Buzz for $59 USD until April 8th, 2014 (regular $109 USD).

More information: VST Buzz


Sound Magic intros China Impression bundle

Sound Magic China Story Erhu

Sound Magic has announced China Impression, a bundle of three virtual Chinese traditional instruments: China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu.

These 3 instruments can help musician to bring Classic Asian/Chinese flavor into their music. At the mean time, it also saves money.

China Story Erhu features Erhu, which is also regarded as Chinese Violin. This instrument is the main string instrument used in traditional Chinese music and you can hear it nearly in every Hollywood movie which has Chinese elements.

Laurel Pipa features Pipa, which is also called Chinese lute. In traditional Chinese music, Pipa plays the same role as guitar.

Bamboo Dreams Bawu features Bawu, which is a woodwind instrument.

The China Impression bundle costs 249 EUR. Existing users of China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu can upgrade at the difference between the bundle price and purchase products.

More information: Sound Magic / China Impression


Impact Soundworks releases Plectra Series 3: Kazakh Dombra

Impact Soundworks Kazakh Dombra

Impact Soundworks has announced the release of its Plectra Series 3: Kazakh Dombra deep-sampled world instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This Kontakt-format library captures the sound of the national instrument of Kazakhstan, a fretted two-stringed lute with a bright, percussive tone, and turns it into a highly playable and versatile composer’s tool.

The “Kazakh Dombra” includes a thorough selection of crucial articulations and playing techniques, ranging from sustains and palm mutes to mordents, trills, tremolos, slides, legato playing, and more, all sampled in incredible depth. The flexible graphical interface allows users to custom map the instrument any way they would like with a minimum of effort.

“Kazakh Dombra” features 1,500+ 24-bit stereo WAV samples organized within a single patch in the Native Instruments Kontakt format. The instrument’s two strings were sampled chromatically up to 16 times per articulation and per note for an incredibly realistic sound. By design, the library is highly intuitive to play or sequence in any digital audio workstation.

Kazakh Dombra features

  • Deep-sampled two-stringed lute.
  • Up to 16x RR per note (8x up/8x down).
  • Intimate close-miced sound.
  • Scripted interface for easy tone control.
  • Sustains, trills, mordents, tremolo.
  • Mutes, hammer-ons, slides.
  • Custom velocity/keyswitch mapping.
  • Full chokes, strums & repetition triggers.

Plectra Series 3: Kazakh Dombra is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Impact Soundworks


Sound Magic intros Liang’s Pipa virtual instrument

Sound Magic has announced the release of Liang’s Pipa, a virtual pipa instrument.

Sound Magic Liang's Pipa

The Pipa is a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument which has a pear-shaped wooden body with a varying number of frets ranging from 12-26, belonging to the plucked category of instruments. The Pipa is able to express a wide range of emotions. It can be bright and harsh when you need to portray battles or great tension. The Pipa can also melt your heart with it’s warm expressive tones on sad songs or love ballads. Liang’s Pipa gives you more than 10 expression controls, allowing an amazing range of expression.

The Pipa, also known as the Chinese lute, is one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for almost two thousand years. In comparison to western instruments such as violins or guitars, the Pipa has traditionally been dependent on many performance skills to produce it’s wide variations in sound. Liang’s Pipa is the largest sampled Pipa to appear on the market. Our 2.5GB library covers nearly all existing performance skills of Pipa, with over 15 categories and 60 variations.

To ensure the maximum accuracy and musicality in the reproduction of this complex and beautiful sound, Sound Magic invited the virtuoso from the prestigious Central Academy of Drama in Beijing to record their wide variety of sounds. To make it easier for you to sound like one of these world reknowned Pipa performers, Sound Magic has developed a simpler set of controls to let you control all 60 skills on the fly.

Liang’s Pipa features

  • High Quality 24Bit/96KHz Resolution Samples..
  • VSTi/AU/ Kontakt Format, VSTi supports Sound Magic’s Add-on System.
  • Patented Multi-Dimension Vector Synthesis (MVS) Technologies.
  • Over 2.5GB size and over 2000 samples.
  • Key Switch, Mod switch different groups of samples.
  • Multi Layer Velocity Sample provides realistic experience..
  • Unique Effects Samples.
  • Over 15 categories, 60 kinds of performance skills .

The sound library for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $99 USD as a download.

More information: Sound Magic / Liang’s Pipa


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