Backbeat Books publishes Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book

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Backbeat Books has announced Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Lyric Book, a collection featuring never-before-seen songs, photos, and handwritten lyrics.

Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Lyric Book

Jimi Hendrix was such an extraordinary guitarist, it is easy to forget that just as much passion, soul, and precision went into his lyrics. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Hendrix was a fearless lyrical innovator, willing to let his imagination guide him to uncharted landscapes within the pop music realm. From the existential euphoria of “I Don’t Live Today” to the elusive beauty of “Little Wing” to the psychedelic blues of “My Friend” to the otherworldly “1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be),” his lyrics remain among the greatest in the pantheon of rock, infused with the same inventiveness, virtuosity, and courage that informed his guitar playing.

Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book contains all the words to the Hendrix classics fans have rocked along to for years, as well as unpublished songs from “Valley of Neptune” and other previously undiscovered sources. Compiled by Jimi’s sister, Janie L. Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book is extraordinarily personal, and includes numerous examples of Jimi’s handwritten lyrics, often scribbled on hotel stationery, as well as photos of him that accompany every song.

Much of the material has never been seen before. “When I was a child, I was always fascinated by my brother Jimi’s handwriting,” recalled Janie Hendrix, who compiled this collection. “It was an art form in and of itself. I remember the feeling of being captivated the first time I saw his handwritten lyrics, thinking how beautiful, how complicated both the writing and the words were on paper. Even now they offer such an insight into who my brother was and is.”

Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book will give fans a glimpse of the lyricist behind the songs, a songwriter whose words were just as searing as his solos.

The book is available to purchase for $40 USD.

More information: Backbeat Books / Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Lyric Book


PowerFX releases Vocaloid 3 Oliver

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PowerFX has released Oliver, a sound library for Vocaloid 3, the updated singing synthesis software from Yamaha.

PowerFX Vocaloid Oliver

“Oliver” is modeled after a real vocalist, a 12 year old choir boy with a pure and clear voice. “Oliver has the best pronunciation of any Vocaloid to date”, says Bil Bryant of PowerFX. “Improvements in the synthesis software and the addition of being able to record tri-phones have improved the quality and naturalness of the vocal.”

The release of Vocaloid 3 is a departure from the previous two versions of Vocaloid where each title included the editor and the voice bank (the Artist). As of Vocaloid 3, an artist title includes the voice bank and a lite version of the editor. The lite version is only 17 bars long and allows one imported stereo track.

The full version of the Vocaloid 3 editor is sold separately and can be used with many different Vocaloid 3 artists as well as Vocaloid 2 artists. Another difference with Vocaloid 3 is that it is a standalone version only with no VST implementation. “I think the Vocaloid 3 editor is easier to use than previous versions”, states Bryant, “we are really excited to hear what users are going to create with Vocaloid 3″.

Vocaloid3 Editor Lite features

  • Piano-roll style note editor, importing functionality from a standard MIDI file (limited for 1 track and 17 bars).
  • Inputting lyrics and automatic conversion to phonemes.
  • Assigning musical expression templates from an Icon Palette.
  • Sending notes, lyrics and musical expression to the Synthesis Engine as set forth below and activating synthesis.
  • Saving vocal data as a wave file.
  • Changing synthesis parameters.
  • Effects (Reverb only).
  • Playback .wav files.

Oliver is available to purchase as a download for $129 USD/99 EUR, or on DVD for $149 USD/129 EUR. A bundle with Vocaloid 3 editor is also available.

More information: PowerFX / Oliver


Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.8.0.6 and Liptikl to v1.1.2.0

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Intermorphic Noatikl / Liptikl

Intermorphic has released version of generative music software Noatikl and song, music & rap lyrics generator Liptikl to version

Changes in Noatikl v1.8.0.6

  • Added (often-requested) per-file multi-level Undo/Redo for parameter edits. Certain actions clear the file’s undo/redo buffer, e.g. object add/delete/rename.
  • Added new Articulation parameter group (see online User Guide for further details). Noatikl notes always used to be played “Legato” – this allows you to play them staccato.

    • Articulation (min).
    • Articulation range.
    • Articulation variation (min).
    • Articulation variation range.
  • Mac: Fixed problem with auto-loading via Finder file double-click.

Changes in Liptikl v1.1.2.0

  • Mac: Fixed problem with auto-loading via Finder file double-click.

Noatikl and Liptikl are available to purchase for Windows and Mac for $99.99 USD and $24.99 USD respectively.

More information: Intermorphic


Roland introduces BK-7m portable backing module

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Roland has announced the new BK-7m, a portable backing module that can connect to any MIDI-compatible instrument, such as a keyboard, digital piano, or digital accordion.

Roland BK-7m

With hundreds of accompaniment styles, high quality sounds, and an easy-to-use interface, the BK-7m is the perfect companion for any entertainer.

Equipped with a top-level sound engine, the BK-7m includes 128-voice polyphony, an SSC Sound Engine with over 1,000 sounds and 57 drum kits, some of which include Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL® technology. The BK-7m also includes over 400 accompaniment arrangement styles in 10 different rhythm families, allowing for a broad range of music styles. Each accompaniment style has four variations that can be accessed with the touch of a button, each assigning the most suitable tones and effects to the real-time parts depending on the selected musical style.

BK-7m features

  • Portable backing module compatible with MIDI-capable pianos, keyboards, accordions, organs.
  • 1,000-plus tones, 57 drum kits, 128-voice polyphony.
  • Over 400 high-quality music styles, each with four one-touch settings.
  • Over 900 Music Assistants covering every musical genre.
  • SMF and audio file playback via onboard USB connector.
  • Audio recording in WAV format directly to connected USB storage device.
  • Cover function for SMFs and Music Styles.
  • Composite Video Out to display Lyrics and/or Chord Symbols on external display.

More information: Roland / BK-7m

comment releases The Muse

Related: , , , , , Posted in news on Feb 22, 2010 - comment 0 comments The Muse has released The Muse, a collection of free online songwriting tools.

This is a collection of small experiments in “computational songwriting inspiration.”

They were originally conceived to assist participants in the FAWM.ORG challenge, for whom writing 14 songs in 28 days sometimes requires a little assistance.

The Muse includes:

  • Plot Spline — Framing device for helping you devise plot and setting constraints for your song.
  • Struxxure — tool for uncovering possible out-of-the-box song structures.
  • LyriCloud — Creates a randomized cloud of semantically-correlated words to spark your creativity.
  • Titular — Generates several (potentially awkward) song titles for you to interpret and write about.

More information: / The Muse

(via The Redfaux Transmission)


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