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eaReckon update BloXpander to v1.0.2

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eaReckon BloXpander

eaReckon has released version 1.0.2 of BloXpander, a music application originally designed to meet the requirements of musicians and engineers in “live” situations.

Changes in BloXpander v1.0.2

  • New: MIDI Scene Selection
    • Now you can open or change a scene from your MIDI controller instead of having to divert your attention to your computer whilst you are playing.
    • You can assign 2 MIDI switches or pedals to be used to load the next or previous scene and even navigate within the whole current set.
    • With the “PRG CHG” option activated, any “Program Change” message received from the assigned MIDI input port will make BloXpander load the scene corresponding to the invoked program number.
    • A delay (2 seconds) before loading the selected scene allows you to subsequently send multiple significant messages from your controller without loading consecutive scenes until you reach the desired one.
  • Drastically improved Audio engine (optimized for SSE and 3DNow! enhanced CPUs).
  • Improved handling of scenes files.
  • Improved synchronization of multiple “threads”.
  • Improved thumbnails generator.
  • Updated manuals (featuring a page dedicated to the new “MIDI Scene Selection” functionality).
  • A rare MIDI issue has been resolved (using specific MIDI interfaces, the incoming MIDI flow was corrupted after some minutes).
  • Various non-critical bugs have been fixed.

BloXpander is available to purchase for Windows PC for 69 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / BloXpander


eaReckon releases BloXpander

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eaReckon BloXpander

eaReckon has released BloXpander, a music application originally designed to meet the requirements of musicians and engineers in “live” situations.

BloXpander combines the power of a computer and the efficiency of a dedicated device.

Its interface has been designed to match this basic specification. It is visually attractive and clear, the construction of projects and the access to prepared instruments and effects is very fast. The plugins manipulation is direct (especially when BloXpander is coupled to an external MIDI controller).

BloXpander features

  • ASIO Host for VST plugins (Windows only)
    • 24 channels
    • 4 Auxiliary bus + 1 Master bus
    • 6 inserts per channels (theoretical 174 Instrumetns / FX slots)
  • Advanced support for external MIDI controllers (lets you control the mixer and plugins)
    • Control up to 8 plugins (8 parameters each) with just 8 potentiometers + 8 buttons
    • Displays the controlled targets names on screen
    • Lightning fast configuration procedure
    • Mackie Control protocol supported
  • Advanced routing
    • Global management of MIDI and Audio streams (MIDI VST Fx supported)
    • Assign the same MIDI input port to several channels (MIDI Split)
    • Assign the same Audio inputs to several channels (Audio Split)
    • Assign any available audio and/or MIDI output or the Master bus to any channel
    • Pre/Post fader selector (aux sends)
    • Specific routing solutions for “multi out” and “sidechain capable” plugins
    • Audio inputs monitoring
    • Outputs Solo and Mute functions
    • Inserts Bypass function
  • Full screen friendly and fast interface
    • Designed as the panel of a hardware unit
    • Touchscreen friendly (for critical functionalities)
    • No main menu and no massive amount of overlapping windows
    • Auto-created visual representation of your plugins (GUI screenshots)
    • “Drag ‘n Drop” your plugins and their states from insert to insert (copy / move)
    • Supports multi-screens
    • Netbook friendly
  • “Libraries” system
    • Store and callback a plugin and its state from one double-click on a large zone
    • Custom management of your favorite plugins and presets
  • “Sets” and ”scenes”
    • Store and callback the complete state of BloXpander (“Scene”) from one double-click
    • Organize your scenes as “sets” (easy and fast access to what you need during a show)
  • Categorized Plugins library (“The Case”)
  • Optimized and secured operations
    • Analyze your plugins compatibility from a stand-alone tool (limits the eventuality of the main application malfunctioning)
    • Fast launching
  • And more…
    • Tempo adjustment (« Tap tempo » feature)
    • MIDI panic
    • Plugins transparency
    • “Shell” plugins compliance

BloXpander is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at 69 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / BloXpander


OneLeaf Software releases KeyMce


OneLeaf Software has released KeyMce, a Mackie Control Emulation software for Windows.

Mix your music from you laptop, without an external controller. KeyMce is designed for a laptop, however, it will work with a standard pc keyboard.

KeyMce changes your PC computer keyboard into a midi controller, sending midi messages similar to the Mackie Control Universal (tm mackie) to control 1- 48 tracks.

KeyMce features

  • Fader feedback, when set up properly no control jumps.
  • Simultaneous faders -(total # depends on computer), author has 8 faders working simultaneously with feedback, fader speed adjustment, as well as bankable to 48 tracks.
  • Simultaneous vpots (pans or sends or plugins) control depending on daw. (Developer has 8 faders working simultaneously.)
  • Pans – faders mixed at the same time.
  • Multifunction mutes (like GenMce).
  • Mutes/solos/arms (bankable to 48 tracks).
  • Multi press functions from the same set of 8 F keys.
  • 8 ch selects (bankable).
  • Jog Wheel.

KeyMce was designed for Reaper and works in Ableton Live as well (future release will include plugin/return control). It may work with other DAW software as well, your mileage may vary.

KeyMce is available to download as “beverageware”/donationware for Windows PC.

More information: KeyMce


Short links for September 15th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Thingamaplush Robot

Instructables user jeff-o writes:

Inspired by Bleep Labs' Thingamakit and Thingamagoop synthesizer noise maker creations, I set about making a plush version for my two-year-old daughter. My goal was to create something that was safer and easier to use for her, while remaining just as fun and quirky as the original Thingama' synths.

# Pro Tools Minus the Hardware? Mackie Says New Mixers Support M-Powered; Q&A

Mackie Onyx-i to support M-Powered Pro Tools

When you want to use Pro Tools software you need Pro Tools hardware, right? Well, it seems Mackie’s new Onyx-i mixer series is going to break with tradition.

Peter Kirn has some details:

Without the cooperation of Avid, Mackie says they have managed to get their Onyx-i mixer line working with Pro Tools, and they’ll even “certify” compatibility. At the end of July, a number of audio sites (including Mix and Sonic State, but not CDM) received a package with one of Mackie’s new mixers, a video, and a copy of Pro Tools M-Powered. The message: a “secret” driver provided compatibility between Mackie’s mixer-audio interface package and Pro Tools.


Mackie launches Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers

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Mackie Onyx 820i

Mackie has announced the launch of its Onyx-i Series FireWire Recording Mixers, delivering premium analog features, tremendous flexibility and built-in 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O.

Onyx-i FireWire mixers can be used with all major DAWs, and is qualified by Mackie for use with Pro Tools® M­-Powered™ 8*, offering those users a host of new hardware options.

“There are real benefits when using an analog mixer as a front end to your favorite DAW,” said James Woodburn, Mackie product manager. “Those who have been intimidated by digital recording will love the familiar layout and feel of a mixer. Those who are already into it will enjoy increased flexibility and speed.” Woodburn concludes, “Onyx-i mixers are the ideal combination of interface and mixer for anybody who needs the best of both worlds…simply put, it’s a better way to record.”

Onyx-i Series features

  • 8-channel premium analog mixer with integrated 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O
  • Qualified by Mackie for use will all major DAWs, including:
    • Pro Tools® M-Powered™ 8
    • Logic®
    • SONAR™
    • Cubase®
    • Ableton® Live
  • 3 Onyx boutique-quality mic preamps
  • 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids on mic/line channels
  • 3-band Perkins EQ on stereo line channels
  • Hybrid mono/stereo channel with 4-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids
  • Flexible FireWire routing, including aux sends and pre/post EQ assignment for all channels
  • Stereo playback from DAW, returned to control room or into channel for integration into mix
  • 2 aux sends with pre/post assignment
  • Built-in DI on first two channels for direct connection of guitars, bass, etc.
  • Individual 48V phantom power switches on all mic inputs
  • Talkback section with built in mic and flexible routing
  • "Planet Earth" switching power supply for worldwide use
  • Optional rack kit available

The Mackie Onyx-i Series (820i, 1220i, 1620i and 1640i) will be available globally in September 2009.

More information: Mackie / Onyx-i Series

* The Onyx-i Series Mixers are qualified by Mackie for use with Pro Tools® M-Powered™ 8. Mackie will release a driver (via together with full details of how to use the Onyx-i series with Pro Tools M-Powered 8 in the coming weeks.


RocKip Launch releases FreeMce

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RocKip Launch has released FreeMce, a freeware Mackie Control emulator for your computer keyboard.

A resource light application which converts your computer keyboard into the mixing section of a Mackie Control Universal.


FreeMce features

  • 8 bankable faders + a master fader without fader jumps!
  • 8 bankable multifunction mute/solo/arms.
  • 8 bankable channel selects.
  • Bank up and bank down keys.
  • Pause program, if you need host hotkeys or to type somthing.

FreeMce is available for Windows PC, free for non-commercial use.

Visit RocKip Launch (update: currently not available) for more information.


Mackie launches HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers

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Mackie HD1531

Mackie has announced the HD Series of high-definition powered loudspeakers.

HD Series High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers deliver up to 1800W of peak system power via ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification. Revolutionary high-definition audio processing elevates the audience’s experience by combining the power of precision crossovers, time correction and patented acoustic correction for unparalleled clarity and performance. System tuning and custom transducers by EAW create an optimized system that can be easily configured for your application using the integrated 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid. The sleek, all-wood cabinet design is pole-mountable and flyable, providing flexible mounting options for touring or installation.

HD1531/HD1521 features

  • High-definition audio processing.
  • 1800W/1600W total system power using Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification.
  • Custom designed transducers by EAW.
  • 15″ neodymium woofer.
  • [HD1531 only] 6″ high-output mid-range transducer.
  • 1.75″ titanium compression driver.
  • 3-band EQ with sweepable mid.
  • [HD1531 only] Optimized WaveFront™ horn system.
  • Flyable and pole-mountable.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight (96lbs/80lbs).

The HD Series will be available in the Americas and Asia in May 2009, and June in Europe. The MSRP will be $1,249.99 USD for the HD1521, and $1,499.99 USD for the HD1531.

Visit Mackie for more information.