Short links for August 20th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 20th, 2007: How to Use Chopsticks in Seven Easy Steps – I usually give up after three bites and grab a fork instead. Free Air Conditioning … read more

Short links for August 8th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 8th, 2007. Eight-million-year-old bug is alive and growing – An 8-million-year-old bacterium that was extracted from the oldest known ice on Earth is now growing in … read more

Wusik releases Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player

Wusik has released Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player, a special version of Wusikstation, which comes free with Wusik Sound Magazine subscriptions. This is basically the full version of Wusikstation V4, but with 2 limitations: Limited to … read more

Wusikstation V3 Combo Group-Buy Bonanza

Wusik’s WilliamK has come up with a new promotion for Wusikstation, a totally insane group-buy. The idea is to reach 150,000 users, at which point you get the following for just $1.95 USD: Full copy … read more

Wusikstation updated to v3.1.4

Wusik‘s hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler/rompler Wusikstation has been updated to version 3.1.4. This release introduces a number of bugfixes. You can still get Wusikstation in the Ultimate Wusikstation VSTi Group-Buy promo untill the 31st … read more

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