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Some interesting things I found recently:

# Interview, Workspace Tour: Alessandro Cortini’s SONOIO Album and Synth

Peter Kirn talks to Alessandro Cortini:

Call it cable addiction. Italian-born musician Alessandro Cortini, known for his live keyboard work with Nine Inch Nails, retreated into the studio with classic and contemporary Buchla modular synths to make “SONOIO.” Guided by his uniquely personal compositional style, he was able to wrangle that mess of chords and layers of analog sound into a genuine collection of beautifully-written songs, stacked high with Buchla timbral goodness.

Check some tracks from Alessandro’s new album below.

# Why Use High Sample Rates?

Tim Prebble writes:

This is a question I see often: if the final form of the project is 44.1kHz or 48khz, why bother recording at high sample rates? There isn’t any one answer to that question, there are lots of answers. But I thought it might be useful to illustrate a reason by using a real world example…. And if you cannot be bothered reading all of this, then just remember this: Plugins LOVE dense data!

Korg MonoTron

# Review: Korg Monotron

Tom Shear has had some time with the Monotron and shares his thoughts.

Whether or not the Monotron is for you really depends on your expectations. I've already outlined what it does best and if that sounds appealing to you, I can recommend you just place your order and get one now. You'll have an amazing amount of fun with this thing. If you're looking for a budget MS-20 to blast out some wall shaking basslines or other melodic bits, you're probably going to be disappointed.

Tom has also posted a free sample pack with some percussion sounds, sweeps, shrieks, and some tonal sounds from the Monotron. Get them here.

# The definitive Beastie Boys sample source collection

If you're a Beastie Boys fan Christmas has come early, folks. The brain/brains behind the sample source blog Miscreant Productions have compiled pretty much every single song that has been sampled by the Beastie Boys from Licensed to Ill to To The 5 Boroughs. As if that wasn't enough, they've even gone and thrown said samples on Megaupload for y'all to download. I know epic right.

In the words of the trio themselves “ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out”:

# Good-looking Ikeahacked speakers

Ikeahacked speaker by Charles Visnic

From Make: Online

Inspired by the classic spherical speaker array Instructable from user mzed, Charles Visnic created these cool wireless speakers by transplanting the guts of a pair of RocketFish speakers into some birch bowls from Ikea, mounted rim-to-rim.

# Makunouchi Bento – Swimé

Makunouchi Bento has released a free 8-track album, Swimé. Headphones listening recommended.

<a href="">Rain Dragon, Hidden Genius by Makunouchi Bento</a>


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